Thank God it’s not the Sod. *EDITED*

It seems that the naughty players caught soliciting prostitutes in Sweden were not Swedish, which I’ll admit, came as a relief. 

But really, that’s desperate, given the number of fangirls in tennis fandom who would only be too willing to spread their legs. 


Two tennis players are suspected of breaking Sweden’s sex law by allegedly soliciting prostitutes ahead of the Stockholm Open, police said on Monday.

The two men, identified only as foreign citizens, were detained as they entered a hotel in Stockholm early on Sunday with their escorts, investigation leader Jonas Trolle told The Associated Press.

He said both players were set to compete in the tournament, which started on Monday.

Organisers said in a brief statement that it would be “inappropriate” to comment because the investigation was ongoing.

Tournament spokesman Pelle Hjertquist told The Associated Press that the investigation wouldn’t stop anyone from competing in the tournament, which has a 32-player singles draw and prize money of $US600,000 ($A655,380).

He declined to give any other comments and referred to the official statement.

Trolle said a prosecutor in the case had issued a so-called summary punishment, which allows someone suspected of a minor offence to avoid a trial by signing a confession. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the players had signed the document.

Sweden’s prostitution law is highly unusual because it punishes those who pay for sex but not the prostitutes.

Source: SMH


The million dollar question is WHO? Surely, the ATP can’t keep this hushed up?



Okay, thanks for sending along the link guys. For one thing, it sounds like Monaco is innocent. 


Monaco found out late last night found out that he had been accused in the Argentine press that he was the guilty player who bought sex during the weekend even though he was not involved. He will probably have a hard days before the match on Wednesday. I’ll try to take advantage of it early in the match …


And the only indication that it’s Gulbis seems to be this damning line: 


Can you imagine playing DC? I want to Always. What are you playing next? Have you applied for WC everywhere. What do you think about it Gulbis done? No comment.

Source: Pimpim’s blog




Seems like I was late to the scene. Pim Pim had edited his blog to delete Gulbis’s name from the first quote. Original quote: 


“Monaco found out last night that he was accused in the Argentine press of being the player who bought sex during the weekend, even though Gulbis has already confessed. He will probably have a difficult time before the match on Wednesday. I’ll try to take advantage of it early in the match …”


Gulbis? Please tell me you’re kidding? I’m not going to get on a moral high horse and rain down on this guy, but it would be the most stupid, miserable thing he could ever do, given that he can’t seem to string 2 wins together.

It’s hard, but let’s stick presumption of innocence ’til then, ’cause this is getting slightly defamatory without a public statement.


19 responses to “Thank God it’s not the Sod. *EDITED*”

  1. pban says :

    I read in one of the blogs that one of them is rumoured to be Gulbis.

  2. Tina says :

    According to Pim Pim’s blog it’s Gulbis.

  3. roadrunnerz says :

    Ah…I hope it’s not Gulbis!

    Otherwise, what a crap year for him. Back to qualifying for tournies. Unable to string two wins together. And then ending it with an arrest for soliciting sex??


    • dootsiez says :

      basically, if it *is* him, stick a fork in the guy for the next couple of years. I can’t imagine him going far with this at the back of his mind. It’s just going to haunt him even if he does make it to the top.


  4. breadstix says :

    Yeah, I heard it was Ernie too. That idiot Gulbiscuit… -_-;

  5. Liz says :

    I think Gulbie needs to spend a little less time looking for love and a little more time on the practice courts!

    Doesn’t it seem strange that he went out with another player?

  6. JFK says :

    I heard it was Gulbis too. And the other guy is rumored to be Baggy or Belucci.

    • dootsiez says :

      Woah! I thought the other guy wasn’t actually in the draw. Everyone’s guess was Baggy for a while.

      • JFK says :

        err scratch that. Baggy won a challenger event on Sunday. It can’t be him. Some people are also saying it was Bolleli.
        But seriously Gulbis paying for sex? WTF?!!!

  7. Julie says :

    Didn’t Ernie managed 2 wins together last week? And while I’m very disappointed in Ernie (why, I’d give him anything for free!), I’m not going to get angry or even judgmental about him soliciting a female sex-worker (I prefer that very canadian term). Prostitution should be legal everywhere in my opinion. Female sex-workers should pay taxes, get medical benefits like any working citizens. Legalization would make it easier to ensure that less women are forced into it. On the other hand, it would have probably been *smarter* of Ernie to sollicit a FSW in a country where it’s not illegal! Disagreeing with the law doesn’t mean you can break it!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi Julie, I agree with your views on prostitution. My objections aren’t moralistic or political. It’s just an idiotic thing for Ernie to be doing at this stage in his career, when he’s relatively high-profile in the tennis circles.

      Sure he did manage 2 wins in Tokyo. An ATP500 tournament. His first quarterfinal of the year. My comment was more directed towards his general results and form this year.

      Since it’s been such a miserable season, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t affect his mentality going into matches for the rest of the year and next year.

      Of course. All this is purely an unfounded allegation without further disclosures.

  8. Blue says :

    Gulbis? Oh dear, what a crappy situation to be involved in. I thought he had more smarts than this.

  9. sazzylove says :

    Thankfully it was not my Sweet Sod!I would always look at Robin in this way….inocent and harmless.(

  10. stelle95 says :


    My one hero and role model does this. Like wtf. I am seriously pissed off and its pretty dirty. However:

    The other tennis player was apparently his hitting partner Deivids Juksa. I heard they were court in his room with them. Juksa is like 17 too. People are mostly blaming it on him and ernie just came along. *That is a better feeling* Ernests apparently said he had no idea they were prostitutes.

    I also heard this story that he and deivids got into a taxi and payed the cab driver like heaps and asked him to take them to a brothel/female plesure/rah-rah… And apparently the police were onto the girls so i have a feeling that it might have been a con taxi took them to this place got friendly and then the police caught them…

    Ernests is a dirty little boy in my opinion, i don’t know if i like him as much now which is sad 😦

    He was my one and only..

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