WTF: That’s it, I’m confiscating all hair products boys.

Rafa, WHYYYYYYYYY?! You had your hair perfectly done a few months ago, and now even Roger’s trying to avoid staring at it.

Hair gel, hand over, NOW! 



You too Nando. I could make fried rice with all that grease in your hair. 



Having gone to an all-girls high school next to an all-boys high school where all the students wore similar ties, I gotta say, these guys look like they walked right out of one of my high school fantasies. 



On the other hand, can you imagine the WTA ever asking the girls to dress the same for their Year-End group photos? 



As if Fed needs an umbrella to be schmooth. 



And yes, he was definitely one of those fuckwits in high school who always looked awesome in their year book shots, while no matter how you smile, you always end up looking constipated on the next page. 



Mentioning constipation…



Someone needs his eyebrows plucked. 



No Rafa, NOO! *in pain* 



The Sod. Just blew. My mind.



But we all know who’s the captain, right?



Enjoy your Saturdays. And thanks to Freakyfrites from GoToTennis for finding this gem – the definition of Federdork.



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16 responses to “WTF: That’s it, I’m confiscating all hair products boys.”

  1. tsarina says :

    LMAO!!! That video is tooooooo funny!!!!!!!!

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    The video,I have no words,just laughter…
    And of news that might worry you Doots,is that ring on the Sod’s wedding finger always there,or has he (along with half the ATP this year 😉 )got married??

  3. Liz says :

    Love it!

    Hey, dootsiez, I think you just posted a few photos that could be Fed’s bad yearbook picture. Remember the Samurai?

  4. Mia says :

    Is Rafa losing his hair prematurely?

  5. Jack says :

    I blame Nando for Rafa’s hair. Also, he looks kinda sinister and creepy in that other pic

    Here’s a random useless fact: DelBoy had his teeth fixed after the US Open!!

    P.S That video is so funny!!

  6. Blue says :

    I love this video! I couldn’t stop laughing.

  7. GRACE says :

    I love this video too.Your blog is amazing, I was reading such a boring blog of a fedsfan I didn´t know yours, so cool…,and funny for an addict fed girl…

  8. Dippy says :

    Roger looks absolutely delicious, the hair, gosh Rafa and Nando could really get some tips from his hair highness 🙂

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