New Zealand, it’s not part of Australia.

… Arguably.

Apologies, Kiwis – looks like Henin has chosen to start her comeback in Brisbane over Auckland.

Understandably, the Kiwi organizers are gutted over the news. Times are tough when Henin turns down your money and even Dementieva ditches you for an invitational tournament offering diamond studded balls.

It’s okay. You still have your tourism posters. 




“[Henin] has decided that her return to the tour will not happen here, so yeah, you have to say that’s disappointing news for us of course – we were very hopeful,” Perry said.

Perry believes Auckland’s court surface, which is different to the one used at the Australian Open, was a major factor in the decision.

“But we also knew that her decision was going to about where she felt was in her best interest for her preparation for the Australian Open.”

Perry will now switch her focus to securing a couple of top 20 ranked players.

Source: NZ Herald


Having a different surface to the Australian Open – that’s smart. On the brighter side of things, the Brisbane International is gathering a kick-arse field. Am now seriously contemplating whether it’s worth a trip to the Sunshine state…



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