MRF/CRF: Good to know the Swiss tabloids aren’t doing nothing.

Roger, do me a favour and release some baby pictures, cos the tabloids in your country are hopelessly respectful of your privacy and THIS is the best they can do. 



Meanwhile, let us SQUEEEEEEE over those bundles of joy. 


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6 responses to “MRF/CRF: Good to know the Swiss tabloids aren’t doing nothing.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Great that the Swiss ARE that polite and respectful of their privacy,but any paparazzi in general is unusual for them,so yeah Rog,another facebook
    photo pretty please?
    And also nice to see that despite their wealth,glamorous life etc Mirka looks like a totally normal new mum of twins (but still great 😉 ) just walking her kids down the street…

  2. Dippy says :

    C’mon Rogerpoopy, time for pics of your lovely twins. You totally wrecked my weekend by losing early. Some pics of yr gals would be great.

  3. GRACE says :

    Roger I´m waiting to see a pic of the baby twins,pls. another facebook?

  4. JFK says :

    Mirka doesn’t look to happy, understandably. But still she looks good. Go Mirka!

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