WTF: The Frazzle Post.

Congratulations to Nikolay Davydenko on the biggest win of his career. It’s been a long time coming.


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107 responses to “WTF: The Frazzle Post.”

  1. evie says :

    Fed’s plays Murray on Tuesday because they both won their matches.

  2. Jack says :

    OMG! I think i stopped breathing sometime during Rogers match and went into a hallucinagetic trance!

    And the arena is called the O2. Ironic, no?

  3. Salma says :

    Indeed dootsiez that match was full of frantic frazzle.

    lol @ the O2 irony comment above me.

  4. Paul says :

    Dootzeiz your what needs to happen thing isn’t entirely accurate.

    If Nadal finishes within 50 points of Federer after the tournament he can still claim number one at the Davis Cup final.

    He has 80 Davis cup points and can claim an extra 150 at the final if he wins 2 live rubbers.

    That makes 230 which will displace his 180 for Beijing, thus putting him into World Number one for next year.

    For example if Rafa wins everything you say Fed only needs to win 3 RR matches.

    If this were to happen it would be

    10750 – Fed
    10705 – Nadal

    Then if Nadal wins 2 live rubbers he goes to 10755.

    So not as simple as it looks.

    • dootsiez says :

      *head reeling from the maths* Don’t they award the little No 1 trophy thing at the end of tournament?

      Okay, so with Davis Cup in play, it should be “Fed must win all 3 RR matches AND reach the final”, if Rafa were to be the undefeated champ. That gives him another 400 for the semi right?

      In any case, all 3 are the worst case scenarios for Fed, hopefully for my marbles’ sake, it won’t have to come to that.

      • Jack says :

        Davis Cup Final matches are worth 75 points each so basically Rafa can get 150 points in the davis cup final.
        So basically, a simple way of looking at it is that if Rafa is less than 50 points behind Roger, he can get the No1 back but not the Year End No1 because i think the year end no1 is named after the WTF.

        Personally, i think counting davis cup in the ranking is unfair because its a team event, not individual.

        • dootsiez says :

          That makes you and Lleyton Hewitt. LOL, he was complaining to the Aus media at one stage that it biases certain countries in the world group.

          I thought it was the wrong move too. Ideally, peer pressure and nationalism should be incentive enough for the players to sign up for the Davis Cup.

        • Paul says :

          Maybe the trophy, which I didn’t know existed but the fact is if Nadal gains no1 at Davis Cup he will be year end no1 on December 31st, and thus true year end number one no?

      • meretricula says :

        cease your frazzling, I am here to explicate the rankings! Rafa can’t count Davis Cup for anything (that’s why it’s under “non-countable tournaments” on his ranking break-down page here: I think that’s because the lowest he’s done on a 500 event (Barcelona, Rotterdam, Beijing, and also Monte Carlo counts for some reason) is semis, which is more points (180) than he would get for Davis Cup anyway. personally I think it would be totally awesome for Davis Cup if the points WERE enough to get Rafa to No.1, maybe then Roger would play more often and be adorable with Stan. but yeah, it doesn’t affect the situation here. (ATP rankings are all explained here: and Davis Cup participation is specifically addressed.)

  5. roadrunnerz says :

    Ah…a frazzle post.

    How apropos.

    ‘Cause I frazzled BIG TIME this evening!! Yeesh, Fed, can’t make it easy on us, can you?

  6. pban says :

    Roger it is high time you realize what we go thru for you, frazzling at the ungodly hour of 2.30 am is not normal or good for my health (Iwas ready to do far worse than shove pens up his nose after the 1st game,when he started with a double fault Ihad this horrible deja vu of the AOopen final 😦 )What’s with nike and their colours for Roger he looked so pale almost as if he is sick, but Iloved the come ons , I would be thankful if we get the desperate Roger of the 2008 USopen and not the dorky smiling idiot we have been seeing post Wimby and the twins.

