Tennis Fashion: Aren’t we taking this Aussie thing a little too far?

After giving Roger and Rafa Southern Cross jackets, Nike decides to dress Maria Sharapova in green and gold for the Oz Open.

It looks like lingerie, but I suppose that’s the point.



Meanwhile, Adidas is turning Ana Ivanovic into Uma Thurman. 




And Dina inherits the Heninian tradition of making pink look androgenically unpink



So uninspired. 

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6 responses to “Tennis Fashion: Aren’t we taking this Aussie thing a little too far?”

  1. TopSpin says :

    First impressions. Don’t like either of them.

    Though Ana’s outfit might not turn out to be as bad it seems, and I think I might reserve judgement on Maria’s outfit too, until she takes to court.

    Can we all agree though that DInara should ditch Adidas, or at least contractually oblige them to ‘shake things up’.

    • dootsiez says :

      Given that Henin never ditched Adidas no matter what they gave her, I don’t think Dina will either. I mean, she could ask adidas to put her on the adilibria line instead of the competition line, but I have a feeling that Sorana Cirstea and Daniela Hantuchova have taken the spots. It’s a pity that they can’t be bothered to dress a former No 1 player in something slightly more fancy.

  2. Jack says :

    I’m gonna wait till the official photos come out to judge Maria’s outfit.

    But Ana Ivanovic? Kill Bill? More like Little Miss Sunshine.

    Also, if Dinara is now wearing the Henin-esque outfits, where does that leave Justine come January?

  3. hebe says :

    You know I don’t think Justine will be worrying too much about her outfits for the upcoming tournaments. As ever, she’ll be totally focused on her game and will leave the trivia of ‘yellow or pink’ to those who need that sort of thing to draw attention to themselves when their tennis is not up to scratch.

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