Federporn Friday: Christmas has come early…

Here’s your high intensity dose of Federporn for the week, thanks to Nadine from RF.com from the photo. 



I’ve decided that Federporn Fridays is here to say, 1) I like alliterations. 2) I’ll need the amusement during the offseason, 3) Who’s complainin’? Take it as an early Christmas present.



Yeah, people have too much time on their hands … and I can talk. 

While we’re at it: a video clip of Roger’s visit to the FCB match last week, taken by “Felice”, who was so inspired by his chanced encounter with Fed that he composed a song

Umm … again, I can talk. I only write tennis-inspired nursery rhymes. 



Enjoy your Fridays!


5 responses to “Federporn Friday: Christmas has come early…”

  1. Gracie says :

    OMG, that Chistmas vid is ever so amusing! How did I miss that one last year?

  2. JFK says :

    Hey doots, I def. agree that Federporn Fridays should stay! They really brighten up my day.
    And as for The Mighty Fed in a scarf looking so cute *Marry Me*!!!

  3. elf princess says :

    Omigah! The Santa’s Elves Dance video is hysterical!!!

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