Basel: Don’t talk to me. I need to be alone with my misery.


Roger was flat in the 3rd set.

It was one of those shanktastic days.

Fed was wasting his break points (2/11. what else is new?).

Nole deserves credit for hanging in there.

Roger would’ve won against a lot of players playing the way he did today.

He defended well, moved well, but left his offense game with Myla.

It wasn’t spectacular, nor was it anything self-destructive.

Nole needed the win more than Fed did.


It would actually kill me to say that. That’s one thing certain in this world of uncertainty: no matter how many slams Roger win, a loss is a loss and it will always rankle Dootsie.

Federer fans, say NO to Zen. Just say NO. We have to redouble our efforts to be miserable. What the hell is Wimbledon to cushion our blow? WHO IS MONSIEUR ROLAND GARROS TO TELL ME THE SKY IS NOT FALLING DOWN?

Time to bring out the projections of gloom:



What I will say is that the pattern is clear in recent Nole-Roger match-ups: Roger either thrashes him win in straights, or Nole outgrinds him in the decider.

Usually when Roger loses, people rationalises by picking trends: “I saw this coming, Roger was scrappy in his match against … oh, that Seppi guy.” “Roger was slicing a lot earlier this tournament, and when he does that, I KNOW HE’S GOING TO LOSE IN THE FINAL.” “Novak Djokovic played well against Radek Stepanek.”

Get over it folks. Roger did well all tournament. He had an off-day and I’d rather he didn’t. I’d rather he didn’t lose the US Open final either, because then we wouldn’t be sitting here calculating points to hold the Year-End No 1.

But these things happen, and they happen unnoticed for other players. It’s hard to go unnoticed when you’re Roger Federer. It’s hard to justify a bad day when you’ve won 15 slams without having one. 

So where does that leave us for Year-End No 1? Am I right in assuming that Roger has to outdo Nadal in Paris and London? Or at least equal Rafa in Paris, and out-do him at the WTF.

Now, if you will also excuse me, I am going to STAB Federbear with my sharpest pen. And back into the cupboard for solitary confinement, you fugly beanie!


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89 responses to “Basel: Don’t talk to me. I need to be alone with my misery.”

  1. waw_rinka says :

    I think Nole was lucky against Stepanek, who wasted at least 2 of his 3 match points. I really liked the way Stepanek played – relentlessly taking the net, attacking his opponent. Fed took the net, …what? 5 times throughout the match?

    BTW, this pic is MONSTRUOUS! Next time I see Nole do his chest thump I swear I’ll kill something. And the only thing uglier than the Muzz is….his mother. I’ll take a Rafa fist pump any day.

    • dootsiez says :

      Stepanek takes to the net because evolution told him that if he didn’t, he’d be blown off the court along the baseline. 😉 Roger’s in a different position no? He can rally along the baseline, and he can volley. And he happens to feel more secure rallying along the baseline.

      But not today. Today, he could do neither. *raaaaage*

  2. Liz says :

    Djokovic was really lucky to make it past Stepanek, but Radek gave him the second set. What a dope!

    I don’t know why a Djokovic loss seems so much worse than a loss to other players. Maybe the “king is dead” statements from last year? I just imagine Mom and Pop Djokovic rubbing their hands with glee and snarking on Roger, and my head starts to explode. But Novak himself seems much more tolerable this year.

    I guess my worry is that Roger really has moved on, emotionally. Maybe he just wants to get back to his girls and hang out in Basel. I’m not ready to let him go! Come back to us, Roger!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey Liz,

      Roger’s made the finals in 5 out of the last 6 tournaments he entered. Don’t think you need to worry about Roger moving on emotionally yet.

      Besides he just hired a new full-time physio didn’t he? That’s usually not the sign of a man who’s ready to move on. 😉

  3. tsarina says :

    I have just one question…

    Roger, WHY DID YOU LOSE 2 – 6 IN THE DECIDER AGAIN???????? If you HAD to lose, couldn’t you do it 4 – 6, 3 – 6 or even in a tie break??!!!!! WHY 2 – 6????
    Please don’t lose 2 – 6 again…It brings back AO ’09 memories and I don’t want to remember anything from that match!!!

