Tell me this is a joke?


There’s a difference between strict enforcement of anti-doping regulations and draconian enforcement.

A one year suspension, not for doping, not for missing 3 tests, but for failing to submit her whereabouts 3 times, colour me surprised if the Agassi revelations didn’t play a part in this. 

Please stop being retarded, Belgian doping tribunals.


A Belgian anti-doping tribunal has suspended U.S. Open semifinalist Yanina Wickmayer for one year for allegedly failing to report her whereabouts to anti-doping officials three times.

The Flemish regional tribunal said in a statement issued Thursday that the minimum one-year sanction is “reasonable.” Tribunal spokesman Koen Uman says the suspension takes immediate effect, but can be appealed by Wickmayer.

The 18th-ranked Belgian has denied any wrongdoing and said on her Web site she planned to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The suspension came as a surprise as the prosecutor at the tribunal in October recommended Wickmayer receive only a warning for missing three tests over 18 months.

But the tribunal said in a statement that Wickmayer’s failure to live up to anti-doping rules required the minimum one-year suspension.

Wickmayer said last month she has had trouble with her password in the computerized system overseen by the World Anti-Doping Agency. She also said registered mail at her home could not be signed off on because she was traveling to WTA tournaments.

She has insisted she never missed an anti-doping test and her samples were always negative.

Source: AP


I should add that Xavier Malisse has also been suspended for a year. 

Does the Belgian anti-doping tribunal even have jurisdiction over WTA and ITF events? 


5 responses to “Tell me this is a joke?”

  1. YMD says :

    Missing three drug tests is a big deal. In other sports, those missing tests were actually found to be doping. The players know ahead of time what the rules are for testing. The players give their location to the testers. Don’t feel sorry for her.

    • dootsiez says :

      No sympathy for Wicky, YMD? Can’t say I agree.

      Look, the way I see it, it comes down to moral culpability. A person who fails to submit her whereabouts just isn’t as blameworthy as a doper.

      If you were going to deprive a player of a year of their career, you need something better than sheer inadvertence.

    • robert says :

      She did not miss 3 drug tests.

      She just did not give her whereabouts 3 times (she thought she duly gave her whereabouts, but turns out there were problems with computer password, says she).

      There are other notables who actually missed drug tests less than three times so far. One of the Bryan Bros did it twice (once he went out for breakfast and stayed too long while antidoping peeps came to test him; the second time he was late to return home because of a flat tyre).

      Soderling did it once (during this year’s FO they came to test him, but he had switched hotels).

  2. Mia says :

    This is very unfortunate for Yanina, coming as it does when she’s going up the rankings ladder. I have no doubt this seeming paranoia on the part of the authorities is part of the Agassi l’affaire fallout.

  3. Tashi says :

    Wicky was wrong, not doubt. But a year?! This is beyond ridiculous.

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