  7. Mia says :

    Not liking the high bounce of the ball on the court. It’s the same shirt but the navy color seems to work better on Roger than the coffee-bean one. And it just ain’t fair, after a small “crisis”, he looks as fresh as when he first stepped on the court.

  8. JFK says :

    I nearly had a heartattack the first set…Roger, please abandon the chip BH return….

  9. breadstix says :

    Thanks for the points breakdown doots, at least I can not frazzle without having to do the maths at the same time. 😀

  10. Mia says :

    “I never really thought of vacation because I know I was first alternate. I tried to prepare as if I was going to play…. I wouldn’t call it a free chance. I worked pretty hard throughout the year to get this chance.” Awww, I heart the Sod. Roger must heart him more after tonight, giving monkey-face a little more room to breathe.

  11. braggaditis says :

    You’re right. If the Fed wins tomorrow, he seals the YE #1 in his favor, irrespective of whatever happens during the rest of the tournament. I don’t think Rafa’s DC points will be counted in his ranking because he has already played his allotted quota of four 500-level tournies in this season. If I’m not wrong, DC points will be taken into account only if the player missed a 500-level tourney or two (due to acceptable reasons). I’ll dig more to see if this is indeed true though.

  12. Ribbons says :

    As a bonus, if Fed wins both his games, it gives Fernando a mathematical chance of staying in London, provided FV also beats Muzz in straight sets — which, yeah, odds are that won’t happen, but I’d love to see FV triumph over the odds, Muzz, AND his own headcasiness for a change.

    • dootsiez says :

      True. Muzz looked to be favouring one leg more than the other in the third set, I think, and Verdasco knows he has beaten Muzz before on a similar surface. Not sure how much good that will do, but *fingers crossed!*

  13. Ribbons says :

    “games” –> “matches,” I mean. Not near enough coffee yet…

  14. GRACE says :

    Fed looks fire up to win this event.I´m confident.Go Roger!

  15. FortuneCookie says :

    Grrrr,have been watching the WTF matches on Sky TV iPhone app,which has been fantastic,great quality,no buffering etc…was fine for Del Potro-Verdasco a few hours ago,and now?Buffering like every 2 seconds for the match I really want to see!SO annoying!!

    • dootsiez says :


      • FortuneCookie says :

        I got it back eventually,then got access to an ACTUAL TV 😛 and two channels were covering the match in the UK,so went from having nothing to options,which was weird for a non-wimbly match lol!
        This seems to be the match that’s really caused a buzz here,loads of usual non-followers were all commenting about it on FB,Twitter etc,which is nice to see 🙂
        anyone notice Viva la Vida playing during a changeover near end of 2nd set?I was like,oh god,not *this* song of all things,not good Fed memories!

        • Jack says :

          Whats the deal with viva la vida. Can anyone explain??

        • dootsiez says :

          I dunno how it became the unofficial anthem of Federer-angst, but it is. To me, Viva la vida = Wimbledon 08.

          *Now the old king is dead long live the king*

  16. pban says :

    oh yeah he kicked muzza’s a** totally in the last 2 sets :P, as for the first, seriously does Roger have a split personality?

  17. Ribbons says :

    “as for the first, seriously does Roger have a split personality?”


  18. Philip says :

    Fed clinched the no.1 ranking after beating Murray! H2H is now 4-6 and counting. Hopefully he evens that up.

    This year in 3-setters, Fed typically comes out strong, taking the 1st set but then often fading in the last 2 sets. It seems now he starts slowly and works his way into the match. He demolished Murray in the last 2 sets. TMF style. Exactly how I like it.

    1st set was warm up. 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      I could do without Ferd the turd in the first set though. Can’t he just come out firing and play like that for a whole match like he did in Cincy?

      • Jack says :

        We never want to see ferd the turd but at least he’s winning these three set matches now.

        He hasn’t had a great three set record lately and especially against Murray. But so happy he’s got the Year End No1!! 🙂

  19. Alex says :

    FUCK YES!!! For once poop didn’t let me down.

  20. PJ says :

    You mean the semi-final spot isn’t a guarantee? Oh SNAP. Why did I celebrate!??!


