Passing Thoughts: post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

Hello there! 

Excuse the intermittent blogging of late, I have 4 exams coming up in the next 6 days. Part of the deal with being a student is that you party, play, drink and procrastinate for the majority of the year, then comes every November, when life is a hell-hole and one that’s kicking your ass.

Never fear, if the exams were Novak Djokovic, then I’m Roger Federer – you win some and you lose some. As long as you win more than you lose.  

Enough about me! Now tennis … 


1. Simon Reed strikes again. For you West Wing buffs out there, post hoc, ergo propter hoc.



Follow my logic here: 

# Andy Murray won Valencia.

# Therefore, Andy Murray is BACK.

# Therefore, Andy Murray is the No 1 player outside the slams.

# Thus Andy Murray is the favourite for London, because LONDON IS NOT A SLAM.

# Thus Andy Murray is not the favourite for the Australian Open yet, because THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN IS A SLAM.

That, my dear friends, is Dootsie’s Concise Guide to Simon Reedism.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc indeed. Simon Reed is CJ, and I’m the President of the United States. God bless!



2. Marat Safin slammed Andre Agassi in an interview with l’Equipe, and he slammed him hard


“I’m not defending the ATP, but what he said put it in a delicate position,” Safin said. “The ATP allowed him to win a lot of tournaments, a lot of money. It kept his secret. Why does he need to be so cruel with it?”

“If he is as fair play as he says he is, he has to go to the end,” Safin said. “You know, the ATP has a bank account and he can give the money back if he wants.”

“The question is: Why did he do this? What is done is done. Does he hope to sell more books? It’s absolutely stupid.”

Source: AP


One of the fall-outs of the Agassi affair is that we got a little glimpse of each player’s personality in the way they reacted. We found out that Rafa had an innocent sense of morality and righteousness. Andy Roddick looked on with loyalty and bigheartedness. Roger should be nominated as the next UN Secretary-General, and Martina Navratilova had little compassion, being the first player to really blast Andre. For some reason, I had expected her to act with less judgmentalism. 

And my favourite? Boris Becker coming out to condemn Agassi for “harming tennis”. Riiiiiight, and he can talk. ‘Cause Boris Becker is the beacon of moral righteousness in tennis, obviously.

So what’s the deal with Safin then? Why such vehemence? Safin’s certainly no stranger to self-destruction. The difference being that while Andre took meth in his path of annihilation, Safin threw his marbles into the wind and took a plunge down the rankings. Oh, and never came back up.

Sure, it’s less idiotic than what Andre Agassi did, but then again, Andre got over his death instinct, he didn’t give up. He bounced back and had one of the most remarkable late careers in tennis history.

Marat? Retirement at the age of 29.

Be it Safin or Andre, I’m so over both of them, so I’m going to 1) watch Marat’s last match, and 2) buy Andre’s new book.


3. Caroline Wozniacki listed her goals for 2010 on her blog


I am looking forward to an even better 2010 season, in which I hope to establish myself as one of the top 3 players in the world.


Oh geeeeez Carol, how about: “I am looking forward to an even better 2010, in which I hope to win a slam?

As the corny saying goes, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


4. Alicia Molik makes her return in Hobart next year, while Henin gets off in Brisbane. Nalbandian in Auckland. Australia is a country for new beginnings. Hope it bodes well for all of them. 

Oops I forgot. New Zealand isn’t a part of Australia. 


5. In actual tennis, Marat Safin saved 3 match points to keep his career alive for one more day. Actually, just a few more hours, as we gear up for a day of play in Paris that features Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, del Potro and Safin.

Tennis hasn’t had a mass orgasm of such epic proportions since Roger Federer’s last tweener.

In other results, Nikolay Davydenko claimed a 62 61 victory over Benjamin Becker to put himself one win away from a spot in London. The guys still in contention? Verdasco, Soderling, Gonzalez and Tsonga.

I’m torn really – all of those guys deserve to be there, Sod and Nando for making waves, Tsonga and Gonzo for being adorable. But none of them are fully healthy and ready to take on the demands of London. We’re in for some tired tennis I’m afraid. 


6. Fed Cup draws are out for 2010. Serbia and Russia to play first round. Seriously. The rest – Italy/Ukrain, USA/France, Czech Republic/Germany. 


7. Andy Roddick is out of London? At least according to the Bryan Bros’ twitter fail.




Dang, that’s two years that he’s qualified and been unable to play (pulled out of his match against Roger last year). But WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE SOD?


8. Gasquet made an CAS appearance with Pamela for his drug-ban appeal. 

Oh hang on, that’s not Pamela.



Looking hot with the receding hairline.



The verdict is expected before the end of the year. If Gasquet’s slapped with an tightarse ban, I’m blaming Andre. Sorry Andre. 


9. A fan in Basel took a photo of a limited edition Lindt Chocolate Bar. My life will not be complete until I get it IN MY MOUTH.



10. It’s the 40th birthday of Sesame Street, so I leave you with a song.



Happy Wednesday tout le monde.

xx doots


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18 responses to “Passing Thoughts: post hoc, ergo propter hoc.”

  1. Tina says :

    EPIC blog entry. *worships*

  2. Joanna says :

    omg i need that chocolate bar.

  3. flo says :

    Hey, for everyone without exams, Serena on The Daily Show. T’was a well done interview with the funny.

  4. Liz says :

    Wow, dootsiez, you are making up for lost time with this post (or at least time lost to tennis, not to exams)! Good luck in the next few days! Go for the calendar Grand Slam!