    P.S Good luck in Paris Champ!!!!!!!

    • dootsiez says :

      No kidding. 6-2 is a bad scoreline, as is the ATROCIOUS bp conversion rate. HATE. YOU. ROGER.

      (Now can you please win Bercy for the first time in your career? kthxbye!)

    • roadrunnerz says :

      Somehow I find it easier to bear when he loses 6-2 in the third set…as opposed to say, 9-7 in the fifth…

      His forehand was so off today it was kinda painful to watch.

      I was half expecting a racquet smash. 🙂

      • dootsiez says :

        Oi, that’s that smiley face doing there! :O

        Off-forehands are always painful. At least the serve and the movement were both okay, he wasn’t as self-destructive as he was back in Miami.

        • Alex says :

          How come TennisTV didn’t show the final stats? I’m pretty sure Roger made at least 40 unforced errors, most of which off the f***en forehand side. His serve was not really clicking that well either. Novak was teeing off on many 2nd serves for clear winners or forced errors.

        • dootsiez says :

          the serve was okay, a bad serving day would be AO or USO finals this year. He’s been serving in the high 60%-low 70% all week. That’s pretty shiny, and underscores the back strain he might’ve been feeling after the USO.

      • pban says :

        Did you have to bring that goddamned scoreline up roadrunnerz. Sheesh can’t a fedfan try to forget in peace without something or the other serving as a painful reminder.Damn you Roger for causing so much anguish 😦

        • roadrunnerz says :

          Sorry, pban!! :-0

          Trust me, that was my most devastating Fed loss too.

          It’s kinda sad that the match they now call the ‘greatest of all time’ is the one I cannot bring myself to ever watch again. (Even though in hindsight it’s madel his win at the USO in ’08 and all his victories this year THAT much sweeter, and that it made me a bigger fan of his)

  4. LJ says :

    wow, I hardly managed to see any of basel at all, and I’m kinda glad now I was less invested. I’m becoming a very bad fed fan.

    perhaps nole deserved the win after the beatdowns in cincy and us open? And for rog unleashing that tweener on him which will live in highlight reels FOREVER, which will ensure that nole’s mug will also live forever in highlight reels as the loser in that point.

  5. Tashi says :

    Fuck you Roger Federer! Fuck your forehand. Fuck your shanking. Fuck your “mahogany” and your seven thousand shades of blue! FUCK.YOU!

    Thank God for awesome FedCup pictures and videos. Smily Flavia/Franny pix make me feel better.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh yeah, Fed Cup. I was going to post, but totally forgot about it after Roger lost. 😦

      And to mirror your sentiments Tashi: FUCK YOU Roger and you puny left harm. Fuck you and your potato nose. Fuck you and your love affair with the net. IT IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. FUCK YOU for depriving the Basel kids of pizza. FUCK YOU!

  6. JFK says :

    I can’t believe his forehand went AWOL! I felt like Roger couldn’t get it together in the 3rd set, but Novak deserves credit for his wins against Stan and Steps where he almost lost.
    I hope Roger has a better idea of where his game is at and that he turns it up a notch for Paris and London.

    • dootsiez says :

      Me too. Hoping this is a wake up call for him to pace himself. He played well this week, only to go shanky in the final. Grrrr…

  7. sazzylove says :

    Really Roger?2-6 in the third set?What’s with you and these cursed scoreline?As soon as i woke up , i turned on my laptop and expected to see some goofy pictures of you with that gigantic trophy only to find out that the wrong person has it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !I have a love hate relationship with Nole, mind you.Love him when he is winning against the other top players esp Ugly Muzz and absolutely HATE him when he wins against you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !I know credit must be given where credit is due but i wont give him that because i just CANT and because im till mad at you!…….maybe i can think straight and forgive you soon after i have watched some replays of your most recent trashings of him in Cincy and USO SF.(which is buffering right now)The Basel match will have to wait …that is if i want some self flagellation…..