    • dootsiez says :

      I know it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s the problem with round robin formats.

      Roger has won 4 sets and lost 2. If he loses in straights to Del Potro and Murray wins in straights, then 3 of them will all have 2 wins each, but del Potro and Murray would’ve each won 5 sets and lost 3, and Federer would be on 4-4. This means that del Potro and Murray qualify instead on the number of sets won.

  21. Mia says :

    Yay, Fed. Now go and show DelPo the US Open was a fluke.

  22. Jack says :

    Quick Question: Do you think the fact that nearly every match has gone to 3 sets shows that the guys are all playing equally great tennis or that they’re all equally fatigued/ injured/ playing crap??

    • dootsiez says :

      For me, the latter.

      Not so much fatigue, but lack of match fitness. Federer, Murray and del Potro have all been mostly out of play since the US Open. I think that’s what’s coming through. It’s less the case in Group B though. The Dayvdenko v Djokovic had more to do with Davydenko’s breathing problems and Djokovic’s tenacity.

  23. pban says :

    Philip Federer’s warmup first sets are sending cold shivers down my spine ,and trust me at 3 am it is not a pleasant sensation. He should finish his warmups before the match.

    • dootsiez says :

      “He should finish his warmups before the match.” – agree. My poor nerves can’t stand it.

      • Dippy says :

        same here, waking up at ungodly hour just to watch Roger loses on the 1st wtf….thank god he came back and win the match. Absolutely brilliant, bad for Fed Fans though – heart attack

  24. Blue says :

    Thank you Roger, you just made my day! I will enjoy this moment until I start worrying again about the next match with delpo.

    • pban says :

      So true, the feeling of pure unadulterated elation lasts for just a few hours, then it is back to some serious frazzling for the next day.Delpo played pretty steady against Fernando but then even I in my frazzle frenzy would look steady beside Nando. Roger needs to come out better than he has done so far ,Idon’t have the nerves for another come back from the dead saga.

  25. girl from michigan says :

    So you mean after all the math calculations and all the What If scenarios, it all boiled down to Rafa losing one RR and Roger winning 2 to secure year end #1. Kinda anti-climactic, in a way. Not that I’m complaining. My hope all year was for Fed to end the year #1.

    My love for both Rafa and Roger conflicts me so much of the time. But now that Roger has gotten the year end #1, got the career Slam, got the babies, got the wife, etc etc… It’s time for me to put all my frazzle into getting Rafa back to #1 for 2010.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL girl from michi, I don’t know how you do this Fedal thing. I tried back in 07 and it just didn’t work. Tennis is such a sum-zero game, supporting one necessarily means conflicts with your other faves.

      I can’t say I’m with you about Rafa getting back to #1. Federer’s 29 weeks away from eclipsing Pete Sampras’s record of weeks at No 1. *fingers crossed* I know I’m greedy and Fed can’t have every single record in the books, but here’s to hoping he gets there.

      As for Rafa, he really needs a rest. Have fun with the Armada at DC and come back in better form next year, cos the #1 thing ain’t gonna happen until at least after Wimbledon, and he’s got a TON of points to defend before then.

      • Jack says :

        Roger beating Pete Sampras record would be awesome but the one i was looking at was Steffi Graf’s all time record of 377 weeks. Now if Roger beat that record – that would be one hell of an achievement!!

      • pban says :

        Absolutely agree with doots here you can only support one of them,they just cancel each other out. Sometimes I really wonder whether I would have been so against Rafa if Fed did not exist **shudder**, he is just the sort of athlete I root for —competitive, sincere and extremely well balanced mentally.

  26. Jack says :

    Isn’t it wierd that Fed can still get knocked out of the tournament. Hopefully, he does a Serena and wins it undefeated!!

    Also, did you know Djokovic has never successfully defended a title so if he wants to be No2, he’ll have to do just that.

  27. Mia says :

    Yay, the Sod is through to the semis — unblemished record, too.

