What they wore: MariKiri

I don’t know how she does it: Maria Kirilenko always looks to be floating through her photos.

While I find most of Stella’s designs ridiculously prissy, they do match the ethereal (if not slightly bland) beauty of MariKiri. Pity they took her off that line. 


It’s a matter of personal preference. I like simple lines and bold colours. And Stella happens to be none of those.

In fact, Stella McCartney tends to produce clothes in “48 shades of brown”, complete with frills, tiers and tassels. Not my thing. But who cares? They suit MariKiri down to the very last flower petal. 


Australian Open/Indian Wells

A babydoll dress? Oh-of-course Stella. 




Key Biscayne








Roland Garros/US Open Series

My favourite out of the range, love the little purple skirt. 









So much prettiness on one page. I’m too scared to exhale, in case MariKiri crumbles into a pile of flower petals.


Be gentle, children.

xx dootsiez


3 responses to “What they wore: MariKiri”

  1. divinedevilxyz says :

    This is appreciated muchly.

  2. stelle95 says :

    🙂 Thanks so much I love her purple skirt one heaps oh and especially her AO dress too!

    Much Appreciated Doots 😀

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