    • dootsiez says :

      “Love him when he is winning against the other top players esp Ugly Muzz and absolutely HATE him when he wins against you.”

      When did Novak Djokovic last win against Murray? It’s been quite a while I’d say.

      • sazzylove says :

        Forgive me, dootz.I must have been really zoned out earlier when i made this harebrained comment.Im quite sober now and realized my mistake.Anyways, despite the deep hatred i feel for Djokovic right now, im still hoping that he can be one of those who can beat that Ugly One in the last two tournaments.

  8. sazzylove says :

    Better straighten things up in Paris and in London , Roger or i will shower all my love and attention to your best bud, Marco next to the SOD you hear????

  9. GRACE says :

    Really inexplicable that Roger was broken twice, hope he can improve his game for Paris.Roger lost in every category, but he´s human and he´s a great player, he cant win everything.This will be a make up call for Roger.
    (It´s the first time I post here, you have a nice blog)

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi Grace, welcome!

      Roger’s on the right track for Paris, he’s been serving unbelievably. But Murray’s form has also returned this week. Should be an interesting and frazzle-worthy week in Paris. Hope he keeps it together.

  10. Mia says :

    After venting and finally, parsing things, methinks Roger’s having a crisis of enthusiasm for these small tournaments. Even for Basel which is his home court and which will soon be renamed in his honor (imagine that, and he gifts them with a big L). Setting new targets must be awfully hard for him nowadays, especially as he is now the big Kahuna in tennis history.

    • sazzylove says :

      Yes, i think he will exact his revenge in Paris and London!(*fingers crossed* )

    • dootsiez says :

      I think it’s the season frankly. Everyone knows fall/winter tennis has plenty of money, plenty of points to be won, but so little competitive action.

      The sort of people who tended to “find their game” in fall are the ones that spend the earlier parts of the year losing.

  11. pban says :

    Idon’t understand the maths, roger has already lost all his points from Basel and Paris because the tourneys were 2 weeks later this year.So in a way whatever points he gets now are going to be added, the fool could have simplified matters by winning the us open but then that would have been too easy for us. Iknew something would go wrong Ijust wasn’t frazzling enough to keep my end of the bargain 😦 .

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL pban, don’t blame yourself. You can always AMP UP THE FRAZZLING for Paris. 😉

      And re-points, Roger’s ahead by 1500 points, 200 of which is from the WTF where Nadal is defending nothing. So …

      *brain implodes from the maths*

      • Alex says :

        Roger is not defending many points in Paris + TMC either. So his chances of YE #1 are very good even if he doesn’t win either.

        • dootsiez says :

          Nice to know. Obviously, I’d still like him to win though, he’s on 9 losses this year. I want him to keep it to single digits.

  12. Alex says :

    Yes FUCK the turd-colored shirt and I hope we don’t see it Paris. And fuck that forehand that keeps finding the middle of the net. And fuck Novak and his fucking parents. And most of all fuck the ugly Scot.

  13. Alex says :

    doots – in fact Roger is at 59-9 now. If he wins Paris + London w/o any losses that would be 69-9 which would be as good as 2007 except for 1 less slam. :(((((

    • dootsiez says :

      I would’ve traded 2 slams for a Roland Garros back in 2007 and I would today. 😀

      • Alex says :

        Doots – I wouldn’t trade anything! Roger has his 15 + CGS + Mirka + the twins. Everything is gravy from here on out. We are just overly greedy fans. At the same time, Roger better win Paris + London to pacify me.


        • dootsiez says :

          That’s right. Anything on top of what we’ve got is gravy. The problem is … I like gravy. A lot. 😀

  14. Blue says :

    Roger why did you have to lose to Nole again? Frakking forehand and bp conversion. But like you said, he played well all tournament except now, when it mattered. It’s all his fault anyway for spoiling us by winning most of the time. How good are his chances to hold onto the year end no.1 ranking?

