Picspam: “Federporn Sundays” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, you know?

The Fed is on the cover of a Greek magazine, thanks to Tsarina from for posting the pic. Anyone know if this photo is recent? 

Also – that renaissance hair, the LV sweater, the eyebrows… Don’t mind me while I thrash around like a dehydrated fish in my chair for a bit. 




Talking about clothes, Federer’s range for 2010 – the blue polo is AO Day, and the red one – I think – is night.

Please tell me Roger’s going to wear those two-way polos at some stage. They actually look different. 




19 responses to “Picspam: “Federporn Sundays” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, you know?”

  1. tsarina says :

    OMG I was the one who posted that photo from the greek magazine on!!!

    I thought that it was the first time that Roger was on the cover of a greek mag but another RFcommer informed me that Roger’s first time greek cover was on Status magazine…Tennis is not a popular sport here in Greece(we are obsessed with football/soccer here, and our most succesfull sport is basketball) so ifor Roger to be on the cover of a magazine shows how much more popular to the “ordinary people”he made the sport!!!
    He even makes the frontpages of newspapers now when he wins GS, they never did that before(even for wimbledon)…

    He really changed sports…

  2. keysersoze says :

    hmmm… i really tried fighting the idea tt this pic of fed looks harry potterish…

  3. tsarina says :

    Have u seen this video?
    The “My Way” part makes me cry every time…

    • dootsiez says :

      Love the song. Got the Elvis live version on my ipod and surprise surprise, it makes me think of Roger each time I listen to it.

  4. Dippy says :

    Hmm very preppy like. Just a few more days to watching him walk on court. The long wait is over!

  5. Wellspring says :

    Such. Pics. Should. Come. With. A. WARNING.

    He doesn’t look like Harry Potter. He looks like Michelangelo’s David.

  6. breadstix says :

    OH MY GOD.

    A little Potter-esque, with the lighting and jumper and racquet like that, but as IF I care! *dribble*

    As for the two way polos – OH YETH! Cuz otherwise I’m sorry but, blue? Red? Not that they don;t look good on him, but again? :/

  7. JFK says :

    ❤ Renaissance Hair<3 + V neck sweater= Epic Win!

    I really hope he wears the 2 way polo, it's different and lovely. The blue one looks more like a sea-foamish color

  8. tsarina says :

    This is another picture from GK magazine

    Sorry for the quality, I took the pic with my cell phone…

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