Me? Cheat? NEVER!

Dear Roger, 

What do you mean?! I would never cheat on you just because you happen to be away from tennis for a while. It was all THEM! Those infidel blog readers of mine.

Yes them! J’accuse! 




THEY were all busy drooling over Rafa’s checkered shorts, and getting hypnotised by the Sod.

But I was not swayed! I was totally faithful, pining for your return ALONE on my little blog. Poor Dootsie, I know. Like. Hello?! 😦


Yes, Roger was on the Swiss Sunday Sport. Nothing terribly new, GTT has some translations. 

Meanwhile, a mini screencap-spam




And another small clip with TSN1. My French is shoddy, so correct me if I’m wrong, but the interviewer raised a curious rumour which Roger declined to comment on: he may be signing a contract with … the Swiss chocolateer Lindt?! 

Oh. Em. Geee. 

Are we finally going to have Roger Federer that melts in your mouth?

All my (purely platonic) fantasies just came true at once. Imagine the ad: 


“Melt away … with Roger Federer.” Why yes please!

“Lindt … the smoothest thing made in Switzerland since Roger Federer.”






38 responses to “Me? Cheat? NEVER!”

  1. breadstix says :

    ‘THEY were all busy drooling over Rafa’s checkered shorts, and getting hypnotised by the Sod.’
    Oh, er, aye. Guilty as charged. Oh Roger, how we’ve missed thee…! It’s been too long since we’ve seen that dorktastic face and pritty hair.

    Federpoop and Lindt? :O *dribble dribble*

    • dootsiez says :

      the hair. it’s grown.

      Lindt, richer than Federer’s curls. *hubba hubba*

    • sazzylove says :

      Roger,I can say that i am a one man woman and i have never strayed Ever(*Dodging lightnings and thunderstorms*) since your self imposed temp exile from the whole wide world.Truly.Yes, Roger… Truly….!!Why can’t you believe me?There’s nobody, nobody but you!…Thank goodness you are going to be back.!
      Yeah baby!Bring it on!

      Off to find me some Lindt chocolates!Yummyness!

      • pban says :

        Ican safely say without feeling any pangs ofa guilty conscience that Iam a one tennis player woman.Everybody else looks good or bad with respect to Roger and his equation with him, and when a slam is on then every other player is a potential candidate for breaking my heart.So I really don’t have to dodge*fireballs* when Isay that Iremained completely faithful during Roger’s hiatus.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    He really likes Switzerland huh? :p

    • dootsiez says :

      No kidding. I always assumed he was totally cosmopolitan until he hit me with his Swiss nationalism, and the whole “let’s market Swiss brands to the world” thing.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Hehe,this just reminded me,did you see the article (a couple of months ago maybe?)where the official reason for him being able to skip military service was given?
        Apparently,he was cleared end of 03 because of “a long-standing back problem”,yup that long-standing problem that allowed him to win 15 slams…:P
        Suppose they had to find a reason,there’s NO.WAY. he would have missed 18-21 weeks of the season for it!But,Fed in army uniform?Um yes please…
        I’d love to know if he had to do anything as an alternative,they basically seem to be voluntary work if you’re a conciencious objector or helping out the emergency services if not,oh and Fed apparently has to pay 3% extra income tax until the age of 30 for ducking out of it,but I doubt that bothers him too much 😉

        • dootsiez says :

          A lot of countries with compulsory military service will waive them for their “celebs” if there’s a good reason.

          But holy sheet. Fed in military uniform. Now *that* is a fantasy I wouldn’t care to share 😛

  3. girl from michigan says :

    The tie.
    The sweater.
    The button up shirt.

    Oh, Professor Federer, I just don’t understand this assignment at all. Can I please have some private tutoring after class today?

    ~ all my school girl fantasies running amok ~

    • FortuneCookie says :

      Haha,I’m a sucker for the tie,sweater,shirt look on pretty much any guy,and so that + Roger=HAWTNESS!
      If only there were more teachers around looking like that right? 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe I was thinking more along the lines of “Swiss banker and his intern”. But hey, whatever works right? 😛

  4. Dippy says :

    Roger Chocs, yummy indeed 🙂

  5. pban says :

    aah doots we all know how you stayed faithful inspite of all temptations 😉 . I don’t know about the rest of you guys but the last 4 weeks have seemed unending…..just one more week to go and Ican start having panic attacks, sleepless nights and all my frazzles back ….hooray :). But Roger and Lindt -a genuine case for “Death by Chocolate”

  6. keysersoze says :

    no u are not alone. without federer tennis is just motions without emotions.