    Oh I’m beginning to hate that pic the more I see it.

    • dootsiez says :

      As long as he performs reasonably well, he’s looking okay for the YEC no 1 spot, but it’s by no means guaranteed.

  15. Noshali says :

    I’m just really scared that Federer doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t seem to have that fire in him ever since his daughters were born.

    I guess he lacks motivation now that he’s achieved every record he needs to achieve. I just wish he’d care if he lost in a final. I mean, break a raquet. I know its not his style but I’d kill to see him care a little. Not care as in Australian Open 2009 style. Just care. Period.

    • dootsiez says :

      No I don’t agree Nosahli. Roger didn’t win Cincy without fire in his belly. Nor did he make 3 finals out of the last 4 tournaments he’s played since Myla and Charlene’s birth because he didn’t care. And he’s not hiring a new physiotherapist because he lacks motivation. If anything, it points to the opposite.

      Chill, he’s not blowing my socks off, but he’s not exactly cause for much concern either. 😉

  16. pban says :

    Dear dootsie’s pillow, Hope you are in good health after the pounding you must have taken yesterday.As for me Isurvived what would have been a murderous onslaught if my owner had been anywhere near me,thankfully she was working. However I will not be so lucky next time, so we should beseech the object of their combined affections to do everything in his power to save us from their wrath. Here’s hoping for a better future and best of luck for Bercy and London. Sympathetically yours,
    pban’s pillow.

  17. DV says :

    I pray for the day when ATP will ban MTO.

  18. Dippy says :

    Bloody forehandnitis makes a return of all matches – final. Roger better make it to us in Paris and London, or else i am defecting to other camp – Nadal (god forbid)

  19. girl from michigan says :

    Oh, dootsiez, did you have to bring up the year end number 1 thing??! I was frazzled by the Basel final, but I was blissfully ignorant of the points thing.

    ~ oh frack! ~

    • dootsiez says :

      What’s a Fed fan without the frazzling? We don’t do blissful ignorance, we do overreactions and freakouts, and impossibly high standards 😉

  20. Jack says :

    I’ve actually bothered to work out the what Fed has to do to get Year End No1 (yes, i have too much time on my hands)….. anyway, at the moment fed has 10340 and rafa has 8845 so there are three scenarios:

    Scenario 1): If Roger loses early and Rafa wins Paris, then Roger has to match Rafa at the WTF

    Scenario 2): If Roger matches Rafa in Paris, then Roger has to get to the semis at the WTF

    Scenario 3): If Roger wins Paris, then Roger has the Year End No 1!!!

    So its not that bad (or am i just trying to make it sound better than it is?)

    btw, am i the only fed fan who is dealing with this loss suprisingly well (apart from the fact it was djokovic and that crappy bp conversion!!!)

    • JFK says :

      Jack thanks for calculating all that. It makes me feel better. I really hope Rog can find his FH in Paris and play his lights out!

      • Jack says :

        thanks, maths is one of my useless talents 🙂

        i hope roger finds his FH in Paris too, and wins it!!! ( just so i can relax when the WTF starts)

        beating murray and djokovic along the way would be good too.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi Jack, thanks for the scenarios, That doesn’t sound toooooo bad. Right?

      *freaks out*

      I refuse to deal with losses well. Roger deserves the wrath of Dootsie for his performance, no? 😛

      • Alex says :

        Of course he deserves the wrath. We can’t just allow him to get away with this crap, can we? 😀

      • dootsiez says :

        Hehehe, I’m all about the tough love. 😉

      • Jack says :

        this is the only loss i’ve taken well!!

        usually, i want to punch someone in the face (yes, roger brings out my violent side).

        however, the losses i can’t handle at all are when he looses to mr monotone

        p.s yes, roger does deserves your wrath (and the whole of switzerlands too) for his crappy performance

        • Alex says :

          I also can’t stand it when he loses to Mr. Ugly. If he loses to him again this week, I’m going to break something.

