Doha: The Bland and the Beautiful.

Weary players, half empty stadiums – must be the WTA year-end championships. 

I’m starting to worry about Venus Williams. How many times this year have we seen her win the first set, braincramp in the second, and completely lose control over her game in the third?

And the annoying part is, she could – and should – have served it out at 6-5 in the second. 



My feeling towards Dementieva summed up in one word: “blech.”

There are many out there with good things to say about her ball striking and athleticism. No doubt they’re right. But I’ve given her chances, and ultimately, I still find her inexcusably bland.

Bland she may be, with a win over Venus and a reasonable record against Serena, Lena Dee’s YEC campaign is looking considerably brighter. And if she should win this, no doubt many will be tooting her as a possible slam contender for 2010…

That’s until she loses to Melanie Oudin or some other little lady with more fire in her belly.



“I basically gave her everything. I beat myself.”

JJ has evidently been taking press-con lessons from Serena.

“That was really unfortunately the case. My game was completely off. I would hit one or two balls and then the third one would go everywhere except in the court. I was a shadow of myself.”

There is some truth to JJ’s claims. Perhaps she had expended too much of effort in trying to qualify for the YEC, in her 26 36 loss to Vika, JJ committed 33 unforced errors. For the most part save for a few games in the middle of the second set, Lena Jay looked weary, tired, but pretty in pink. 



Since her loss to Dinara at Roland Garros and Serena at Wimbledon, there is no question that Vika has fallen into a slump. But she did well to hold off JJ’s brief comeback in the second set, and appeared fresher of the two. 

Essentially, that’s what winning YEC is all about: taking advantage of depleted fields.



Meanwhile, Nike, Nike, Nike … I thought we were friends. When do you plan to give Vika something that covers her torso again? 


Arguably the best match of Day 1, Sveta/Serena proved to be an even contest, with Sveta’s tendency to toss in an inconvenient double fault ultimately costing her both sets. 



I don’t particularly care if Serena wins this thing. The YECs have never been the Williams Sisters’ stomping ground. But there’s a bit more on the line this year – keep your act together Ree, let’s put Dinara Safina out of her misery and the WTA out of mockery.


xx doots

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4 responses to “Doha: The Bland and the Beautiful.”

  1. evie says :

    Is this a new mobile-formatted site? Well done. Usually people screw up mobile sites, but yours is done perfectly, not leaving out any key pieces. I’m reading on an iPhone, and it’s a beauty.

    JJ was apparently her gracious self after the match as well. It’ll be interesting to see how Safina handles it all tomorrow.

    • dootsiez says :

      Wow. I just read my blog on my phone for the first time. Don’t compliment me, it’s all wordpress!

      Is it evil that I’m crossing my fingers for Safina to lose and let Serena finish the year on top?

      They both suck. Only it’s better to have a No 1 who doesn’t suck at the slams when most of the world is watching.

  2. Julie says :

    Dinara retired (crying of course). Guess ReRe is the *REAL* no1! Let’s open the champagne!

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