Make news out of nothing? Oh but I can.

A rumour was started by Martin Roger’s blog on Yahoo yesterday that Roger Federer’s extended break might stretch straight into the 2010 season to give himself the best possible preparation for the Australian Open. 


Roger Federer has not been spotted on the ATP Tour since the U.S. Open final – and don’t be too surprised if he takes his extended break all the way into the New Year.

The world No. 1 took time off after his defeat to Juan Martin del Potro at Flushing Meadows to rest up and spend time with his young family, yet was expected to return for the Paris Masters and the year-ending ATP Tour finals in London.

However, rumors out of Switzerland have suggested that Federer is considering keeping a low profile until January in order to be fully fresh and ready for 2010.

It would be a controversial move if Federer decided to skip the Tour finals, and one that would likely bring sanctions from the ATP unless he could prove he was injured. Rafael Nadal, then atop the rankings, pulled out last year.

Federer’s year has been outstanding but it is understood he has made regaining the Australian Open crown his first priority for next year.

He was devastated to lose to Nadal in this year’s final, with his idol Rod Laver looking on. After losing to Novak Djokovic in the 2008 semifinal, the Swiss feels his preparation for Australia has not been ideal and wants a more structured approach this time around.

Source: Yahoo


Pure coincidence? Or does someone on Federer’s team keep an eye on the media?

No sooner had the rumour started did Fed released a facebook message, confirming he’s been practicing in the lead up to Basel.

Considering there’re only about 3 weeks of tennis left in the year, and Roger treats the YECs like slams, I seriously doubt there’s any truth to Yahoo’s claims. 


I have been back practicing and training now for some time and all is going well. I feel much better. I am looking forward to playing my hometown tournament in Basel. I have also had a chance to spend some amazing time with my family. Myla and Charlene are doing great. After training yesterday, Mirka and I took them for a walk along Lake Zurich. I am always excited to be back in Switzerland!

Source: Facebook


Not fair Roger, you can’t bring up Myla and Charlene in a facebook message without giving us a picture! Don’t you know the rules? And don’t tell me you took a walk around Lake Zurich without your digital camera, you camwhore! 


Meanwhile, on a tangentially related topic – I consider myself honour-bound to dissipate weekly Federporn while the Fed isn’t playing. 



Now that’s the type of carpet we’d like to play on.


Shamelessly yours,

xx doots


12 responses to “Make news out of nothing? Oh but I can.”

  1. Ru-an says :

    Hey Dootz, thanks for the post. Coincidentally i was thinking about making a post of this rumour myself today, but thought i wouldnt give the rumour spreaders that satisfaction. Wasnt aware of the FB message though, so thanks for bringing ot to my attention. Take care 😉

  2. Ru-an says :

    Ps. Hope you dont mind me letting my readers know about this myself. Ill give you credit for bringing it to my attention.

  3. girl from michigan says :

    My contribution to the Fedp0rn, with bonus crotch. ‘Cause he loves to show that off too.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh hey, I don’t have that picture! Your contribution is MUCH appreciated. 😉

    • Julie says :

      All I can say is dayum, Mirka is one lucky woman!

      I think those pictures are slowly lifting the Davydenko fog around me!

      • dootsiez says :

        So that’s you behind that smokescreen huh?

        • Julie says :

          Yep. If you look closely, you can see a 5ft11 woman with an afro a size not seen since the 70s lurking behind Kolya with a dazed, slightly crazy look in her eyes! The crazy look is slowly receding though. All it took was one lousy facebook message. Was that so hard Fed?

  4. pban says :

    Considering the fact that this is the same blog which analysed and came to the conclusion that Fed’s layoff was timed with Rafa’s indefinite absence from the game due to injury and Rafa turned up to play in Beijing the same week it shouldn’t have been taken seriousl
    y.But doots you know us ,was totally depressed last night :(..your twitter page helped though especially the fine ATP should impose on him. Three months of no Fed,I felt ready to puke.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe a fine wont hurt. I was thinking more along the lines of subjecting him to a little pain known as chest-waxing. 😉

  5. pban says :

    That is the punishment I was alluding to..

  6. JFK says :

    He is totally smoking without his shirt on. How many more days until Fed comes back? It feels like he’s been gone for years. Seriously, how many times can one person watch the highlights of the French Open final on youtube?

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