Picspam: Name this ass.



Too easy for you perves?


Thanks to Maria and Anna from for the Basel practice pics.

10 responses to “Picspam: Name this ass.”

  1. Dippy says :

    LOL, Dootsiez – you are one funny gal. I would love to meet you face 2 face and chat all day long about his highness Federer.

  2. pban says :

    IThink a lot of us would like to meet and chat since the ones who post here have 2 things in common ,they have more than a passing idea about tennis and they all seem to be crazy about that potato nosed douche bag from Switzerland……a heady combination indeed. Of course it goes without saying that almost all of us are quite insane 😛

  3. JFK says :

    Roger.. duh … so hot

  4. roadrunnerz says :


    I thought it was James Blake. ‘Cause the back of the brown cap looked like a…dark, bald head to me. LOL

  5. Blue says :

    Oh no! I’m losing it, I couldn’t figure out it was Roger.

  6. Lily says :


    I have recognized Roger Federer !

    Your blog is awsome.

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