Pahree: Life hates me.

I’m not one to complain about my lot in life. For every stretch of tough luck, you get moments like the Wimbledon fifth set, 15-14, when Lady Luck does her most extraordinary work. I try to remember that, and remember that the one thing you can’t grasp in life is luck. 


Tennis Gods, how cruel would it be if Roger didn’t end the year as No 1? There will be tantrums if that happens, there were be communal tantrums.



How many years have we been hearing theories of how Federer brainwashes the tour into submission with his niceness? Early this week, we saw it in action with Nadal and the Spanish Armada – a total of 5 match points, three times Almagro and Robredo served for the match against Rafa, and each time, they failed. 

All credit to Nadal for his fight and tenacity, but tenacity had nothing to do with it. This was a hot mess. Actually, it wasn’t even hot. 

So it’s Djokovic and Nadal in the Parisien semi, after both of them scored victories over the Sod and Tsonga. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to cry into my comfort blanket now. 



Good win for Rafa though, glad he has his first top 10 win since May. I’d be gladder if he wasn’t zeroing in on Poop.
Now where’s Federbear? I’m feeding him to a dog

xx dootsie

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48 responses to “Pahree: Life hates me.”

  1. PJ says :

    Yeap am just gonna cry into a bucket of Sara Lee’s French Vanilla ice-cream.

    So if Rafa wins Bercy, Fed’s screwed for Year End No.1, right? After all the records he set…OH THE IRONY

    Killing self now. After the ice-cream. At 9AM in the morning. See what you made me do, Roger!

  2. Jack says :

    i’m trying to reach some sorta inner zen regarding this whole Year End No 1 but its not going so well 😦

    it feels like i’m watching a leopard stalking its prey and slowly but surely its going to pounce…….

    o.k, now i’ve officially gone crazy after writing things like that.

    and they say the players need a rest after the long season, i think the fans need it more!!

  3. FortuneCookie says :

    Um Rafa,squatting like that will NOT help those knees… 😉

  4. GRACE says :

    I´m positive and I think Roger will end year as N1.
    Not all is luck, I´ve read in some blogs that spaniards HAD TO LOSE to help Nadal on the year -end N1 ranking.I realized they were in the rigth way.I don´t like this thriller I like a clean sport. To day he has a good win, but he´d have been at home.
    Hope Djoko will beat him in SF.

  5. Jack says :

    omg, i just noticed that video at the top. it was on a tv show i saw yesterday.

    anyway, when i saw it i was like this woman is CRAZY but i found it so funny cos i’ve never seen anyone be so dramatic, it was like they were telling her the world was ending

    it kinda makes me wish english people were less reserved (the crazies make me laugh :))

  6. tennis fun says :

    All is not lost, although it gets more complicated for Fed.
    If Rafa wins in Bercy, what does Fed have to do in London to clinch the Year-End #1?
    1. Win two round robin matches more than Rafa, and hope Rafa doesn’t make the semis (+400); otherwise,
    2. Reach the final and hope Rafa loses in the semis, or beat Rafa in the semis if they face each other (+400); otherwise,
    3. Beat Rafa in the final (+500)

    • Mia says :

      Somebody on crunched up the numbers and bottomline is, Roger now has to win the WTF undefeated, i.e., sweep all round-robin matches, win his semis and get the cup. Anything less than that and it’s in Rafa’s hands.

      • tennis fun says :

        Thanks for the correction, Mia. Somehow, i got it mixed up. It’s what Rafa needs to do to clinch the Year-end No. 1 if he wins in Bercy. Roger has to win the WTF undefeated only if he goes up against Nadal in the final.

        Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It’s much simpler if Rafa loses in the Paris Masters semis; all Roger needs to do is win all of his round robin matches and the Year-end #1 is his, regardless of Nadal’s results in London.

      • dootsiez says :


      • meretricula says :

        I am pretty damn sure that whoever is saying this on cannot do math. the ATP rankings are very simple, and they have the year-end points up on their homepage. even if Rafa wins Bercy, he will still be 305 points *behind* Roger. he would need to win at least 400 points worth of matches (2 round robins, or semis, etc) MORE than Federer in order to overtake him. Nadal has a chance – but basically only if Fed plays like crap in London.

        • dootsiez says :

          LOL meretricula, *headdesk*

          Clearly none of us here can do maths, cos what you said just totally made sense. So if Roger only wins no matches in London (god help me, I’m going to shove a tennis racquet up his ass) Rafa needs 2 round robin wins.

          If Roger wins 2 matches, Rafa’s gotta win all round robins and the semi. If Roger make the semi, Rafa basically has to win. Alright. Umm… ADJE NOLE!

        • Jack says :

          so if rafa wins bercy, all fed needs to do is match rafa (including round robin wins) or better him…

  7. pban says :

    What I do not understand is this ..if Roger somehow wins London then he gets more points than anybody else rafa included and he enters the tourney 300 points ahead anyway so what is with all these calculations? Roger has to win in London to remain no.1 period.Ithink it his own fault really, skipping Shanghai was a nobrainer. Serena did it, let us see what Roger does.