        • dootsiez says :

          Okay, let’s not think about Murray yet *shivers* I know Roger won their last meeting, but really, Andy’s had some good time off. I think he’s looking for blood right now.

          That’s if Roger makes it that far and doesn’t loose to Benneteau or something. Be scared of everyone, folks. That’s the definition of a true fan 😛

  21. judy says :

    hi doots, you are spot on with your match assessment in your post up top and you are freakin’ hilarious! those are perfect pics of murray mints and djoker, because that’s what they do and i hate when they beat fed. i do think rog can never be counted out. we know what he’s capable of and he might step up his level of play in paris. he didn’t have to play a seed until nole in basel and perhaps he wasn’t match ready or mentally there 100%. i know he can win tournies without the ideal prep, but that was before a crazy year on and off court. who knows what happened sun. all i know is my federbear is staying in my file cabinet until fed kicks ass in bercy and i feel comfy bringing him out to cheer on fed in the business end of that tourny. 🙂 i hope he brings his forehand to france!

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m hoping your reasoning’s right, and Roger just wasn’t match tough. He better do well in Bercy, or both our Federbears are staying in solitary confinement!

      • judy says :

        he should have good feelings in france, being the RG champ. different surface and venue, but NOW he should be match ready and figure stuff out. if rog doesn’t do well, i’ll have my aussie kangaroo with boxing gloves punch out the federbear!

  22. breadstix says :

    Paris, WTF, anything but BASEL! 😦
    Excuse me while I go and NOT think about points, Pahree and year end no. 1s. Thank you.


  23. pban says :

    Hi doots, thanks for breaking up the year end case scenario ,all 3 look equally frazzle worthy. Basel wouldn’t have helped much anyway,if only it wasn’t for the fact that it was that insufferable djoko that won,sometimes I really donot know which of the 2 Ihate more …..fact is I hate anyone who beats Roger.

  24. GRACE says :

    Thanks Dootsiez…I think it´s not a tragedy that Roger lost.It would have been nicer with a different outcome.
    Pls. fans don´t be so hard on Roger.He did get to the final after a long break.Also putting the loss in perspective look at the year he´s had (record breaking slams record, marriage and twin baby girls).
    Still as an addict fan I want him to do well in Paris and London.So hard to read the usual haters ….that´s why we have to support him.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe Roger could do with a bit of tough love, Grace. Especially when he’s had such a good summer and the press is sucking up to him.

  25. pban says :

    Hey Doots ,ever noticed the no. of comments you get once that douche bag loses,guess we don’t like to be alone in our misery.It is almost a relief to know that others too are in agony 😉

    • Alex says :

      Exactly. When Mr. Potato Nose can’t seem to be bothered to win fucking Basel, I say I will speak about it!

    • dootsiez says :

      Fact: people care more when Roger loses than he wins. And this applies both to Federer and non-Federer fans. Because Roger winning is the norm.

  26. pban says :

    Yeah especially since when he wins I spend a good part of the week smiling like an idiot, and reading useless articles written by clowns who claim to know Roger better than me.No Roger if you have perfectly sane people behaving like blubbering idiots when you win then expect no respite when you lose.We are too far gone to not care.So wipe that smug grin off your face and get ready to step on the gas.

  27. GRACE says :

    Look what i´ve read from Roger´s haters:
    “I like when Joko dismantles R.F.”
    “He´s becoming older and only a blind mind doesn´t see that he´s no more than 80& of the player he was”.
    “His haters won´t have to suffer much longer”.
    It hurts, how can they say this horrible things?I´m so sad, I think this is a supporting blog that´s why I´m here.

    Question:why is my e-mail always there?

  28. pban says :

    Roger is 28 ,djoko and murray 22……Iwould like to see their rankings when they are 28.In fact Iwould love to see their brand of tennis at that age. Why do Roger haters keep harping on the fact that he is no longer the same as he was in 2006 ,that is to be expected. As long as he can still win Wimby and do well in the rest of the slams I’ll take an over the hill Roger over those 2 any day.

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