    Simon Reed. Andy Murray played Youzhny for the tittle at Valencia. I would not get over-excited here. Maybe you should wait until he WINS A SLAM!

    I heart West Wing! If only real-world politicians were as witty and lovable.

    My take on Marat’s negative reaction, and possibly that of others, is that they think the ATP gave Andre the benefit of the doubt and let him continue in tennis. If he had been exposed when the drug test came up positive, the resulting public reaction may well have destroyed his career. Who knows? Perhaps they feel he is being uncharitable now by putting the ATP in a bad light when there are no longer any repercussions for him — in fact, only the positive effect of publicity for his book. Also, if the the ATP is trying to lighten up on recreational vs. performance-enhancing drugs, in light of the Gasquet/Hingis mess, Andre’s story could complicate efforts in that direction. Who knows?

    Plus, Marat may be self-destructive, but I see him as a “I’ll take my lumps, no excuses” kind of guy. I can’t ever imagine him writing a confessional autobiography. Although I would totally buy it!

    • robert says :

      Marat’s negative reaction to Andre? That’s quite simple to explain and by locker-room inside info, reflects the oppinion of the majority: they do not believe for one second in this noble and belated conscience-cleaning exercise of Andre.

      Marat called him out for his BS and said: if you really want to cleanse your soul by such public gestures, you might as well go all the way and give back your prize money and your trophies. Otherwise, just shut up, cut up this attention seeking and count your blessings.

      • dootsiez says :

        robert, for every player who’s reacted negatively, there’s been a player who’s come out and said “I won’t judge Andre harshly for something he did 12 years ago”.
        So did it reflect the opinion of the majority, or did it reflect the opinion of you?

        Liz – if politicians acted as they did on west wing, they would never be elected, no? 😛

  5. Blue says :

    Reed needs to get over his man crush on AM. We get it, he’s talented, but calling him the best in the world? What an insult to the top three. He came back after injury and won Valencia beating Youzhny (ranked no. 19) so he’s better Fed who made it a final after 6 weeks but lost to Djokovic( ranked no.3), also won 2 slams and was a finalist in the other 2. Never mind that AM lost early in slams, because he’s been consistent outside of them, so he has to be the best right? Ugh, he contradicts himself in every sentence. The comments after the article are a fun read though.

    That Marat, you know he wants to go out with a bang. Andre’s turned himself around, and it’s too late to punish him. Who knew tennis had the potential for so much drama?

    Any idea who is beside Reeshard?

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL the thing is, like a typical shock jock, Reed knows everything thinks he’s bullshit, but he does it just to provoke.

  6. FortuneCookie says :

    Sooooo Andy Murray is the ‘best player in the world’,but then ‘you have to regard him as being on a lesser level than the likes of Federer and Nadal’
    HUH?!?!That makes no sense whatsoever!
    And ‘after all that time out’,dude,it wasn’t that long…
    He’s so confusing!

    And,yes it’s harsh,but ultimately I’ve gotta agree with Marat!
    I thought you were making a gay joke about Reeshie with the ‘Pamela’ photo when I first saw it,and…he actually looks hot in those pics,have never seen it in him before!

  7. Jack says :

    I’m suprised Reed hasn’t asked Murray to marry him yet, he obviously has a thing for the guy!!
    But the funny thing is he has a uncanny ability of jinxing the guy. like at wimbledon, he said he easily get to the final, steamrolling Roddick, HE LOST!! and at the us open, he said he was the true no 1 and would win it, again HE LOST!!
    Also, can he not say anything nice about roger?? (it really pissed me off when he said roger was given the french open and wimbledon titles)

    i’m not being heartless or anything, but am i the only one getting sick of hearing about agassi. i mean, my opinion of the guy hasn’t changed, he was a great player who made a mistake, nobodys perfect but now its just seems less about telling his story and more about trying to sell more books (which will probably work)

    also, i’d like to see soderling at the WTF, i just think he give the top players more of a challenge than the other three

    • GRACE says :

      The thing that matters here is that Agassi tested positive and he got away with it, while others with less name or from smaller countries didn´t.It´s bad for tennis and for the others players.What about Roger taking drugs? What about his 15th G.S.?
      It may never be the same picture of Agassi.

    • dootsiez says :

      I haven’t changed my opinion of Agassi, and of course, it’s about selling books, if he doesn’t get on all the talk shows, his publisher will book them for him. *they* too need the book to do well.

      I’m thinking it’s going to make the NY bestsellers list.

  8. JFK says :

    Can you believe that Simon Reed’s article doesn’t even mention Del Potro? Reed needs to take a look at the rankings to see who the best in the world is. Plus, if Del Potro wins Paris Murray could see himself at #5 in the world.
    Bummer about Andy Roddick possibly missing WTFs. I’d like to see Soderling take his place.
    Good luck with your exams!

    • FortuneCookie says :

      But he did still get a mention in for Cilic 😉

      • Liz says :

        Well, he did beat the great Andy Murray at the US Open, after all!

        • FortuneCookie says :

          Therefore shouldn’t Cilic really be the best in the world? 😉

        • dootsiez says :

          Cilic and Verdasco, as Reed claims, are the future of tennis. Riiiiight.

          But you forget, Reed was careful to limit himself to the slams, hence Cilic can beat him at the US Open, but Reed can still claim Murray is the best player outside the slams.

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