What’s that smell in the air, you ask? It’s the scent of freedom folks! And summer! Endless days of heat and sun and lounging around doing absoluf*ckinglutely nothing, but enjoying every minute of it.  

And yes, tennis too! Doots is back in action and ready to frazzle over Hairy Roger and the group of Death-Eaters he’s landed himself with for WTF.

Must admit my frazzling skills have diminished since Wimbledon. I’ll need them in fine form for the Aussie circuit next year, gotta do better. 


1. Has anyone seen this tennis article on the Telegraph website?


Rafael Nadal in full battle dress was a hell of a sight and tennis fears losing its heartbeat

Tennis lovers and tournament organisers from Majorca to Melbourne are joined in prayer this morning, pleading for a sign that tells them that the light is not fading in Rafael Nadal.



Umm … yes, let’s all form a prayer circle for Nadal. 



2. Mentioning Nadal, it’s been strange reading a series of frank interviews with him in the English media, but I’ve enjoyed it. The latest from the Guardian was an insightful glimpse of the effect his injuries and his parent’s divorce had on him this year.


“My parents’ divorce made an important change in my life. It affected me. After that, when I can’t play Wimbledon, it was tough. For one month I was outside the world.”

Nadal looks terribly young amid that quiet admission. “I am OK now,” the 23-year-old says of his parents’ divorce, “but you need time to accept. And it’s more difficult to accept when you are outside home and don’t know what’s happening. At least the injury gave me time to be with my friends and family.”


But what struck me most about this interview was this passage:


“[The] year before I lost to Roger in the fifth set. It was hard for me to lose when I had three or four break points in that fifth set [which Federer won 6-2]. What killed me was that second break. If I lose 6-3 or 6-4 with one break I accept. But I was angry with myself to lose that second break. That made it seem as if I wasn’t ready mentally.”


What killed him about that match wasn’t the simple fact that he lost, but that he lost with a double break. Isn’t that exactly the sort of person that Rafa is? 

And it seems that he’s softened his stance a little on Andre too.


His words contrast with Andre Agassi’s claims in his recent autobiography that, despite winning eight grand slams, he “hated tennis” and sought refuge in crystal meth. Nadal raises an eyebrow. “I think it’s impossible to be on the circuit 15 years and hate tennis. I always saw Andre playing with motivation and passion.”

Have Agassi’s confessions damaged tennis? “It’s a big thing for the ATP. I understand if he was depressed he might have taken something so I don’t want to criticise Andre for taking crystal meth. But everybody must be treated the same. Just because he is Andre Agassi he should not escape sanction. Tennis is a hard sport. There is a lot of competition all year and you play alone. Mentally and physically it is one of the toughest sports – but that’s no reason to take these products [drugs].”


3. Mentioning Andre, I’m reading his biography and lovin’ it.

I can’t help but feel that all the transformations we thought Andre went through from a rebel to an elderly statesman of the game was simply a media construct. This book itself is Andre’s final act of rebellion.

And in a perverse way, I admire him for it. Haven’t we all wanted to tell someone exactly what we think of them at some point in our lives? It takes a degree of non-fuckeriness to publish those thoughts in a book.


4. Pete Bodo wrote something nice about Roger without any of the usual machismo. On a scale of 1 to me-complimenting-Andy-Murray, this is pretty damn fair. 


5. It sucks to be a Federer fan sometimes. But at some point in the days after Wimbledon, I realised that complaining about how much it sucks to be a Federer fan is a bit like being a millionaire and complaining about the interests being too low on your savings.

I mean, where does that leave Andy Roddick fans? 

That’s the second year in a row that he’s had to pull out of the year-end championships. And that’s on top of drawing Isner third round at the US Open, and losing to Federer 4 times in a year, twice in slams, in two different ways. 

By some order of divine injustice, the Tennis Gods won’t give the guy a break.


6. Besides the tweener, what’s your favourite Federer shot this year? I’m asking this because I have all the time in the world and a youtube account.