    • dootsiez says :

      Not even Shanghai – had he played any of the 500s tournaments he signed himself up for, he wouldn’t have been in this situation. He’s skipped far too many tournaments this year.

      Plus my faith in Roger at the moment isn’t high. I thought his form was okay during Basel and Paris, but he’s going to London on a two match streak and it doesn’t happen very often at all. *freaks out*

    • braggaditis says :

      exactly. Fed made some careless errors in his judgement. Maybe he was counting on reaching at least the QF/SF here in Paris. and ummm.. winning Basel. didn’t happen. boom. he loses at least 500 points coz of all these loses.. and getting careless at 5-4, 30-0 in the USO final. oh well.

      I’m with dootsiez. I don’t see him winning in a best_of_3 match against the top players in the current form. I think he isn’t going to be pissed enough about his losses including the USO final anymore, given all the good things that have happened to him in ’09. It’s only natural for him to feel that way. But, as a fan, it worries me.

      • dootsiez says :

        Hmm interesting point. I’m gonna sound contradictory but I’m happy with Fed’s form at the moment. In terms of the quality of play we’ve seen from the top players in the last few weeks, it’s been simply atrocious all round.

        I mean del Potro’s 2-3 since the US Open, and one of his wins was a retirement at 1 set apiece. Nadal, I don’t need to say, he’s gone back to his 2005 hard court tennis. Djokovic is making the most of a depleted field and hanging in matches like his name was Lleyton Hewitt. Fed’s actually okay, I’m not so worried.

        I think he’s underestimated the field in Basel and Paris. Sometimes I wish he never won Cincinnati after Wimbledon. That stroke of good form in summer lasted slightly too long and he was too happy with himself after being Rafa, Djokovic, Murray, Roddick and del Potro all within a space of 3 months.

        The press might need to rile him up a little, call Djokovic or Murray “the favourite” for the AO or something. With an offseason, I think he’ll be as motivated as ever. If I can’t get myself into a frenzy with his matches during the indoor season, so I don’t expect him to walk off the court crying because he lost either.

        • braggaditis says :

          “With an offseason, I think he’ll be as motivated as ever.”
          I agree that he is playing okay. But Fed is in a whole different level right now in terms of his status among the all time greats; frankly, after his RG and #15, I dont see one player in the open era who can be considered better than the Fed. He knows it too. While I don’t mean to be a debbie downer, these kind of losses (irrespective of how well he is playing and/or the opponents playing the match of their lives) aren’t going to bother him anymore. So, I’m not sure if he will be motivated enough to come back and beat up his opponents like he was even 5-6 months ago. I’d be very glad to be proved wrong.

          Yeah. the players are falling down like pins.I’m surprised that Nole, despite playing the max # of matches among the top dogs, is still going strong. Or fit, at least. that’s a major improvement. I’ve seen some judicious approach shots, slices, forecourt and basically the patterns of the point construction. He should be a chief contender next year. I generally like his game and also a person(ality) maybe. But I will never become a fan of him. never.

        • dootsiez says :

          oh I don’t mean he’ll suddenly start caring about ATP 500 tournaments, but he’s still going to want to win. He’s still going to fight (and he did against Benneteau), he just won’t be so cut after each loss. And he’s still going to care a great deal about slams and the YEC, which frankly is what I really care about too.

          In other words, if Roger takes a Williams-sisters approach to tennis in the next few years, I won’t be so surprised or pleased, but it wouldn’t exactly worry me either, so long as he keeps himself in good shape, physically and game-wise, geared for the slams.

          As for Nole, old prejudices die hard. I started off well with him, and then he turned me so against me that he’s gotta do something more to impress. Plus I gotta say, his game this year has increasingly relied on defence. It’s made him a safer and more consistent player, but it’s also made him so unspectacular, which explains why he hasn’t won a Masters or made a slam final.

    • Jack says :

      i agree – missing the whole asian part of the tour was a mistake. i mean, missing Tokyo was ok but i think he could have least try to play Shanghai

      also, when you say “Serena did it, let us see what Roger does”, you’ve gotta realise that Serena had Safina challenging for her No 1 spot, Roger has Rafa……. need i say more?

  8. pban says :

    Idon’t think he really cares about the ranking anymore, if he did he would have played a lot more tournaments.Its the fans who are freaking out(well I too have been in my own private hell…too miserable to even rant 😦 ) Ithink we just have to get used to this , the commitment will not be the same as in the slams,his priorities have changed. He still loves the game ,it just isn’t a matter of life and death for him anymore.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL I think you’re overreacting pban. Rest assured, I think Fed cares very much about the ranking, he also cares more about not getting injured, hence pulling out of Dubai, Halle, Tokyo and Shanghai. I can’t begrudge him for it, if it meant that he went from serving 12 doubles in the US Open final to averaging 15-20 aces per match at 70% after he got back from the 6 week break. I think it’s the right decision, he just couldn’t get out of the gates fast enough after he started playing again.

