What they wore: Ana Ivanovic.

For all intents and purposes, it’s been a tough year for Ana Ivanovic.

When I say “tough year“, on a scale of 1 to Michael Jackson, we’re approaching MJ-territory. 

Fashionwise, history shows that Ivanovic only ever gets 2 dresses in dfferent colours per calendar year, and 2009 is no different.

Australian Open

She started the year with the uniboob.

Lovely colours. Wrinkly, asymmetrical, saggy design. The only place this dress belongs is in my DIY mop.



Roland Garros/Eastbourne



Wimbledon/US Open Series

At least it fitted. Not a fan of the tulle, but it suits Ana.



US Open Night




US Open Day/Asian Swing

I like both the US Open dresses, especially the fresh lavender colours of the day version.

Pity she couldn’t win a single match in them.  




So what now for Ana Ivanovic? As we speak, she can be found enjoying her off-season, supporting sponsors and her equally slumping boyfriend Adam Scott in Singapore. 




Currently ranked 22 in the world, with scope to fall even lower after Bali, will Ana Ivanovic join A.Chak and Nicole Vaidisova on their paths of self-destruction? Or will she pull herself together next year?

No one doubts that she has the game. Who knows if she has the temperament. 



4 responses to “What they wore: Ana Ivanovic.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Poor Ana,it’s pretty horrible to see someone who seems to be just as nice as she appears slump like this…
    I’m torn over how good it is for her to be with someone like Adam right now (equally slumping as you said),in one sense,it’s great that she’s found happiness off court when things are so shitty on it and can just not have to think about tennis,but in terms of her career I think it kind of allows her to take an almost ‘ah fuck it’ attitude,which she (to me at least)seems to have done…
    However,what can’t be denied that her makeup in the 1st Singapore pic looks AWFUL,makes her look so old!

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    And that uniboob dress is still horrible…the depressing thing is that it wasn’t even new for this year,I’m pretty sure she debuted it at Doha last year!Pretty lazy on Adidas’ part!

  3. styleslam says :

    Hi! Ana always looks great, though. Please check out Style Slam, my fashion and style blog on the world of tennis! Best regards from Style Slam

  4. anaivanovic says :

    Ana, you are my idol. Thank you

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