  28. JFK says :

    Yeah who would have thought- Bobby Sod the alternate hasn’t lost a set? He’s playing red hot tennis.

  29. FortuneCookie says :

    Fed received his no.1 trophy just before the start of Nole-Sod,and then Sky Sports apparently spoke to Mr and Mrs Fed (senior 😛 ) after the match,missed both of them!
    Am trying to see if I can get Sky Player to work,if not hopefully both of those will find their way onto YouTube or something!
    I just want an excuse to see Robbie and Lynette,seriously,I’d let those two adopt me happily lol!

  30. evie says :

    The Rafa-Djoko match will come down to who wants to win the least. My money is on Rafa getting through.

  31. PJ says :

    Gone were the days I go “pffffft” when Roger is playing Delpo, “pfffft” in the “as if Delpo will ever win” way. I mourn for those days. I want them back!!!

    Will be awake and frazzling. Contemplating on whether I want to stay up for Mandy and Nando. Cos Mandy gives me a toothache.

    In other news – YAY BOBBY SOD! But Djokovic was positively blah in the second set. I hope Djoko v Rafa won’t be like listless tennis. Still want a fight or some sort from our resident Spanish matador!

    • dootsiez says :

      i want those days back too PJ! *frazzles*

      All sorts of rumours about Djokovic tanking. Really it’s a pretty pathetic performance from him in the second set.

  32. jonny says :

    Hey Dootsiez, if there is a tie between Nole and Davy (if they both win or both lose) after all matches have been played, it will be a three way tie between either these two and Sod or these two and Nadal. In which case H2H goes out the window and the % of sets won and later % of games is taken into account instead.

    Possible 3 way tie senarios:

    Sod-Nole-Davy all finish with 2-1 record:

    In every Davy win-Nole win situation, Davy qualifies due to superior % sets won.

    Davy-Nole-Nadal all finish with 1-2 record:

    In every Davy lose-Nole lose situation, Davy qualifies due to superior % sets won.

  33. Joey says :

    Is there a chance that, should Verdasco beat Murray or Murray wins in 3 sets, it would actually be good for Federer to finish second in the group and therefore lose to Del Potro? Chances are Soderling will finish top of Group B and Djokovic second (Of course I’m assuming Soderling and Djokovic win Friday night). A lot of what ifs here but I’m sure most of us here would rather have Fed play Soderling than Djokovic in the semis…

    • dootsiez says :

      To be honest, I’d rather Fed play Djokovic than Soderling right now. Soderling = better form than Djokovic. And even though Fed has won 12 times against Boddy Sod, each time, the match has been too close for comfort.

  34. Jack says :

    Bo Carl is playing some pretty great tennis at the moment. Wouldn’t be suprised if he was holding the trophy at the end

    As for Rafa, hope he has enough left in the tank for davis cup. Would hate for him to lose infront of his home crowd!

    Oh, and Fed, please win in two today!

    • dootsiez says :

      I think Davis Cup will be okay. It’s clay, not exactly Berdych or Stepanek’s favourite surface. The Clay Monster has lost some of his groove of late, but clay is still clay. I think he’ll be happy to get some under his feet right now 😀

  35. JFK says :

    WTF? Fred was supposed to be locked up in the locker room! And Why Roger won’t you exploit Del Po’s weaknesses? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?

  36. roadrunnerz says :

    Ok, this match made me frazzle BIG TIME!


    Happy Federpoop is through, but I was really hoping he’d get a little post US Open revenge…

    Asfor Delpoop nothing against him as a person…his game brings me NO joy. Height and power. If that’s the future of tennis, it makes me feel kinda weepy. And not in a good way. :-/

    • dootsiez says :

      del poop > muzz as a person, but as I was saying to someone before, if del Poop was the future of tennis, then we need another future. Nice guy, a lotta heart, monstrous game to watch. He and Murray are like two extremes.

      I think Fed’s spoilt us over the years, we think we can still ask for power, finesse and efficiency in the one package.

