Communal commiseration.

Usually I’m first to say “FUCK YOU ROGER FEDERER! Get out of Shankville”. But you know what? I can’t even say that. When Federer loses, people – even Federer fans (or especially Federer fans) – jump to the conclusion that he lost playing like shit.

But Benneteau actually won this one, and he won it with some pretty inspired tennis: at one point, dude had made 25 first serves in a row. Every half chance that Federer had was erased with zinging winners. 

So I’m sitting here, left wondering: what else could Roger have done? My point is, Federer fans, stop overreacting. Save that for London.



The irony of it all was that Federer actually didn’t play badly: 15 aces, 0 doubles, 73% first serves, 41 winner to 23 UFEs over 3 sets. 

The bigger irony is that Rafa actually played like crap and managed to survive because his whipping boy just couldn’t win one more point when he had to. 

Where does that leave us for Year End No 1? 1300 points separate the two (taking off the Year End points). Rafa’s potentially in contention for 2000 points, Federer for 1000 now that he’s out of Paris.

Sorry Rafa, I’m going to have to root against you for a while.


Now let us commiserate, let us rage. 



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56 responses to “Communal commiseration.”

  1. Philip says :

    Damn I completely missed this match because I was too busy with to work today. Good thing.

    I had a feeling this was going to happen in the early rounds. On, after losing Basel, Roger specifically said he was looking forward to the WTF in London. No mention of Paris. Shows you where his heart really is.

    I just hope Roger holds the #1 ranking at the end of the year. Thats’s all I ask for. Winning the WTF would be nice, but I’m not greedy.

    • dootsiez says :

      I think he would’ve preferred to do well in Paris. He brought the level of play that he normally brings to a second round match and in all honesty, I can’t even get mad at him for it cos it wasn’t bad. Benneteau was just playing like a top 10 player in the last two sets.

      Who the fuck makes 25 first serves in a row with the kind of serve that Benneteau has? URGH.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Urggh that makes it worse!Gotta admit,I did kind of figure he must have been way below par,but nope there’s nothing wrong with those stats…
    As long as he has a good run (preferably wins 😉 ) at the WTF then I’ll be happy,actually I’m totally lying,I want him to have no.1 ranking too,as unlikely as that is 😦
    Shall we have a double Federporn Friday?I think we need it! 😛

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    And as much as I feel like I’m beating up a particularly lovable puppy…Rafa,please lose,um,every match left this year!Kthxbye!

  4. Alex says :

    Thanks dootz. After reading that he had 41/23 stat I felt a lot better. Typically it took a “match of his life” to beat a prime-Roger and this match was proof that Roger is rounding into good form for the WTF! Yes, and he’ll have to win the WTF to clinch the #1 ranking. Exciting stuff!

  5. breadstix says :

    Well done to Benneteau… I just wish that he didn’t. 😦 At least it looks like Feders wasn’t in Shankville and I didn’t waste an evening on him either. *sigh* The fact that the stats look good just pisses me off even more, becuz there’s NO FRIGGING WAY I can stop thinking about points and year end numbah ones and Rafa.

    Oh Rafa… I love you and all, but I’m afraid I love Roger more. 😥

  6. FortuneCookie says :

    Is it selfish to hope that Muzz loses so Roger’s loss doesn’t look as bad lol?

  7. Tashi says :

    Missed the match. I’m not upset over it though. The crashing down from cloud nine thing was bound to happen eventually.

    • dootsiez says :

      Im not sure that Bercy is enough to bump me out of Cloud 9. If he doesnt win a match at the TMC however, I might be headed for a nose dive.

  8. roadrunnerz says :

    I think that’s why this one hurt more than most other losses this year.

    When he’s playing badly (ie. Basel final), I’m happy to acknowledge he didn’t deserve the win, but I really liked the fight Fed showed today (15 aces! No DFs!)and I admit I’m bitter than JB had to pick today to play out of his mind tennis.

    Reminds me SO much of Isner vs Roddick at this year’s USO.

    That match made me bitter too.

    Plus, I’d bet money that Benneteau, like Isner, won’t make it past his next opponent either. Soderling he is not.

    Did I mention i’m bitter?

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m bitter too, roadrunnerz.

      I watched Rafa and Muzz both struggle in their matches, and both were effectively gifted the match in the end as their opponents tensed up, brain cramped and didn’t have the balls to win the match from a winning position. And out of all the opponents Federer could’ve head, he got the one who believed he could actually win and went for the shots.

      I was actually rooting for Isner in that match. He was playing so well he kinda won me over.

      Also this puts us into double digit losses for the year. That sucks.

    • Mia says :

      Sigh, as expected, Benneteau goes the way of the foam on sand, and in straights sets, too.

      • roadrunnerz says :

        But of course. I’d like to say I’m even slightly surprised, but I’d be lying.

