Fare thee well, Hippo.

Here’s the deal, I’ve had years when I scoffed at this guy, got frustrated with his ups and downs. I’ve announced to the world many a times that he’s way too overrated for someone with only two slams. But how can you not have a soft spot for this guy? 

I’ve already written a shpill on Safin and Santoro’s retirements during the US Open, so I won’t wax lyrical again, except to say that there is no one like him

Let’s leave on a happy note: Marat Safin moments.






“My friend, there is nothing so sexy as a woman who is angry. Perhaps when she is even throwing things.”

“Two Grand Slams, it’s already something. One Grand Slam, you can win by mistake.”

This is better than sex” – Safin after winning the Davis Cup.

“It’s like love. When you look too hard, you don’t find it. When you let it happen naturally, it comes.” – Marat on how he found his form at the AO 2002.

 [Webchat at Indian Wells 2001]

gabrielle: MARAT: Do you find it hard to be a star? Do people recognize you in the street?
Marat_Safin: the stars are only in the sky

Girl: “Say something to me Marat!!”

Marat: ” Something.”


And last, but not least, to the Hippo.


“I’m not fighting with myself. Oh, my God. That’s how I am. You know, the story of the hippo? The hippo comes to the monkey and said, listen, I’m not a hippo. So, he paint himself like a zebra. He said but he’s still a hippo. He said but look at you, you’re painted like a zebra but you are a hippo. So then he goes, you know, like I want be a little parrot. So, he put the colours on him and he comes to the monkey and said but, sorry, you are a hippo. So, in the end, you know, he comes and said I’m happy to be a hippo. This is who I am. So, I have to be who I am and he’s happy being a hippo.” 

— Marat Safin


Marat next plays an exho in Hong Kong in January 2010.



6 responses to “Fare thee well, Hippo.”

  1. Jack says :

    Masha is also playing that exho in Hong Kong in January.

    Please let Marat and Masha play mixed doubles together!!!

  2. JFK says :

    I’m laughing at Marat’s web chat. Say SOMETHING to me Marat! lol. He really is a star, isn’t he?

  3. Joolz says :

    He’s scheduled to play the Copa Argentina exho (Dec 17-20) in Buenos Aires. Really hope to see him there.

    One of my favourite moments was how he walked up to a lineswoman (I think it was at Dubai) after a call against him and said, “sweetheart, that point was important for me”. Even she had to laugh…

  4. Joolz says :

    Both Marat and David are. At least, that’s the plan. 🙂

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