Basel: See you soon! On the moon!

Happy Thursdays, tout le monde!

There was plenty of Swiss Nationalism in the air over in Basel, as 4 locals made it through their respective first matches – Lammer, Chiudi, the Concubine (who had a toughy over Ljuby), and … whatshisface.



Being the “Epitome of Awesome”, Roger is through to the quarterfinal with a 63 63 win over Seppi. What is there to say? He played as well as he needed to and threw in a few fun points for our Fedgasm needs.

Huzzah! Onwards we roll, and we look damn fine rollin’.


Damn fine I tell ya, Getty Images!


I can’t say much about Fed’s idea of “practice” though.



Lastly, a teeny pre-tournament interview published in le Matin.


Q: You’re training with Stanislas Wawrinka. How do you feel? 

RF: Honestly, I feel well. Since Thursday, I’ve been training here with all the Swiss players. I think my footwork is great. My body feels fine and mentally I really want to play too. This is normal after six weeks without a tournament. After two, three weeks already, I felt a great desire to play. Moreover, after this break I start playing right here in Basel, for me it is amazing! 


Q: Did you spend all your “vacation” in Basel? 

RF: Almost, I spent four weeks here. 


Q: You never get to stay home for this long … 

RF: Usually no, that’s right. But after Wimbledon I came here some time for the birth of my kids. So it was nice this season. I spent more time in Switzerland than in the past. And it makes me feel good. 


Q: Mirka and your daughters must be be happy to have you home with them! 
RF: Yes. (He smiles.) Even though we were also together in America. Since they were born, I have not missed a single day with them. It’s going really well. But what was an advantage during the break was that I had no specific plans to follow, no schedules.

During tournaments, I have to play on Monday, Wednesday, etc.. so I could decide the schedule. Of course I am very serious when I go to training. But with Pierre [Paganini], it’s very flexible. If I wanted to shift the hours of training to spend more time with family, I would do that. It’s really nice. In fact, this is nice when you have no tournament on. 


Q: What was the menu for these six weeks “off”? 

RF: First, three weeks without tennis. 


Q: You didn’t touch a racket? 
RF: No racket. I like to do that from time to time. Even if afterwards, when I go back to playing, I have a lot of stiff aches …

So three quiet weeks. I used the opportunity to take some walks with my family – I also noticed that when I go out with girls, people tend to approach me less. There’s a lot of respect for the family.

Then I resumed physical training. And when the small problems in the leg and back were gone, I worked with Severin [Lüthi]. I am very happy with my current form. 


Q: So you’re ready to get your 4th title at the Swiss Indoors? 
RF: Yes. I am well prepared for sure, I’m missing some match practice, but it’s not a problem. I’ve won more majors after a long break so it doesn’t bother me. Still, the draw is always hard here in Basel, there are many very good players. There is never easy draw. I am delighted that the tournament is starting.

Source: Le Matin

Translation: myself 


Nice to know that Roger had a good rest, ’cause now he has no excuse to play badly. Watch out dude, you will have my boundless wrath to answer to.


Too early to frazzle?

xx doots


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10 responses to “Basel: See you soon! On the moon!”

  1. LJ says :

    j’taime roger…j’taime

    • FortuneCookie says :

      I thought he was kind of rude to the guy who said that to him…

      • sazzylove says :

        that would have been my reaction too if i were him …as it is strange and not to mention kinda eewwy hearing those i love you’s coming from a guy … if he were that to say that to a girl (which i highly doubt )that would be rude i guess.

      • dootsiez says :

        maybe. it’s hard to tell without the context and the tone. I thought they were half joking. The guy didn’t seem to take it as a brush-off.

  2. pban says :

    Never too early doots ,we must always be on guard.Besides Itend to frazzle more when Iam not frazzling……Idon’t think Iam making any sense out here but Isuppose that comes with the territory.;)

    • dootsiez says :

      frazzle when you’re not frazzling? that takes serious skills pban 😛

      • pban says :

        Told ya I wasn’t sure Iwas making much sense , but it is true Ifeel more worried if I am not sick with anxiety before a match.Sort of like Iam not keeping my end of the bargain. Ido not think that makes much sense either.

  3. robert says :

    “And when the small problems in the leg and back were gone, …”

    This is the first time after DC that back was being mentioned. So far it was always “some pains in my leg and my arm”.

    • dootsiez says :

      Yes. But Roger didn’t double fault 12 times in a match for nothing. Many suspected the back was feeling it. I don’t think it was major.

  4. JFK says :

    I love Roger’ s goofy practice session. He acts like a teenager. And he likes to show off his soccer skills too. *Flove.*

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