Just sayin’…

xx doots


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  1. Mia says :

    Yeah, that must to be the second article by Bodo on Fed that I liked, the first being the “sprezzatura” one. Re #6, the inside-out forehand vs. Haas at Roland Garros when he was down two sets and a breakpoint — it kept the dream alive.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh yeah, I remember “sprezzatura”. The problem I have with Bodo is that he plays the silky smooth side of Fed too much sometimes, and I think there’s a lot more to Roger than a silk shirt.

      And I find his pieces a little … hypermasculine. But liked the new piece.

      • Mia says :

        Sometimes am tempted to think Bodo’s homophobic — somebody takes some bit of interest in dressing up and making one’s self presentable and he gets all hot under the collar thinking and writing: this ain’t right. He’s done that with Roger several times. The funny thing though is that actually says more about him than it does about Roger.

  2. pban says :

    The serve on matchpoint RG final which The Sod returned into the net,that was Roger’s shot of the year 😉 Jokes aside the insideout forehand against Haas on breakpoint,that for me was the shot of the year simply for the sheer audacity and self belief it took to hit it.A close second would be the backhand flick off his toes on set point in the 2nd set tiebreaker- Wimby final, it happened so quickly and Iwas so busy frazzling my brains out that it took me 2 or 3 reruns to fully comprehend what the hell Roger did. Well the drive volley to save breakpoint in the 5th set was foolhardy but breathtaking and Ican ramble on and on ……..

    • dootsiez says :

      I loved the little flicker during the second set tiebreak. I had turned off the volume by then cos I thought Roger was going to go down 2 sets to 0.


  3. Dippy says :

    I can relate the feeling after finishing your exams and what best time with start of WTF just after your exams. I will pray for Roger’s good form next week 🙂

  4. PJ says :

    I can think of many “OMG KILL ME NOW” Roger shots – both in an amazing tweener, inside-out forehand way and the head-desk, slam head against wall, forehand gone crazy way. So I can’t pick. But yes.

    Congrats on getting over the evil that is exams, by the way. I finished mine on Monday but dum dum dum dum THESIS. Bah. Anyway.

    As for Bodo, I’m waiting for his next piece which would probably throw Rog to the rabid dinosaur dogs. Muahaha.

    I hear ya on being Andy R’s fan. I was his fan long before I was Roger’s fan. Heck I hated Fed for a whole part of my tennis lovin’ (it was the ponytail, I think. I used to call him “That Ponytailed Swiss Cheese”) and partly because he whipped Andy like every single time they play. Andy would’ve like won 4 or 5 slams and deservingly so if Rog decided to become a soccer player (*cues Zidane and the guys cheering. Or something). He’s excellent on grass and at some point would’ve won Wimbledon if not for Fed the Wimby Hoarder.

    What’s sad is that I think Andy couldn’t even hate him. Like how Fed couldn’t hate Rafa. Awww tennis bromance.

    • dootsiez says :

      My relationship with Randy goes the other way. I used to hate him, bcoz he had such a fratboy feel about him. And remember the way he went off at the umpire one year at the AO? “Do you have ears? Are they attached to your head?”

      But I’ve been known to change my mind about people. The Fed, for example. and you gotta be impressed with Andy’s heart and perseverance.

  5. braggaditis says :

    Re your #5, I totes feel the same way.

    My fave Fed shot of the year:
    ummm.. too many to list; we’re too used to the TMF stuff. 😉
    But I was impressed when he warmed up to the ‘droppuhs’, coz he has divine touch to pull them off nicely.. liked tonnes of those FH and BH droppuhs in RG and Madrid. Especially, the one he played in the 2nd set of the Madrid final to bring up the BP. On the big points, he was totally toying with Rafa in that match; which is usually the other way around in their match-up. ok , done rambling.