        Have I mentioned I’m bitter?? :-0

  9. Jack says :

    Damn benneteau!!! i remember watching him play against murray in cincinatti and after one reallly long point, he faded away. why couldn’t he do that today??

    anyway, all i’ve got to say is Roger better play his arse off in London and get the Year End No 1, or I may check myself into a mental asylum, just so i can get away from tennis 🙂

    plus, anyone to win Paris but Rafa, sorry!

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m thinkin Novak Djokovic is on track to win his first ATP 1000 this year.

      • Jack says :

        I think Djokovic could win it too, and if he did, it would mean Rafa could only get to semis which would make Roger about 1000 points ahead…..

        why couldn’t Roger just make it easy on us and win US Open and Basel. If he did, my head wouldn’t be hurting now trying to work out this friggin Year End No1

      • Jack says :

        Also, the WTF have 1500 points available depending on Round Robins wins

        • JFK says :

          Just got back from, according to the ATP ranking thread : If Nadal wins Paris and wins 2 round robin matches in London he is #1 regardless of what Roger does :\

        • dootsiez says :

          Yeah JFK, Rafa’s 1300 behind Roger if you take out last year’s TMC points. So Paris (1000) + 2 matches (200×2) = 1400. Rafa gets No 1.

          Okay, I’m blaming this entire thing on Almagro. FUCK YOU NICO!

      • sazzylove says :

        As much as i hate him for beating Roger in Basel, he is my 3rd pick to win the thing.

        • whynotme says :

          Okay, but what if Roger wins matches too at the TMC ? Rafa won’t necessarily be #1, no ? So it’s not “regardless of what Roger does” (at least I hope so !)

        • dootsiez says :

          No whynotme, it IS regardless of what Roger does, because we’ve already taken off the points from last year. 😦

  10. JFK says :

    I didn’t see the match, but just saw the scores. What. Happened. I wish Roger would have found a way to win that match. I guess I will support Del Potro to win it now.

  11. GRACE says :

    So frustrating.Nadal got lucky and Roger didn´t.
    J.B. played the match of his life.Too bad for Roger.I have nothing again J.B.but the guy is pathetic, crying as he has won a G.S. These players compare beating Roger to winning a tournament.

    • dootsiez says :

      Aww Grace, to JB, beating Roger Federer *is* the closest he’ll ever get to winning a slam. And he did it in front of his home crowd. The fact that he cried showed the amount of respect he had for Fed.

      • whynotme says :

        I was on the stadium, and I can tell you that it was totally appropriate for him to cry when he finally won ! I mean, he’s not very well-known in France, but throughout the match he gained the public’s support and it’s huuuge for him because actually at the beginning most of the crowd was cheering for Roger. But he played so well that in the end nearly the whole crowd was behind him so it must have been completely overwhelming. During the on-court interview he couldn’t even speak at first, what he could just say was something like : “Guys, you’re completely awesome and crazy” :p I hope he wins against Monfils today ! I think the stadium will be cheering for him after this huge victory (plus, Monfils played poorly and was booed yesterday)

      • dootsiez says :

        That sucks whynotme, to watch Roger lose in person. 😦 At least it was to a Frenchie. 😦

        • whynotme says :

          Well, when the guy next to me saw me crying, he told me “You know, you’re lucky actually, because not a whole lot people can say they’ve seen Roger lose a match, it’s special !” AHA AHA so funny -_-

  12. Dippy says :

    I had funny feeling yesterday that he would lose to Benneteau, damn he better have good resuls in WTF. I can’t bear it that his slim lead is cut down by half if he goes deep. Feeling so bad right now

  13. sazzylove says :

    .I’m amazed really because after this yet another loss, i’m somewhat a little calm.So what if you lost to a nobody, Roger?You played ok but JB played the greatest match of his life.Those who remains in the top five must be secretly celebrating .They didn’t know that none of them will win the Paris crown.
    Here’s to the SOD- the Paris Champ! (DOnt fail me, Robin as you are now my last hope!

    • dootsiez says :

      The Sod comes up against Davydenko next match. He has a bitch of a draw 😦 I wish he’d win too. Compensation for losing the “other Paris”.

    • PJ says :

      I’m sorry for interrupting but I don’t mean it like Kanye. I gotta say WORDDDDDD to that!

      Bobby Sod for the win!

      Djoker is the only one I even remotely want to win this even though I have random hate moments towards him.

      Cos Rafa can’t win, will jeopardise Rog’s YENo.1.

      I hate Murray he should never win anything again.

      I still have post USO rage towards Delpo and unfairly so because Fed was more crap than crap in that 5th set BUT I CAN’T HELP IT.

      So yes GO BOBBY!

  14. Blue says :

    This is just awful, I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t lose playing badly. All I can say is JB had better win the whole thing.