  37. Jack says :

    Ok, i remember saying that DelPoop was my 2nd favourite player but with everytime he’s beating Roger, he’s moving down the list!!

    I think i like his personailty rather than his game because his game is actually just bash ball real hard!
    Anyway, glad Roger through!! (Here’s to a Roger – Bo Carl final!!!)

    Plus, please don’t tell me their are theory going around that Roger and DelPo “fixed” the match so that Murray wouldn’t go through because thats bullshit!!

    • dootsiez says :

      The idea is that Federer lost the exact game he needed to win in order for Murray to get through. Some people don’t believe in coincidences.

      I think it’s ridiculous, particularly given that Roger doesn’t appear to be mathematically minded. Even the ATP had no idea who was through based on their own rules.

  38. flo says :

    Well probably won’t be going back to that stretch when DP was Fed’s whipping boy. Mostly because DP bludgeons the ball and when he tires he redlines and actually can win against top players this way: see Roddick in DC or wherever this year.

    These two play and if Fed isn’t in top form then he’s going to be tentative a little like playing Rafa in that he can’t “manage” the game and he has to be play more retrieving than otherwise. Which is why Murray still seems to have DP’s number a little bit; Federer-DP-Murray like rock-paper-scissors.

    • dootsiez says :

      I like the rock-paper-scissors analogy. I actually think Fed’s retrieving is good enough when it comes to delpoop match-ups. The last two times when he has played del Poop, he’s been hot and cold through out the match. It’s partly an execution problem, and also partly because he’s hitting too much into the del Potro strike range, so the match isnt being played on his terms. I actually think he could import some of his game plan against Soderling to use against del Potro.

      Anyway, it’s a new problem for Fed to figure out. We’ll see how he deals with it.

  39. PJ says :

    To quote Federer: “One or two people might have had their calculators out, I wasn’t one of them.”

    It’s ridiculous to think that this whole thing is fixed to boot Mandy out. But conspiracy theorists will not let it lie!

    Glad that Fed is through to the semis, not so glad about him losing to Delpo AGAIN. Seems like Delpo is gonna remember AO humiliation forever…nearly beat Fed in French and beat him the next two times they met. Bah.

    But seriously he gave it away. That service game at 3rd set, 3-4, is HORRENDOUS. It was worse than Mandy’s hairstyle and that’s saying something.

    • dootsiez says :

      You forgot the Madrid match, Fed beat him there.

      But yeah I know he totally gave it away, especially with all those friggin BP unconverted. and double fault at 0-30? Literally, WTF?!!

  40. Jack says :

    I want Djoko to win and Davy to win in 3 today, only because if my maths is correct, that would mean Soderling is 1st and Davy is 2nd. And out of the three, Davy is the opponent that Roger has had the easiest time against. Plus I would love to see the matchup between Bo Carl and DelPee (we still calling him that, right?)

    • dootsiez says :

      I’d love to see Bo Carl v Delpee. That would be A-MA-ZING, although we’d be treated to two of the ugliest (as in aesthetically) but most powerful forehands on tour. Yer go Dimples!

  41. Alex says :

    You know, I can’t help but feel a very intense sadness about Rafa right now. It’s downright demoralizing to see him like this, especially getting back treatment during the match. I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

  42. Mia says :

    And vacation time it is for Federer. Sigh, maybe I should think the same way.

  43. Blue says :

    A rather disappointing end to an awesome year. Thank you Roger for another great season.

  44. JFK says :

    I feel kind of gutted right now…. But the way this year started with tears in Australia… Who would’ve thought Roger would have won the French and Wimbledon and re-gained his #1 ranking?
    It was a great season. Thanks Roger and Congrats.

  45. Aeroz says :

    I might be wrong but I thought the top 4 isn’t locked yet. If Delpo goes on to win the whole tourney, he takes over Murray’s spot at number 4. They’re only about 700 pts apart at the mo. WTFs indeed.

    Would’ve loved to see Roger win this, but I’m very happy for Kolya – mad underrated player and long due for a win over the mighty one. The last set was magnificent from both.

