Quotable Quotes: Stab you with a pen, Lena Dee.


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young woman in possession of good looks must be in want of a brain.

But the latest issue of the Fairfax magazine Sports&Style featured an interview with Elena Dementieva, in which she showed the apparent capacity to form coherent sentences.

Looking hot and making sense? Hate you, Lena D.


Dementieva is electrifying. Her beauty entrancing. Her passion for tennis infectious. But this athletic, blonde, bright young thing, who has a penchant for wearing haute couture and works with a fashion designer on her on-court style also exudes intelligence.

“Like my grandmother and uncle, who were both doctors, I would have gone to university and probably had a career in medicine had I not been a tennis pro,” she says. The old hand of 14 WTA tournament victories also speaks astutely about the current economic climate in Russia. “It’s very worrying. People are having problems finding work. They’re anxious. Russia has been hit hard by the recession and it is affecting our industrial output.

Rather appropriately, when I asked her which famous personality she would like to spend an evening with, she answers: “you might be disappointed, but I’m not going to say Tom Cruise or Justin Timberlake. I’d like to spend an evening with [Vladimir] Putin to ask him about the future of Russia and hear his views on the current economic situation. I’ve already met him once. And he has quite a dry sense of humour.”

Perhaps more surprising that her desire to meet the Russian Prime Minister, however, is her considerable knowledge of the acclaimed authors from her home country. “I always have a few in my bag,” she says of the Russian classics. “I like Tolstoy and Nabokov, but the author I really love is Dostoevsky. I think he is one of the greatest writers of all time.” 

There are two ways of approaching Dostoesvsky. The first is taken by people who have never lived in Russia: you concentrate on the psychology of the characters, on narrative development and the philosophical implications of the story. And then there’s the way Russians read him. As well as being a universal writer, Dostoevsky is also typically Russian.”

“It’s a real pleasure for me to read his novels again and again. I think that he analyses the Russian identity more deeply than anyone else. He reveals its strengths and weaknesses, its coherence as well as its contradiction. In my opinion, Dostoevsky is a master, a complete man. If he were a tennis player, people would say that he had no weaknesses, that his baseline game was as good as his volley.[Well that settles it – Dostoevsky is Federer.]


Not fair Elena, you can’t have legs that extend their way across the Milky Way Galaxy and a mind that reads Dostoevsky in two ways. Meanwhile, the most intelligent thing I’ve done in the last 48 hours is finishing an entire season of West Wing. 

Yay normal people.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures, peeps.








5 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Stab you with a pen, Lena Dee.”

  1. Mia says :

    All that and she somehow demonstrated powers of divination, too. Remember at this year’s Roland Garros — just when everybody thought Nadal had a lock on the Coupe de Mousquetaires — she was the first one to say she didn’t think so saying, iirc, that he looked tired to her. I think two days later, she was proven correct.

    • Blue says :

      I remember her saying that too. At the time, no one gave it any thought because it didn’t seem likely, but she turned out to be right.

  2. Jess says :

    Hate her! Beauty and brain – what’s left for us normal people?

    I’d better go back to finish Gossip Girl 🙂

  3. TopSpin says :

    I always tend to barf at how Dostoevsky is routinely citied by trendy-wendy types as being their “author of choice”, but I’m not surprised to learn that Elena is as well read as she is, and am glad to hear she has strong opinions on Literature and Russian Politics.

    That said, there’s no reason to suppose that she’s any more intelligent than someone coming from less academic parentage that didn’t have the same well rounded, cultured upbringing I suspect Elena did.

    Not that I’ve started taking notice of her again. She may never win a Slam, but I haven’t forgotten those recent losses yet – maybe I’ll be able to speak about her more objectively after her retirement.

    Yeah, ain’t I the gloomy one today!

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh trust me Topspin. You are nowhere as gloomy as I am right now. *sobs*

      Dostoevsky is often cited cos he has a fabulous name, and is less of a bitch to read compared to Tolstoy. But I was surprised at Elena’s eloquence. Being a non-fan, and knowing close to nothing about her family background, I guess I just didn’t see it coming from her. That she even cares for politics or literature is slightly fabulous, compared to the rest of the girls at the top of the game.

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