  15. Mia says :

    I had a feeling Nadal’s going to go far or even win the whole caboodle when I saw – no logic here, just way out of left field – that his outfit matched the court’s colors. The only other time that thought came to me was at the AO this year because Nadal’s shirt was an exact match to the blue-black-white spread around the court on Rod Laver. Again, no logic there. Just an irrational attempt at “reading signs”.

  16. Jamie says :

    oh my god. i woke at 2.55pm today (singapore time) because i was too exhausted from staying up, WAITING for roger’s match. EEEEEEEE HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE MY BRAIN IS NOT REGISTERING THIS PROPERLY.

  17. PJ says :

    Honest to dear god I did not expect him to lose and I did not watch most of the match – but it is small comfort that he did not at least go on a walkabout and played noodle tennis. Kudos to Jules for the win but…


    Dude I love Buttpicker (and called so with affection) but I love Rog more, that’s harsh reality.

    I dunno what to think of Rog’s form, though, Doots. Am praying and hoping that he does not break that semi streak at GS’s…cos remember how I tweeted to you that I have QF tickets? Well my sister had decided to be generous and bought me SF tickets with her pay rise. Found out like 20 minutes ago. So if Feds like go totally mental or his opponents went mental….I will seriously cry three zillion buckets of tears.

    Okay I don’t care if I am completely greedy but I SO WANT HIM TO WIN TOUR FINALSSSSSS.

    On an off note, screw you, Mandy Murray. I really hate you.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL PJ, you gotta a nice sister! :O

      And don’t worry about Roger’s form for next year. This part of the year is where the “tier II” players come out to play, and neither Roger nor Rafa typically do well.

      The last time Roger won an indoor Masters is all the way back in 2006. And the last time Rafa even won a title after the US Open goes back to 2005. That’s not going to stop them from charging out of the gates next year after a nice break and some drawing board work during the off season.

      The top players know that the only tennis that matters is spring/summer tennis. I’m a bit bummed because of the rankings issue, but other than that, the loss itself doesn’t bother me so much.

      That said, I’m going to throw a hissy fit if he doesn’t do well at the WTF.

  18. braggaditis says :

    Moral of the story:
    Let’s start cloning almagro. Each quarter desrves its own almagro. meh.

    And Rafa gets another one from the armada squad today who is just incapable of gutting out a win against Rafa!!

    I want one of these 4 to win (in no specific order)


  19. Jack says :

    Someone please tell me that he won’t be wearing that shirt at the WTF. That colour is CURSED!!!

    maybe a positive side of this loss is that come London, Roger will be all refreshed whilst everybody else will be knackered and he’ll stroll to the title……wishful thinking??

    also, given up trying to work out Year End No1 now. surely come London, the ATP will have something on their website saying what both players need to do.

  20. SJ says :

    I’m sad that Roger lost even though I *ahem* bet on him lose, I told my friend he would lose but she didn’t believe me so we made a bet, I said he would win the first set and lose the next two. I’m really annoyed with Blake and Almagro (5 friggin match points Nico, serving for the match twice! Could have been up a double break in the third but no Nico you had to choke), I don’t think Rafa will ever play that bad again and I can see him winning the tournament, I know that if I had “saved” 5 match points I would play a LOT better in my next match. None of the spanish armada have the guts to beat Nadal, it’s why i prefer the french players it doesn’t matter how higher ranked their compatriot is, they will try to beat them.

    My friend suggested after Roger’s loss that, Roger is having a let down after having such a great summer. Anyway he’s screwed for the YE nr 1 if Rafa wins in Paris.

    I’m now supporting along side with the Sod
    Jo-willy (if all the others have been beaten)
    anyone who plays Rafa or Nando
    i’ll be a good brit and support Muzza for once in my life, I just love reading Simon Reed’s true number 1 articles i’m sure he’ll do another if Muzza wins.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe Jo-Willy’s gotta be my No 1 pick if I were just focused on lovability. It comes down to him and Sod for me.

      No love for Nando? 😦

  21. Ann says :

    I’m feeling sorta cured. I was shocked – SHOCKED, I tell you – to find out Roger had lost, but after reading this and seeing the stats I’m having a “Well, how about that?” moment. Who can blame JB for crying? I’d cry if I beat Roger at pretty much anything. It will be interesting to see if he can keep it up, though. His stats so far in today’s match look pretty good, and yet he just got broken to lose the first set. But then Monfils can start a maniac and end a nutcase, so this one could still go either way.

    Anyway, call me crazy, but I’m not too fussed about the YE #1. I just can’t root against a lovable puppy unless he’s actually physically biting Roger’s heels. That said, just because I’m not against him doesn’t mean I’m with him… go Sod!

    • dootsiez says :

      I know what you’re saying with the lovable puppy thing, but Ive found that I’m not as bighearted as I thought. GO SOD!

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