WTF: Deep fried Muzz Bars, anyone?

They are Scottish right? I usually just assume anything that’s deep fried and totally unhealthy is Scottish.

You know what else is unhealthy? Roger Federer.

Being a Federer fan these days means that you find yourself in need of blood pressure meds in the middle of a match, wanting to put your cardiologists on speed-dial, or running around your suburb trying to find decent coffee so you look less demented at 8am in the morning. 

But like all good junk food, the reward is satisfying.



To say that Federer started the match weak and finished strong is just about the understatement of the century.

Federer didn’t just start the match weak, he started the match as Ferd, you know, the turd. His forehands were potty, his backhands were dung, the serve was still at home, changing Charlene’s monogrammed diapers.

It was messy, it was cold, and worst of all, it was tentative, jittery tennis, capped off with Murray taking the set.


Murray’s joy was short-lived however, because Ferd left the court and the version of Federer that came storming out in the next two sets was scary enough to make Mandy wish he had never possessed the audacity to win the first. 

Every now and then, fueled by competition, by the desire to prove a point, or to put a young’un back in his place, Roger Federer plays a brand of aggressive tennis that is stinging and coldly dismissive.

And I’m not gonna lie: Fed’s nasties are pure sex. 



Even though it was a 3 set match, it felt like a blow-out. Once Federer sunk his teeth into the match with a break in the second set, he slowly sucked the life blood out of Murray. The Scott was left not only struggling for serves, but also for groundstrokes capable of withstanding the aggression coming from the other end of the net. 


“I served so poorly that, you know, anyone would have looked good against me tonight because you get a chance pretty much every single point,” said Murray.


While Murray’s serving was certainly abysmal, how much of it can be attributed to a “bad serving day” and how much was induced by the pressure Federer put on him is debatable.

It seemed at times that Murray was putting too much on the first serve because he knew Federer was going to have his second serve for brekkie. Hence the double faults and the increasing inability to land a first serve in. 



While I wish the first set had never existed, I gotta admire Fed’s guts here. Coming into London on a 2 match losing streak, Roger didn’t exactly hold back when he told the British press that he has a game plan to beat Andy Murray.

I didn’t play up the comment at the time, primarily because as an all-time great and the No 1 player in the world, it’s ridiculous to suggest that Federer shouldn’t think he has the goods to beat Murray.  

But making that belief public is like a declaration of war, a public statement that he, Roger Federer, has a point to prove and wants to prove it in Andy’s backyard. For a set, it was threatening to go horribly wrong, but somehow, Ferd was vanquished, and Fed found a streak of good form to seal the deal.


Oh, did I mention his nasties were hot? Not as hot as Mr Gigglefits of course. 



Roger faces del Potty next in his bid to progress through to the semifinal. Fingers crossed he packs the nasties and leaves Ferd at home to babysit.


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35 responses to “WTF: Deep fried Muzz Bars, anyone?”

  1. Mia says :

    Been re-watching the highlights over and over:

    The number of times that Fed wrong-foots MAndy, nyahaha.

  2. G. Platypus says :

    Boy oh boy, it feels especially delightful when RF is kicking this donkey’s ass! *smirk*

  3. Blue says :

    Geez dootz, give a warning before posting scary pics of Muzz. I honestly got spooked. Although the extra lovely pics of smiley Fed did make up for it.

    • dootsiez says :

      heehee I thought it showed off Murray’s natural assets – the teeth – rather nicely. 😛

    • sazzylove says :

      Yeah dootz,!!I, too got scared, no!Halloween is over so no need to post some vampire pictures in here!lol!Ok, i need some calming meds……oh wait,there’s that dorky face again.Lovely…..ok…i am now definitely CALM and is in my happy place. Hehe

  4. JFK says :

    I’m so relieved….no more frazzling about Mandy and #1..but
    I want Fed to get revenge on Del Boy, but I’m so nervous, I’m having flashbacks about that nasty 5th set at the USO.

  5. PJ says :

    I thought I’m done freaking out cos I thought Fed is through to the semis and I don’t have to worry about Ferd in the Delpo match but NAAAAAY. Bah. Although I would WANT USO revenge kthxbai.

    The first set killed me like literally. Was getting out all my ice creams and cakes. And even when Rog was double break up in third set, I was STILL frazzling. Is there going to be a day when we don’t need to frazzle anymore?

    Lovely write up, Doots. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Also that picture of Mandy reminds me of a chimpanzee/ostrich hybrid. Or something.

    Now go the Sod. I want Bobby to beat Djokovic, nicely and soundly!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe I thought Muzz in that pic looked like one of those Vampires before they got.

      Sorry that you cannot enjoy the last round robin match cos Roger isn’t through to the semi yet. It seems so counter-intuitive. HE BETTER WIN AGAINST DEL POTTY, I CANNOT TAKE 2 LOSSES TO THIS GUY.

      And yes, go Bobby Sod. SO MUCH.

  6. pban says :

    Ilove the cool calculated assassin like Fed in the last 2 sets.Like all addictions Fed love comes at a high cost, but sometimes the sheer ecstasy of watching him in full flight makes up for all the panic attacks , stomach ulcers and respiratory and cardiac arrests he puts us through.Don’t you get the feeling that slow motions were invented just for him *drool*

  7. pban says :

    How does MAndy hope to win a major with a second serve which would make Lena’s offering look spectacular. In a five set match second serves will have to bail you out on quite a few occasions.If he does hats off to him, but he will have to ride his luck.

