WTF: Yo’ Monkey ain’t funky.


Federer fans, let’s raise a fund to be used for giving Bobby Sod a lifetime’s supply of jelly beans, as the Dimpled Swede took down Rafa today, 6-4 6-4. 

Good news for Rafa fans? He’s playing much better than he was back in Paris (Bercy), and it was probably one of the better matches from his side of the net since his return. 

The bad news? We didn’t need the best of Robin Soderling.



Of course, the result was hardly a surprise: the indoor hard courts are Soderling’s most successful surface and Rafa’s least. In fact, the last time Nadal won a title during this time of the year dates back to Madrid 2005. So I wouldn’t exactly judge Rafa’s form or future by his performance in November is what I’m saying. 

Besides, Fed fans went through this last year. This phase of having little confidence, wavering on key points, body language mingled with bouts of frustration. It’s horrible, but for players like Roger and Rafa, all they need is to catch a break.

The real question is whether Rafa’s break will come during the clay season next year or earlier. 



Woah, Davo. Where did those guns come from? Pity neither you nor Novak had a proper monkey face. 



FACT: men without hair are like cats without fur. Unless it’s back hair of course, in which case GET. IT. OFF.

Also FACT: I hate gimmicks. 

Oh, the actual match? Davydenko was the better player for the majority of the first two sets, doing what he does best in taking the ball early, defending well, and stepping inside the baseline occasionally to play “puppet-master tennis”.

Then at 4-all 30-0 in the second set, a Djokovic return clipped the net and dribbled over. Robbie Koenig remarked prophetically that luck sometimes turns on a shot like this, and in fact, it did.  Djokovic went on to win the next point – 30 all. And the point after that – 30-40. And the one after that. 

A seemingly hapless service game suddenly made way for a crucial break. One minute, Nole’s forehands were going haywire, the next he was up and away, serving for the set. 

Credit to Davydenko for fighting out the last set, even though he got down an early break. There was a brief moment of reprieve, when serving for the match at 5-4, Djoko was broken with a smokin’ backhand down-the-line  from Davo. But the party was cut short as Nole broke back promptly in the next game, and Davydenko, despite being one of the fittest guys on tour, simply looked spent. Perhaps the breathing problems he’s been having since Valencia played a part.  

Here’s to hoping that at least the match, almost clocking 3 hours, tired Djoko out for Bobby. 


Federer v Murray on soon, FRAZZLE!

xx doots

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7 responses to “WTF: Yo’ Monkey ain’t funky.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Davy’s guns freaked me out so much…Just wasn’t expecting them!
    And I think Fed needs to give the Monkey Face maximum exposure by doing this kind of shirt swap after a match with someone,Rafa??Oh another reason why Marat should have stayed…
    Actually,something I saw on YouTube a couple days ago has given me a totes better idea,how about a reenactment of the Santoro/Llodra AO doubles celebration! 😉 I think Fed fans would die on the spot… 😛

    • ChocolateAddict says :

      Haha what was the celebration like? I tried looking it up on YouTube but it’s not there! I wanna know why I would die on the spot 😛

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Haha,they stripped to their undies,throwing their clothes into the crowd as they stripped 😉
        it’s definitely on YouTube,can’t remember how I came across it now!Was probably from AO highlights,or *shudder* THAT AO runner up speech!

        • ChocolateAddict says :

          Hahaha I doubt Roger would ever do that 😦 I’ll look it up later..right now I’m switching into full prayermode 😀 Go Roger 😀

  2. Jack says :

    Hey doots, did u know Soderling’s middle name is Bo Carl?
    So in full his name is Robin Bo Carl Soderling 🙂

    Anyway, no that suprised by the loss. What i am more suprised is how quickly people are writing Nadal off! I mean, we were in this exact situation last year with Fed and he went on to win two slams and get the No1 back so i think we should to wait till next year to see if Nadal really is finished (which i highly doubt it!)

  3. GRACE says :

    OH my God what a pic of Murray, if it´s seen by Spielberg is going to film jurassic park ll.

  4. breadstix says :

    Rafa’s got a weird kinda smiley monkey face…

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