Quotable Quotes: *Someone* is not happy.



“If the ATP covered for Agassi at the time then I think that’s dreadful,” Nadal said in Madrid as he prepared to receive a civic award.

“The only thing I can say is that if they covered at that moment for the player and punished others for doing the same kind of thing then that would seem to me to be a lack of respect for all sportsmen.”

Nadal concluded that “cheats have to be punished” and said he could not understand why Agassi “now that he is retired comes out and says this – it’s a way of senselessly damaging the sport”.

Source: Yahoo


Woah. Is it wrong that I find Rafa’s smacktalking a bit of a turn-on? He rarely brings out the nasties.

Roger on the other hand emphasised a slightly different view of events.


“It was a shock when I heard the news. I am disappointed and I hope there are no more such cases in future,” Federer said at [the Lindt press conference].

But Federer also noted that Agassi “has done a lot for tennis, both as a player and as a human being”.

“Today, he raises millions of dollars for his foundation for disadvantaged children,” the Swiss ace commented.

Federer noted that today, players must make themselves available for dope tests between 20 and 30 times a year.

Our sport must stay clean,” he stressed.

Source: AFP


It’s always interesting to note the differences between players and how they respond to issues. Rafa takes an innocent, puritanical view of life. Roger gets all “UN Secretary General” on us – expresses his disappointment, and stresses Agassi’s philanthrophic achievements, and the importance of the sport staying clean.

I’ll be sure to note that one down for when I nominate Fed as Ban Ki Moon’s successor.

Andy Roddick on the other hand draws on his loyalty to Agassi. I would’ve expected nothing less.


Andre is and always will be my idol. I will judge him on how he has treated me and how he has changed the world for (the) better.”

“To be fair, when Andre wrote the reported letter, he was well outside the top 100 and widely viewed as on the way out.”

Source: Twitter


Gotta say, I’m inclined to look at the bigger picture here and agree with Andy.


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20 responses to “Quotable Quotes: *Someone* is not happy.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Ooh me likey angry Rafa,I agree with him,certainly the sentiment of what is there for anyone to gain from revealing it now?But then again I agree with all three of them really…
    Have you seen Serena’s reaction?I’m sorry,that wins hands down!

    • dootsiez says :

      What? Serena’s “I don’t know what crystal meth is?”

      Whatever you say! Watch out for the rivalry between Andre’s book and ReeRee’s book.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        I just thought (from a maybe over-generalising view 😉 ) how can you come from COMPTON and not know what crystal meth is!?!?
        Haha,Serena’s book didn’t really have anything juicy though did it,although can’t say I’ve read it…

  2. LJ says :

    you know as much as i love rog, I’m have such a “roddick” type personality, loyal like a labrador to the nth degree like in those sorbent ads

  3. roadrunnerz says :

    I think it’s pretty funny that Fed’s response is more PC than Rafa’s for a change. I totally expected the opposite.

    Gotta admit, I could grow to like snarky Rafa! 🙂

    Now if he’d only start tossing a few racquets for me…

    • dootsiez says :

      Rafa tossing a racquet? My world would come crashing down.

      …Technically my world already did crash down in Miami.

    • Blue says :

      I noticed that too, usually Fed says the relatively controversial statements and gets a hard time from the press. This only applies to him of course. Gotta agree with Andy’s sentiments this time.

      • dootsiez says :

        Andre and Fed have a good personal relationship too, I think Roger would’ve felt bad if he had made a hard-line comment about this.

  4. flo says :

    When has Fed not been PC except on things that are quite black and white? If you asked him about Nazi Germany or cheating then yes he’d take a hard line. And he did that kind of by emphasizing that the sport needs to be clean.

    Rafa is a monk. That’s it. End of story.

    Andy is the closest to Andre of the three so there’s going to be less objectivity. Nothing wrong with that. It’s on a way more personal level.

  5. freakfrites says :

    I agree with Flo that Rafa has a monkish sensibility when it comes to right and wrong. Doping is actually the one topic that Roger is usually pretty black and white about, too. I think it’s harder with Agassi because 1. he’s done so much good, 2. there’s really nothing to be done about it now.

    I think Rafa is taking Andre’s confession more personally – seeing how it could effect people like his buddy Gasquet. Rafa was one of Gasquet’s biggest defenders – perhaps he thinks Agassi’s self-serving confession will make it harder for players in Richard’s situation to prove their innocence. It probably will.

    • dootsiez says :

      I thought about Gasquet when I read Rafa’s comments too, they’re childhood friends and Rafa would obvious feel the injustice on Gasquet’s part. When I first read Agassi’s confession, my first reaction was “@#$% Hingis got screwed!”

