Doha: It’s like waterboarding, but pretty.

There’s only one word to describe the Wozniacki v Zvonareva match – torture.

For once, I watched a Vera match where the drama came from the other end of the court, as Caroline Wozniacki collapsed in pain, points away from closing out the match.

It turns out that that Danish Delight is made of steelier stuff than just blond hair and fabulous teeth. I hadn’t seen such fierce tenacity coming. Nice to know that it’s there.

Likey likey. 



Much respect for the fight. Novak Djokovic couldn’t have done the same. 

But it’s time for her to rethink her schedule. 25 tournaments, almost 90 matches played over the course of 2009, is anyone surprised she collapsed on court in October?

Carol, we’d love to see your pretty face all year round, but you’re only 19. If you continue like this, there’ll be a price to pay in your mid 20s. 

Now get a nice rub, and some rest. I don’t fancy your chances against JJ in this state.

Love Caroline? Can you still love her after this song? 



One response to “Doha: It’s like waterboarding, but pretty.”

  1. JFK says :

    That video is strange.
    What can I say not a fan of C-Woz’s playing style, but really admire her for fighting through 2 really tough matches.
    Too bad she lost to JJ today!

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