What they wore: Victoria Azarenka.

If you took Wimbledon as the half way point and divided Vika’s year in half, you probably wouldn’t recognise the first half from the second, both in terms of the quality of tennis and her image. 

We started the year in Brisbane, looking youthful, fresh and oh-so-pretty, oh and winning the title too, by the way. Vika stormed her way through the early hard court season, winning Memphis and Miami, and taking a set from Serena Williams at the Australian Open. The clay season was a couldabeen – her Roland Garros run itself was full of sound and fury, outclassing Ana Ivanovic, giving an in-form Dinara Safin an run for her money. 

But by Wimbledon, Nike was struggling to come up with clothes that covered Vika’s err … mid-torso, and Vika was struggling to come up with shots that found the court.

It’s no wonder that since Wimbledon, Vika has been titleless. Her tennis just as loose, saggy and passé as her appearance. What will 2010 bring for Vika? I’m not sure that slam glory is insight, and I’m not afraid of getting a little egg on my face for that.  

If the end of 2009 were anything to go by, the idea of being one of the “big girls” in tennis was just starting to freak her out a little. There is no doubt that Azarenka has it and wants it, whatever “it” is: titles? Grand slams? No 1 spot? If you asked her, she’d want it all. But does she want it too much, too self-destructively?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer to that question turned out in the affirmative. 




Australian Open 





Roland Garros





US Open Series



US Open 



Asian Swing 







12 responses to “What they wore: Victoria Azarenka.”

  1. Liz says :

    I loathe those blouson tops. I always want to reach into the picture and tug them down. She looks so good in that first picture — stick with the classics, Vika!

  2. TopSpin says :

    Agree with Liz…

    Vika almost looks like a nice girl in that first pic.

    She does want “it” too much, and that’s not always a good thing.

    We love to hail the champions’ desire present in the the Rogers and Shazas of this world, but for every champion there’s gazillions of Youzhny types unable to cope with their achievements not living up to their own expectations.

    I’d argue that carefully honing a more realistic level of desire is in their greater (long term) interest.

    Nikolay could arguably have won a Slam in a non Fedal era – but has never once allowed an awareness of “what could have been” to derail him. And it’s maybe that quality, more than anything else, thats responsible for his four year tenure in the top ten.

    • dootsiez says :

      True. But the fact is – Nikolay Davydenko *has* never won a slam. He’s kept himself fairly level headed about it, but I wonder if he had an ounce more of Vika in him, could he be standing here now with the 2006 Australian Open in his resume (lost to Fed in the quarters, but it was VERY very close).

      I think Vika’s team needs to stop her from blaming herself and the world once something doesn’t go her way on a tennis court.

      • TopSpin says :


        I just think that not everyones cut out to be a champion; and wanting to be one *too* much, often causes certain players to miss out on achieving even that which is quite reasonably within their grasp.

        Completely agree about Vika needing to get a grip and stop throwing blame around…

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    Seriously,how hard is it to give her a size that fits Nike!?!?

    • dootsiez says :

      As hard as it is for adidas to give dinara safina something that fits. 😉

      • FortuneCookie says :

        To the extent that if you type Dinara Safina into google one of the most popular searches is ‘dinara safina pregnant’ :p
        Oh,and you NEED to publish the latest Reedism,is too hilarious not to be dissected apart!;)

      • FortuneCookie says :

        And I’m on my iPhone,so when I
        accidentally pressed a wrong letter typing safina it came up with the suggestion of ‘sadism’,it felt…appropriate 😉

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