Tennis Fashion: Die, Adidas.

How do you confuse your opponent on a tennis court? By dressing in the same frigging colour as the tennis ball of course!

Adidas’s S/S range, complete with manboobs.



Please don’t tell me Mandy’s gonna wear this colour.

And Nando in collars? Now I can totally relate to Andre’s pyromaniac tendencies.




By the way, Maria Sharapova’s Oz Open dress looks like a slip with a seaweed colored sheer vest.



Stop. Weirding. Me. Out.


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4 responses to “Tennis Fashion: Die, Adidas.”

  1. Dippy says :

    I tot Nadal’s pj’s tennis shorts are bad, this is definately an acquired taste.

  2. Jack says :

    Yikes, those last two adidas shirts are fugly!! Maybe thats why Murray joined Adidas? 🙂

    Masha’s Aussie Open dress……… least it something different and it looks kinda mermaidy. Also, on her website, this woman who won a competition to meet her said her aussie open dress looked great so maybe it looks better in person than on a photo

  3. JFK says :

    My eyes hurt

  4. loreley says :

    Absolutely nuts.

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