Pahree: Whatever. Life still hates me.

So Djokovic took down Nadal. As much as I was rooting for him to stop Rafa, I felt horrible that it actually happened. Mind you, Rafa probably shoulda lost first match, it’s amazing that he even tumbled into the semifinal like he was there by accident. And it showed: he was outclassed. He was passive. He was made to run around like a rabbit. 

And it was sad to watch. 😦

I’m in a sadistic relationship with Nadal, which is a lot less hot than it sounds. He gives me more grief, fear, horror and angst than any other player. But at the end of the day, he’s kinda one of “my boys” too, and Nole is kinda not. 

Sorry pup, not this year. 



Can we stop this “Djokovic beat Fed and Nadal both in two weeks, he’s serving notice for 2010” business? 

Sure, Nole is one of the guys in contention for slams next year, but I wouldn’t place so much weight by the fact that he beat Fed and Nadal in fall.

The last time Rafa won a title in fall was back in 2005, and Fed hasn’t won an indoor Masters since Madrid 2006. My point being – they don’t care about this part of the year. Tennis post-USO is more focused on the race to the WTF and cleaning up depleted fields than outshining your opponent. Just take a look at the guys who have traditionally been successful in doors – Safin and Nalbandian. There’s a reason that 2 out of Djokovic’s 3 titles this year came after the US Open.

Having said all of that, he does deserve an ATP 1000 title in 2009, after the number of times he’s made the final and gotten screwed by Murray, Rafa and Roger this year. So good lu—

Okay, that was a little too nice for comfort.  


La Monf


In the semi that no one gave a fuck about, Monfils needed 3 to down the Worm. Props to the Worm. We talk about fitness, we talk about craft, and Steps is both of those things. The fact that he’s still going strong in Paris, after winning a string of titles early in the year, is huge credit to him. 

As for Monfils? I’ll jump on the bandwagon as soon as he develops a brain and starts thinking on court.

Although … Monfils with a brain: it scares the living daylights out of me.


Enjoy your Sundays (Saturdays, for those in less civilized time zones 😛 )

xx doots


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16 responses to “Pahree: Whatever. Life still hates me.”

  1. Paul says :

    What does Pahree mean?

    Good point about the indoor season, never really thought of it like that before.

    Anyway Fed looks good for year end number one, so thank Djoko today.

    I do know waht you mean though, even though I have no great love for Nadal I feel him and Roger are tied in together, and whn one tumbles the other will follow, so it makes me sad to see Nadal be so outclassed on a tennis court.

  2. JFK says :

    Didn’t see the Nadal Djoker match, but the match with Steps and La Monf was good stuff! I wonder if Monf will have enough gas in the tank for tomorrow. As for Roger, take this gift from Nole and don’t you dare screw up at the WTFs

  3. Jack says :

    Rafa’s losses (post injury) have been pretty brutal. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come because as much as i hate it when the beats Roger, their rivalry is one of the best in the sport. They have so much respect for each other and they geniunely like each other, which is rare to see. Also, they’ve played each other in a number of significant matches in their careers so it would be nice to see the rivalry continue for a few more years

    that being said, i am glad nole beat him today only because it make roger securing the year end no1 a little easier (according to the atp website, roger is 945 points ahead of rafa, and thats with the wtf points removed)

    • dootsiez says :

      Okay, so basically worst case scenario, Roger doesn’t win a single match, Rafa has to win the entire thing.

      I’m not gonna jump to conclusions here.

      Rafa’s still low in confidence at the moment. To me, he’s gone back to his 2005 tennis on hard court, which is no good. But not this year dude, not this one.

  4. whynotme says :

    I was in the stadium, and people were like…… totally stunned !! Because at first, it was very balanced, but from 2-2 in the first, Djokovic was firing winners from everywhere ! He broke Rafa twice at love (!!) and won 15 staight points I think ! Crazy.

    Anyway, as for the rankings, here is what I found on menstennisforum :

    So apparently (if I understand everything correctly) even if Roger doesn’t win a single Round Robin match, Nadal will have to either win the tournament, or reach the finals having won all of his 3 RR matches to be no1, even adding the 40 points he’ll maybe win in the DC final.

    So…… I don’t see how on earth such a catastrophic scenario could happen ! But well, let’s not get carried away, because what is both so great and so cruel with tennis is its lack of predictability….

    ps : here is a very nice itw of Roger on timesonline 😀

  5. pban says :

    Pathetic is how Iwould describe myself at this point,taking pleasure in Rafa’s misery and I truly despise Djoko. Shame on you ,you potato nosed douchebag and your nirvana inducing tennis for turning me into this evil conniving *itch 😉

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