Picspam: GOAT WAG.

It takes some serious strength to lift up Nikolay Davydenko by his head. Irina shows us how its done.



Gotta love it when a married couple goes all ‘puppy love’ on us. *Dies of cute*




3 responses to “Picspam: GOAT WAG.”

  1. Julie says :

    Just give it time Doots… If Roger isn’t back in two weeks and you start seeing Kolya’s face and dimples on a regular baisis, you’ll start seeing him a whole different way too!

  2. roadrunnerz says :

    I FLOVE this pic!!

    Saw it on, and I think it’s the first time ever that Kolya looked adorable to me. It just might be my favourite tennis pic of the year.

    (Ok, maybe second favourite, after one of Federpoop lifting that French Open trophy…)

  3. SJ says :

    Roger really needs to come back, Kolya is starting to look really good to me now and adorable. That pic so cute.

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