Doha: the Real No 1. FACT.


Serena Willliams, when she’s focused and hungry, is simply something else. Half the problem is of course getting her in that zone.

There was no such problem today. With her leg firmly strapped, I half expected Serena to lose every match in Round Robin once Safina retired. Surprisingly, she’s managed to take advantage of a fully depleted field and not become a casualty herself. 



It was a somewhat climatic first set with both players seemingly hampered by physical problems. Serena’s serve was a thing of awe, on which she lost few points.

Once Venus held at 2 all in the second, she too picked up some groove and the level of play elevated, bring the set to 6 all.

Just when you thought Venus might’ve gathered enough momentum to win the tiebreak, Serena held steady and took the match 62 76(4), ending her losing streak outside the slams.

About time too. 


“I totally didn’t expect to come here and win – my practice didn’t go well at all,” said Serena.

“I haven’t won a tournament that wasn’t a Grand Slam in a while, so that was even more exciting,” she said. “My losing streak in (other) tournaments in over.”

Source: AP


I know there are plenty of questions being asked of Venus Williams right now, but how about people lay off her for a bit.

Venus has had physical problems. She has lost control of her game since Wimbledon. And judging from her body language on court these days, she’s clearly not happy with her game right now.

But as far as I can tell, Venus actually wants to be there. She wants to keep playing tennis. Honestly, given the standard of the WTA these days, who is anyone to tell the Wimbledon finalist not to?

Besides, she’s got the next 2 months off. Take a good rest for that leg and do a few morning shows to keep the fans happy. That’s just what the doctor ordered. 



With a win in Doha, Serena has ended her season on a high, winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the Year-End Championships. Semifinalist in New York, and quarterfinalist at Roland Garros. Oh, and the entirely unimportant part of being the first female player to make $6 million in prize money in a year

After all the tomfoolery that has gone on with the WTA rankings system in 2009, let’s settle this thing once and for all: The year-end No 1. Best female player on Planet Earth in 2009 – Serena Williams.

Here’s a salad bowl to recognise your deliciousness.


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One response to “Doha: the Real No 1. FACT.”

  1. Julie says :

    2010 can’t come soon enough. Juju is coming back, ReRe is on fire. Now if only Sharpie would find her serve, Veee her speed, 2010 is shaping up to be unbelievable! Bring on the AO!

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