      But then again, I think Rafa would probably feel that way regardless. He has an innocent but moralistic view of the world, whereas Fed tends to be a bit more … businessman-like. More practical in a sense.

  6. robert says :

    The issue here is not a silly recreational drug stint of a tennis great during his slump year, nor his reasons for delayed soul searching. The issue here is ATP covering for him.

    This opens up so many cans of worms. ATP cannot defend themselves by simply stating that was then and now there’s WADA who is stricter. What about others who were punished at that time for the same thing (Wilander comes to mind)? They couldn’t compete, defend titles, earn money. Their reputation was tarnished, while Agassi appeared clean and made a glorious comeback. And what about non-recreational drugs? It can now be argued there must’ve been some cases swept under the rug as well, while the book had been thrown at other players.

    Confession might be good for your soul (and your bank account), though can get nasty for everybody else involved. But then, Agassi also confessed he hated tennis, so now he dealt the sport a nasty blow by mocking it and casting doubts over it.

    • dootsiez says :

      robert I see your point, but I honestly don’t think that’s Agassi’s problem, or even the ATP’s.

      In fact, the ATP *can* defend itself by stating that the times and rules have changed. WADA was brought in precisely to deal with the imperfect doping scheme, and since then, we’ve had a stricter system. What happened 12 years ago cannot be held to the same standards simply because the rules of today don’t apply retrospectively. In the same way that we cannot use the laws of today to judge something that happened before the laws changed.

      12 years ago, the system was more discretionary, which meant that some players will get off easily and others won’t. That’s the nature of discretionary decision making. I’m not saying that what the ATP did was fair, but 12 years down the track, there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, and that’s hardly Andre’s problem.

      And lastly, actions speak louder than words: Agassi does *not* hate tennis.

      • jane says :

        Sorry but you really are naive if you think that anything has really changed in Tennis. All sports have a doping problem, the fact that Tennis does not is highly suspicious. Now we see that there is a precedence for them sweeping positive tests from their marquee players under the carpet. Signing a piece of paper to say that you will do something changes nothing if you do not change the culture of the staff involved.

        If you look at Tennis’ testing system it is an example of how not to catch a drug cheat. The only time they do blood tests is at grand slams, they rarely test for epo or hgh things that would be really beneficial to tennis players. If you check their stats for tests they are way down on other sports – for example cycling. At the moment they’ve just let Wickmayer off for missing three tests (she should be suspended) – her excuse was she used her home computer to sign up to the whereabouts thing so she couldn’t log in to change stuff when she was away. Obviously things like phones and faxes or even email don’t exist in her world.

        Tennis is a business – catching star players cheating is bad for business. Tennis is nowhere near the size of football or rugby where they won’t be hurt if someone big gets outed. I think Hingis would probably have fared better if she had been American or she had given a flimsy excuse like others seem to do.

        • dootsiez says :

          Oh silly naive me.

          *Of course* nothing has changed in tennis, that’s why players have people knocking on their doors in the middle of the night. That’s why Hingis was kicked out for two years over a negligible bit of cocaine found in her system. But I forgot – that’s cos she’s Swiss. It’s racial discrimination!

          And suspending Wickmayer just for missing 3 tests? Damn right! Let’s all go for draconian rules, learn from oppressive regimes worldwide.

          Tennis’s anti-doping scheme isn’t perfect, but to suggest that nothing has changed? Or that they actively don’t want to catch dopers? Either I’m naive, or you’re one of those conspiracy theorists with too cynical a view of this world. Lighten up girl.

  7. Wellspring says :

    Andre probably wanted both to make sure his book sells well AND to finally unburden himself off a guilty secret. A very human inclination, when you are safe in the knowledge no kind of punishment can be handed out at this stage.

    Rog is usually a hardliner when it comes to doping, but he is also Mr. Tennis and as such has an enormous respect for Agassi. And he is loyal to people he likes and respects – he defended Hingis though he flatly refuse to listen to Canas’ story – plausible as many found it.

    I think Freakfrites gives the best explanation of why Rafa is the angriest here, but otherwise the fact Andre was far from his peak when the incident happened – and was basically ruining his chances to win, not enhancing them – probably makes it easier for people to be more lenient.

  8. sazzylove says :

    Or maybe Nadal takes this too personally because Andre announced just weeks ago that the Roger Nadal era is coming to an end and Nadal must have taken it real hard hence the smacktalk.

  9. JFK says :

    I have to say I like Serena’s answers the best. Out of the all the guys, Andy Roddick.
    Rafa does sound pissed, his statement is interesting considering Rafa is the one who critisizes WADA testing requirements the most.

  10. Alex says :

    This admission by Agassi made me hit the Pre-Order button at Amazon.com! Brilliant Andre, just brilliant…

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