  8. Noshali says :

    To be honest, I didn’t think Roger had any chance. And watching the first set was like deja vu. But WOW, this guy comes back.
    With being a loyal fed fan, you can never get your hopes up, cuz he might just become ferd the turd and kill all your dreams. But then again, all the suffering pays off in the end! God I love him.
    I just wish he would stop scaring us by playing crappy tennis in the first set and then coming back to kick the other players ass. still…WORTH IT!

  9. Jonny says :

    Roger Federer is indeed unhealthy, I stayed up till 7am to catch this match and it was worth it.

  10. waw_rinka says :

    So happy that King Rog executed this punk. Is he ever graceful in anything? Certainly not in defeat: “anyone would have looked good against me tonight” ? Coming from someone who NEVER looks good under any circumstances…

  11. Jack says :

    After my heart rate returned to a safe level, i was so so happy Roger won!! Plus Roger’s victories taste that much better when they’re against Murray!

    Speaking of Murray, hasn’t he always had a crap serve? (well, second serve anyway). Like you said, even if he had been serving better, it wouldn’t had made a difference as Roger was playing great aggressive tennis in those last two sets. Also matches like these make me think if Murray is ever going to win a slam as there will always be a player in a slam who is willing to step up and play aggressively which murray doesn’t.

    Anyway, not even thinking about his next match yet. Just basking in him getting the Year End No1! That was always the more important thing to me but obviously i would love him to win the tournament undefeated (and avenge his loss to DelPo)

  12. Jack says :

    Great to see the crowd were more pro-federer than murray.

    One guy in the crowd had a swiss flag with writing on it saying “Roger, you can make anybody love tennis” – so true!

    Plus, i love that there are no good photos of murray anywhere. I mean, all of his photos are 70% teeth. And that ain’t a good look!

    • LongLiveKingRog says :

      hahaha 70% teeth!!!! SO TRUE! and yes, I am really glad the cheer for Roger is louder. Look who’s the daddy!

  13. breadstix says :

    go federpoop! always had faith in him, yup, always.
    … honest.

    I really thought that roger was gonna lost that match after the first, and for most of the second too. it would’ve been awful to lose after talking all that about muzz… eurgh, but oh well he woooon! happy is i . and roger’s worth anything, even if staying up to watch his match nearly made me oversleep and miss mah train to london. x’D

    • dootsiez says :

      Roger is definitely worth missing a train. Lemme tell you I’ve missed plenty because of him. Us poor public transport commuters.

  14. Paul says :

    Deep fried Mars bar are scottish, but don’t really exist.

    Ive never had one my whole life, they were something a chippy did once for publicity but now only tourists get them.

    Admittidly I do eat (reguarly) deep fried pizza, deep fried sausage and deep fried fish.

    • dootsiez says :

      Ah, so it’s like kangaroo meat! More of a tourist thing than a culinary regular for Aussies. I’ve only had one deep fried mars bar in my life, and it was in a Scottish pub. It was eeek.

      And holy smokes Paul, I can feel my arteries clog when you mentioned all that deep fried stuff.

  15. Ann says :

    Deep fried Mars bars are Scottish? Huh. I thought that was just a particularly egregious form of American carnival food. Well…you learn something new every day!

    You’re so right about the forehand at 4:37 on that highlights vid, Doots. Having a little trouble breathing over here after watching that one. The match-winning service return wasn’t so bad, either. Why don’t I have a job where I can stare at Roger’s flying winners and inside-out forehands all day? Because I am a mere mortal, that’s why. *sigh*

  16. Jack says :

    Roger sures does like these “coming from a set down” victories, doesn’t he? My nerves do not!

    Anyway, now that Roger has won his last two meetings with Murray, do you think this shows that Murray only beat Roger 4 times in a row because it was in a period where Roger was injured or low in confidence, or do you think Roger has only just figured that to beat Murray, he has to play aggressive smart tennis?

    • dootsiez says :

      The former, I think. The few times they lost back at the start of the year, it was more of an execution problem rather than a game plan flaw. Roger just wasn’t playing aggressive tennis consistently to do damage to the Murray game.

  17. judy says :

    have you abandoned the the nickname ‘toothface’ because if there ever was a time for it…

    i actually wasn’t too worried about fed in this one, even after he lost the 2nd set because i knew he would pick up his game and step on the gas. it was not worrisome like the nando match where fed came out slower and federpoopy. this one he took charge at the top of the 2nd and never looked back. i thoroughly enjoyed watching rog kick murray mints’ ass! i think the federbears should be allowed to come back out now! release yours from the cabinet. 🙂

  18. flo says :

    “Every now and then, fueled by competition, by the desire to prove a point, or to put a young’un back in his place, Roger Federer plays a brand of aggressive tennis that is stinging and coldly dismissive.”

    Uh, I think it is more Murray-specific. Federer believes that’s his best chance against Murray after being out-rallied in their earlier encounters. He’s not going to be nearly so aggressive against DP.

    • dootsiez says :

      Ah, I beg to differ. Until Roland Garros this year, every Federer meeting with delpoop has been a beat-down, culminating in the AO QF this year.

      4:05 anyone? If that doesn’t say “not you, dude, get back in your place” I don’t know what does.

      Of course, I’m not suggesting that Federer carries that mentality into real life, he appears to quite like Del Potro. But he was definitely out to show the guy just how wide the gap was between them in their early meetings.

      • flo says :

        Difference is Fed is aggressive from the first point vs Murray (strategy) whereas vs DP there he was front-running/cruising at which point Fed fans should know he plays his best tennis. He needs to feel out DP more and pick apart his game as opposed to Murray where the balls have less sting and he knows the best way around Murray is through him.

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