  46. pban says :

    Go to hell Roger ,the serve has gone back to crap again. The year ends just the way it began, with all of us wondering where the next title is coming from. 😦

    • Alex says :

      Oh come on, you can’t send Roger to hell after the season he gave us. Everything after Wimbledon was a bonus.

      • pban says :

        Pray what exactly did come after Wimbledon,except for Cincinnati. What worries me is his serving on hard courts as well as his returns, at 28 Roger must realize that his reflexes are no longer what they were at 21.Roger does say that he never enters a match with a strategy but as you grow older it pays to play smart.Imean it should not be difficult for him as he can really execute anything, why doesn’t he take a leaf out of his victory in Madrid. It won’t matter so much in Wimby as nobody other thas Roger,Rafa and AndyR are really comfortable moving on grass, but on hard courts if he really really wants to win he should plan before a match. Personally I feel that he does need to stop, think and totally overhaul his strategy for 2010. What is the harm in showing some intelligence for a change ?

        • dootsiez says :

          Actually, I thought Cinci was the best tennis he played all year. FLOVE FLOVE FLOVE IT.

          I dunno, in NYC before the USO, JMac said that whole year was bound to catch up on him at some point, and that Roger was running on sheer adrenaline. That’s kinda how I felt. I think he was running on adrenaline from Wimbledon to the US Open and gassed out.

          The serve on the other hand needs work. He goes from serving at 87% during some sets down to 29% in others. Nowhere near the sort of consistency he needs and its reflected in the sets he lost. Practically all of them had him serving under or just around 50%.

  47. pban says :

    Go to hell Roger ,the serve has gone back to crap again,. The year ends just the way it began, with all of us wondering where the next title is coming from. 😦

    • dootsiez says :

      I know pban. He hasn’t won a title since Cincinnati. I’m NOT. HAPPY.

      • pban says :

        Ithink only matching Pete’s Wimby record would motivate him enough to make the extra effort mentally.Somehow he treats Wimby as his personal property so he will always work harder there but as for the rest of the year Iam not so sure.

  48. Alex says :

    I’m absolutely gutted over this loss. I realize Roger was in no shape to actually win the title(Soderling or DelPoop would beat him in straights), but I really wanted that 5th YEC to tie Lendl/Sampras. Now who knows if he’ll ever win another one.

  49. mgasol says :

    now that is Roger’s worst pic ever!!!!! I hope he sanitized himself after this pic was taken! kidding. 🙂

  50. Jack says :

    What the HELL was Roger doing with Lindsay Lohan?!?!?!?!

    I don’t know what’s worse: Lindsay Lohan or that hideous waistcoat under Roger’s jacket

    Also, why is Bo Carl in some wierd Gladiator bondage suit??

  51. Alex says :

    Regain Wimbledon – check
    Win French Open – check
    Win #15 slam – check
    Regain #1 – check
    Finish YE #1 – check
    Win a Masters event – check

    Hopefully big things for 2010 await.

  52. Wellspring says :

    Er, I don’t want to enrage anyone and I am really awfully sorry about yesterday loss to Kolya, but, well, how should I put it…um- I do think Roger is incredibly hot in this pic, and the only reason I can’t endorse it as one of my fave Fed pictures is this yellow haired personage posing near him, when SHE ISN’T FIT TO TOUCH HIS MAN PURSE.

    I am really, really sorry.:-(

    • dootsiez says :


      Umm, what else is there to say? Definition of a true fan.

      • Wellspring says :

        Well, that’s high praise coming from you and I wish I could feel I deserve it, but I do think he looked like a hobo before Mirka took him up…and some people found him attractive EVEN DURING THIS DARK AGE!!!

        So really, I am not worthy, I am afraid…

  53. Lily says :

    Bwaaaaah the shirt !
    Bwaaaah the hair !


  54. LongLiveKingRog says :

    Davydenko played like ‘PlayStation”, says Del Potro. Pretty accurate description that! never seen Kolay play like this. Man possessed.

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