      • Alex says :

        Doots – you are WAY more forgiving them I am. Federpoop doesn’t give a shitfuckratass about any non-slam anymore! Not even the #1 ranking, he couldn’t give a shit about breaking Sampras’ 286 weeks. Seriously, if he doesn’t show up and play TOP tennis in London, I’m going to mail him a steaming pile of poop!

        • dootsiez says :

          Actually I am.

          I don’t think he cares enough to actually think about the draw or any specific game plan. But when he’s on court, I do believe he fights and he does his best to win. Honestly? The fact that I was so upset earlier in the year when he lost in Indian Wells and Miami, compared to now, when I’m like “yikes! but let’s move on” – If I can’t summon up enough frazzles about Basel or Paris these days, I’d kinda have to cut him some slack.

          Now LONDON is a different question.

      • Jack says :

        i agree with you doots. i think roger does care about the ranking a lot. when he was No 2, he kept mentioning how it didn’t feel right and how he wanted to get back to no1. also he has mentioned this year, how he wants to finish the year no1, so i think he’ll be motivated and ready in London.

        he hasn’t had a major injury in all of his career, so when he pulls out of a tournament, i think its more to do with keeping his body in top shape rather than not wanting to play.

        also, i don’t think he has playing awful since he’s been back (apart from basel final). his serving has been really good, in regards to aces and percentage, i just think he’s been missing oppourtunites too much and hopefully in London, he’ll know that he has to come out firing right from the start.

  9. mgasol says :

    We are now putting our hopes in Djoko to beat Nadal and make certain that Fed secures the year-end no.1 position, that same dude who, just a few days ago, crashed Roger’s unicorns and rainbows party that is the Basel Open. How ironic. So, Ajde, Nole! beat the living daylight out of Rafa (or maybe defeating him in straight sets will do). 🙂

  10. Alex says :

    Poop these days couldn’t give a poop about anything that’s not called “Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open”. Just the way it is with poop.

  11. pban says :

    LOL Alex if you were in Federer’s shoes you wouldn’t as well.If after AO someone gave me a choice between RG Wimby and Year end no 1 ,Iknew what Iwould choose but then Dootsie once so correctly said I like gravy as well. If he can win at least 2 slams next year Ireally couldn’t care less if he finishes 2 this year 😀

  12. Alex says :

    So does Nole’s win clinch poop the #1 ranking?

  13. GRACE says :

    Fortunately Djoko beat Nadal, now Roger is 700 points up to Nadal after losing 200 points(YEC last year)next week. I´m faithful,he do want to be n1.

  14. Jonny says :

    Oh well, Nole practically trashed Nadal 6-2 6-3, hoho.

    Now, let’s hope these are how the groups are split in London:
    Group A: Nadal, Nole, JMDP, Davydenko
    Group B: Fed, Murray, Roddick, Fernando

    Nadal will be lucky to even a get a win.

    • Mia says :

      Would it be too much to ask the tennis gods to put Roddick, Davydenko and Verdasco in Roger’s group at the WTF?

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Ha,oh yes,please please please tennis gods,off the top of my head combined H2H must be about 30-2??with those two wins from Roddick methinks?THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN 😛

        • Jonny says :

          Sorry to disappoint you but it won’t happen. Either Murray (6-3 h2h) or Nole(5-9 h2h) will be in Fed’s group.

    • Jack says :

      i’d prefer murray to be in nadal group. he seems to give fed more trouble than nole

      • Mia says :

        Yep, it’s way too wishful thinking for the tennis gods to group all of TMF’s pigeons on his side. But I too would prefer Nole to be in his group as against MAndy. RAndy and Verdasco would be welcome, too.

  15. Jonny says :

    You see, Davydenko and Verdasco can’t be in the same group. 1st and 2nd seeds are split into different groups, 3rd and 4th seeds are split, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th are split… you get the idea. Anyway, Nole, JMDP and Davydenko have all recently dealt Nadal crushing losses so…

    • Alex says :

      Rafa has been dealt many “soul losses” the last 3 months.

      • Jonny says :

        Not to mention coming mightily close to losing to people like Almagro and Robredo who he has never lost to.

      • dootsiez says :

        that part doesn’t worry me, Nadal’s like 1-5 or something against top 10 players since his return, so I’ll take my chances with whoever.

        JMDP is 2-3 since the US Open, one of those 2 wins being via retirement, I actually want him in Fed’s group.

        • mgasol says :

          omg, dootsiez, that is cruel! He is actually one of “my boys” and I would hate for RF to crush all of his hopes and dreams by possibly bageling him in London now that JMDP’s incapacitated. But life’s about choices and sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good. And if a win over Delpo will help ensure that Fed recaptures that year-end no. 1then I am all for JMDP being in Fed’s group. Just be gentle with him, Fed, noh?

        • dootsiez says :

          heeheeheee sorry mgasol, I know delpoop is one of “your boys” but he’s not my boy no? And he’s beaten Rafa 3 times, and Roger the last time they met, so none of that ranks him high in my books. I could do with a nice win, but if it comes with some baked products, I’ll have it with gravy.

  16. Jack says :

    Cos nole beat rafa, i can now forgive him for beating roger in basel….. just this once though

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