    In other news, I’m glad you’re back and blogging. 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      I loved the droppers during the clay season, especially when he kept dropping people’s serves, I just sat there shouting “OH-STOP-IT”. That’s gotta be pretty demoralising for your opponent…

  6. Jack says :

    Enjoy your freedom!!! Know only too well what exam period is like. I have mine in January which sucks because it after christmas and the aussie open begins 😦

    also, find it wierd whenever anyone says summer around christmas because i have christmas in the winter (meaning snow (which it hardly ever does))

    • dootsiez says :

      yeah, the christmas in summer thing freaks most non-aussies out. Feel for the poor Santas in their costumes in this heat.

  7. Jack says :

    Re #1, that article confuses me, is it being serious or joking?

    Re #5, you do have to feel for andy fans. if it weren’t for roger, andy would probably have maybe 4 more slams. also, does anyone feel that wimbledon final this year kinda “broke” him. i mean, he really didn’t seem the same after that and then came the injury

    Re #6, there are probably loads of great Fed shots, but i can think of four that come to mind. just a little warning, i’m not very good with the technical name!

    1. that shot against seppi at the aussie open. the one where he had it back turned and he sorted twisted his body and hit it down the line passing Seppi at the net

    2. the inside out forehand against Hass at french open. i think everyone knows that shot!

    3. also against Hass at the french, i remember him hitting a return of serve drop shot thats landed in the top right of the service box. think it was the fourth set

    4. the around the post shot against Lu (think thats his name) at Wimbledon 1st round.

    • braggaditis says :

      “also against Hass at the french, i remember him hitting a return of serve drop shot thats landed in the top right of the service box. think it was the fourth set”

      Remember that. That was too awesome. I remember watching a YT video showing Tommy’s reaction after that, in slo-mo.. poor Tommy!

    • dootsiez says :

      “1. that shot against seppi at the aussie open. the one where he had it back turned and he sorted twisted his body and hit it down the line passing Seppi at the net”

      YES. I saw that one live, and the guys in the row in front of me stood up and bowed in unison. I think I totally forgot my name when it happened. *amaze*

      And the Rafa article was being serious. Eeek!

  8. pban says :

    There was a crosscourt forehand against Lu,the ball had passed Roger he just stretched and flicked it with his wrists at full stretch and got an impossible angle with incredible topspin. Iremember Johnnymac was on air and he kept wondering if Roger practised those shots….it was more unbelievable when you saw it in slomo.

  9. Tina says :

    Re: Fed’s shots, most of them have been mentioned but yeah the one against Seppi at the AO, two points against Korolev (AO again), THE forehand, Lu around the post, Seppi Basel (first point of the second set ♥), Wimbledon backhand flick in the second set TB. That point against JMDP in the 5th set at the FO. There was an awesome one against Monfils too in the first set.

    Congrats on finishing the exams. =]

  10. roadrunnerz says :

    Congrats on finishing your exams, Doots! (and reminding me how glad I am to be done with school, lol)

    Bites about Andy R. missing WTF. (god, I still can’t get over that abbreviation..). I’ve loved him since I watched his first press conference. He’s had lousy luck since the Wimby final. (I think I’m still bitter about Roddick-Isner at the USO…)

    As for my fave Fed shot of the year. I know it’s not as artistic or improbable as others…but I don’t think there’s a single shot that stood out to me this year like THE forehand against Haas at FO.

    It was a last-ditch-hold-your-breath-winner-takes-all kind of shot that won the match. ( I daresay it marked the path to him winning the tournament. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps)

    The tweener at the USO doesn’t come close.

    On a different note…am I the only one rooting for a Fedal final at the finals?

    Murray must not win! That’d be such a WTF way to end the year.


  11. Blue says :

    Andy R has been in this position before and still did pretty well this season. I think it’s very unfortunate that injury is keeping him from playing at the WTF this year too.

    Favourite shot? There are quite a few, the amazing two vs Korolev, the little wrist flick in the qf match with del Potro and the inside out FH vs Haas that saved the match at the FO. I also liked the last point in the 3rd set TB of the Safin match, the one that landed right on the line. And of course the championship points at FO and Wimby.

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