Federporn Friday: Finally, Roger Federer that melts in your mouth.

The Swiss make’em smooth, they make’em real smooth. Federer and Lindt, is this not a match made in heaven? 



Question: Which is richer? Melted Lindt chocolate? Or the symmetrical “wings” of Roger Federer’s hair? 



If you hear something high-pitched coming from the general direction of the Southern Hemisphere, its okay, that’s just me squeeing.


Yes, the Fed has a big … Lindor. 




Red carpet, Federer, and Lindt chocolateers. My idea of a creamy heaven. 




In addition to my ears, I think I just blocked my brain. Excuse me while I go and flap around my room like a duck for a bit. 



xx doots


17 responses to “Federporn Friday: Finally, Roger Federer that melts in your mouth.”

  1. tsarina says :

    Hi dootzie!!!
    I discovered your blog a few months ago and now I’m addicted to it!!!
    I’m also addicted to chocolate and Roger so now I’m…the happiest woman on earth!!!

  2. JFK says :

    “Roger Federer that melts in your Mouth”
    Oh and Roger don’t your dare cut your curls they are growing in nicely. He looks Yummy and the chocolate does too!! ❤

  3. LongLiveKingRog says :

    This man knows how to wear his suits. ***drrrroooool****

  4. roadrunnerz says :

    Your site has the BEST Fed pics.


    You just brightened up a dull night at work. 🙂

    I think I’m going to like this Fed-Lindt merger.

  5. Tashi says :

    This is the single greatest idea anyone has ever ever ever had. I want Fed Chocolate Hair Swirls. That’s something I’d buy in bulk.

  6. Julie says :

    Is it possible to have an orgam just by looking at a picture in which no nudity is involved? Because I just did! That third picture, creamy chocolate, yummy Fed… off to Kinkos to get it made into a poster!

  7. pban says :

    What can Isay….absolutely love love chocolate and as for Roger need Isay more? The amazing thing is why nobody in Lindt thought of this absolutely deliciously deadly combo before? And we have almost reached the finish line of our Roger imposed abstinence. So its back to frazzle land for the next few weeks ….whew what a relief. :)>

  8. danni London says :

    why do the words smother, roger and chocolate keep on popping in my head

  9. sazzylove says :

    Roger + Lindt = Yummylicious!

  10. breadstix says :

    If they get a cardboard life size Fed cradling a giant lindor… mmmnnn…
    *dribble* I’m liking Federporn Fridays… keep this up, Doots. 😀

  11. girl from michigan says :

    I can’t afford a Rolex.
    I’ll never own a K-Swiss.
    NetJets? A bit out of my price range.

    But a Lindt choco truffle… I can support that 100%.

  12. Blue says :

    Squee! What wonderful pics to wake up to! I want a box of Fed shaped chocolates too.

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