The Week In-Between: Seeing Doubles.

Marat lost to Baby-Marat. I’m sorry, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have paid any attention to him. I’ll look away now. 

By the way, please tell me we still have Paris? 

Okay, looking away now. No peeking.


In better news, up your glitter supplies for Doha as JJ secures the final spot to make up the top 8 by beating Lucie Safarova in straights 76 73. 

This makes the final line up for Doha:

  1. Safina
  2. Serena
  3. Kuznetsova
  4. Wozniacki
  5. Dementieva
  6. Azarenka
  7. Venus
  8. JJ

Yes Safina’s back to No 1 temporarily. You know what? No one gives a shit. 




Not much to be said about JJ’s match against Mrs Berdych. JJ was consistent, she mostly is.

Not the same could be said about her closest rival to Doha, who lost 60 62 to Pironkova and requested that her identity be kept secret on this blog. 



There, there. We won’t judge. Rest up that injured body of yours and come back firing next year. 

Someone else who’s done for the year sooner than expected: Kim Clijsters lost in 3 sets against Pattycakes Schnyder, who apparently is still playing tennis.

The match was never televised, but just from the stats alone: is it a rule in women’s tennis that as soon as someone “makes it” on the big stage, they immediately screw up their serve


Kim Clijsters


There was a time when I used to like Pattycakes. She has this fabulously nutty vibe about her, must be the whole Harnecker thing.

But since that epic match against Sharapova at Roland Garros 2007, I’ve largely forgotten that Patty still existed, except in that far and fearsome land we call “the Temple of Lost Souls”. 




She made it difficult for herself. She tried (very hard) to choke it away, but Schnyder prevailed finally 64 36 76(6) to deny us a potentially juicy quarterfinal between Clijsters and  Sabine Licks.


Doha and Basel can’t come soon enough.


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2 responses to “The Week In-Between: Seeing Doubles.”

  1. JFK says :

    That sucks Safin lost so soon! He’s defending points from the final. At least he’s happy his sister is #1 again, right?

  2. pban says :

    I am in a state of complete shock ,our friend Simon Reed has finally written an article which makes sense .He acknowledges Fed as having the best forehand ever,Rafa is the best of the rest:)

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