  7. roadrunnerz says :

    I also read about the Lindt thing a few days ago.

    I now want a box of Lindt truffles, in yellow wrap, looking like tennis balls, with a picture of Federpoop hitting a forehand in a tux on the box cover…


    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm ever had Fredo Frogs? I think they might be an Aussie thing. But I was thinking along the lines of “Feder Frogs”. Fed-shaped chocolates, with caramel on the inside.


      • FortuneCookie says :

        Haha,that’s great,go suggest it to Lindt,now!Even if he’s not being signed up by them,although his ‘je peux pas confirmer’ made that seem pretty likely lol…
        And no,Freddo frogs aren’t just an Aussie thing,Cadbury’s make them in the UK too and they’re pretty much part of any Brit kid’s staple diet haha

        • dootsiez says :

          No kidding! Just looked it up – Freddos are sold in the UK, Ireland, NZ and … Zimbabwe.

          Now I can safely move to all those countries.

          And Roger would totally have caramel oozing out of him if he were confectionary. *dribble dribble* Lindt ARE YOU READING THIS?

      • FortuneCookie says :

        They really should be,AND you’ve already provided them with two slogans,simples 🙂
        I’m just trying to imagine the commercials,oh god,that and my military uniform imagining earlier,tis too much…Mirka Federer,you’re one lucky woman…:P

        • dootsiez says :

          Yes, they should do the whole “playing tennis in a suit” thing like Rolex, and intercept it with clips of chocolate melting and flowing. *epic sigh*

      • roadrunnerz says :

        Haven’t heard of Fredo Frog…at least not in the two countries I’ve lived in.

        I dunno about Fed shaped chocolates…I am just picturing a big, chocolatey nose!

        I want little Lindt tennis balls!

  8. pban says :

    “Motion without emotion”indeed LOL.Guess his eloquent tennis has made the hidden poet in all his crazy fans come to the surface,and where else but this blog to express your talent , Doots is stellar inspiration with all her poetic contributions from time to time. 🙂

  9. Ann says :

    I said I didn’t mind the absence… said I was happy having a chance to live a normal life for a little while… but one look at those sweaty curls in the clip at the top and I may have to go watch me a classic match tonight, *if* I can stop swooning over the five minutes of Roger speaking French. I don’t care if he is talking about marketing Swiss products – I couldn’t understand much more than “Suisse”, “fondue”, and “raclette”, anyway. Even “sponsor” sounds nice in French. *sigh*

  10. JFK says :

    Roger + Chocolate = Win all around.
    Love those gorgeous curls though, I’m worried he’ll cut them off soon.

    • dootsiez says :

      I spent the entire 2008 wishing he’d keep them short. Then he went and kept them short for the whole of 2009 and I’m missing the sort of length he had last year. Hehehe grow’em for the fall season Rog.

  11. EP says :

    I must be the only person alive who hates chocolate. But if it was somehow linked to Roger, I might have to change my mind XD;

  12. flo says :

    Actually the subject of the post is the guy who would really never cheat. The nearest thing to objectionable that Federer does on the court is how he uses hawkeye ( I mean I think the objection is that you shouldn’t use it unless you think the call was wrong not just winging it because you’ve got a challenge.

    Other than that, he takes almost no time between points, no stategic MTOs, no coaching from the stands, usually okay with refs (maybe he let’s umpire’s errors in his favor pass), and tangentially, he’s had the same relationship for the longest time. There are some things I’m missing I’m sure. Oh, he doesn’t much take conspicuous breaks after long rallies.

    • dootsiez says :


      Not what I had in mind, but hey, you can sing praises for Roger all you want on this blog. He is as I say so often – the epitome of awesome! 🙂

  13. Tashi says :

    The hair. I want to touch it. So bad. *drool*

  14. Julie says :

    OMG, who is this luscious stranger talking my language on TV??? Is that you Fed? Really? Curse so I could really believe you because that must be the last image I clearly have in my head about the deserter named Roger Federer!

    Love that they asked him about Polansky and I love his answer basically reminding everyone that he’s never been arrested (duh!) and that if someone is in that position, there must be something behind it! To be that microphone, so close to his mouth and hair….

  15. Blue says :

    I love Lindt and Federer, combining the two would be just awesome. Please let the rumours be true! He looks like a preppy schoolboy here, and how on earth does he maintain his hair? I have never seen him with bad hair.

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