Offseason Sticky: Yer didn’t think tennis is really finished, did ya?

Offseason Exhibition Schedule


12/31/09-01/02/10 – Abu Dhabi

Watch for: Federer, Rafa, Sodercakes, Tsonga, Davydenko, Concubine and Monkey  

1/2/10 – Thailand
Watch for: Sharapova, Venus Williams

1/6/10-1/9/10 – Hong Kong
Watch for: Sharapova, Zvonareva, Safin! Wozniacki, Azarenka, Edberg, Venus Williams, Gisela Dulko, and Michael Chang?!

Note the Hopman Cup and Kooyong start during the 2010 tennis season.

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31 responses to “Offseason Sticky: Yer didn’t think tennis is really finished, did ya?”

  1. Jack says :

    When you look at all those tournaments, it makes you think if there really is such a thing as an off-season.

    Usually exhos don’t really interest me but a few of these look really good, especially the Hong Kong exho.
    Also, isn’t the Hopman Cup done in January??

    Two little things i’m wondering. With Wickmayer’s one year ban, will she even be allowed to play the exho in Antwerp? And isn’t it funny that Safin retired because he supposedly got fed up with tennis yet he’s playing an exho in January. Deep down, the guy loves tennis!!

    • dootsiez says :

      I think exhos are okay, because Martina Hingis still played exhibitions during her ban.

      I ain’t complaining about Safin playing, but it IS a bit like a “goodbye-oh-hello-again!”

      Hopmans! Totally forgot, but I suppose it’s on at the same time as Brisbane, so I wasn’t sure whether it’s “off-season”. As with Kooyong.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Um,Marat really isn’t too clear on the whole ‘retiring from tennis’ concept is he,I’m sure not complaining though!
    Neither will the tournament organisers,who I swear have changed the format to include the oldies just so Marat would agree to it 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ I know yeah. I swear they’ve never had retired players before. Michael Chang?!

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Yeah,I’m pretty sure that Hong Kong was still divided into Team Europe,Team America (hee) etc last year,but that it was only current players,and I wanna say only women?!People like Venus and JJ were signed up to it,or maybe I’m just getting myself confused 😛
        Speaking of confused,on that Fed vid you just tweeter the commentator gets himself all mixed up and starts talking about the ‘between the shot legs’ from the USO haha!

      • dootsiez says :

        LOL “between the shot legs”?! I didn’t even notice cos I was in the middle of a Fedgasm. 😆

        Yes Hong Kong was all WTA last year, but it must have been mixed before because Federer played there there once with Navratiolova against Dementieva/Verkerk.

  3. breadstix says :

    Oh dear, just when I thought the frazzling would end… just when I thought I could think about something else for a change, get some sleep and, y’know, get a life (or rather try and salvage what little that’s left of it (not that I’m complaining though))… oh… dear…

    … and just when I thought the Marat Safin heartbreak train’s rolled to a standstill…

    *goes off to Argentina to find a rock to crawl under*

  4. pban says :

    LOL frazzling over AO indeed ,well if truth be told I am already driving myself sick with worry about Wimby next year, because let’s face it that is where he has a realistic chance of winning a slam next year and he had better not waste it.

    • dootsiez says :

      Really? I’m actually thinking AO or USO. Never cared much for Wimby.

      Basically, I need him to win the AO. There is no way around it, since I got tickets to the final. HE BETTER BE THERE TO MAKE MY XMAS WISH COME TRUE.

  5. pban says :

    I know you don’t care much for Wimbledon but his mightiness does and I don’t care much for the post wimby loss Roger either. Besides he has often said that he wants 8 wimbies so that is a target he realistically has set for himself.

    • Ann says :

      That’s what I was thinking, too – Roger’s chasing Pete’s total weeks at #1 and Wimby records. And Rafa has said he wants Wimbledon back more than anything. Ooh, it’s exciting already!

    • Alex says :

      Don’t forget a 2nd French Open is very high on the list. Winning a 2nd career slam would truly separate Fed from the GOAT pack and cement his godliness.

    • dootsiez says :

      But you’re forgetting the point. I’M GONNA BE AT THE AO FINAL AND THE FUCKWIT BETTER BE THERE TO CLAIM 16TH.


  6. FortuneCookie says :

    Bit off topic,but it’s off season (apart from Davis Cup!) so we can be right? 😉
    Just found the interview with Fed’s parents after receiving No.1 trophy,they still seem like the ultimate uber awesome tennis parents,think it’s first time I’ve heard Robert speak before cos my first reaction was ‘FUCK!He and Roger sound *exactly* the same!’

    And they look so similar,why am I shocked ha,they’re father and son after all!
    Actually,I think Roger’s got a pretty good balance of his parent’s features,the potato nose is obv from Robert,I’m just imagining a load of potato-nosed men whenever the Federer guys meet up! 😛

  7. judy says :

    are those your bears? where is the stripey one from? like i said in the semi comments, my FB is back in the cabinet. still annoyed about fed semi loss. you know what might spring him out though? if someone found the video of fed’s #1 trophy speech from london this year, where he was dressed like a lindt bar. 🙂

  8. roadrunnerz says :

    Yay for the persistence of Federporn Fridays!

    That is all I have to say…

  9. flo says :

    Remember when people were mocking players for accepting the cashcow invitationals. The players were smart to take the Dubai money while they could. Less smart were the people who bought homes there.

  10. whynotme says :

    Tennis still no1 sport in Australia ? Lucky you ! Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong country !! Here in France it’s soccer, soccer, rugby, soccer, soccer, soccer, rugby, tennis in may, soccer, soccer, rugby, soccer, etc…


    Only ONE of my friends actually plays tennis regularly, and one other watches tennis once in a while (i.e. when it’s RG). Life sucks. Well, I guess it’s way worse in many other countries…


    • noobcake says :

      Wow I’m surprised tennis is the no.1 sport in Australia. I thought football (as in NRL/AFL) and cricket were popular in Australia. Well I know Aussies generally love their sport so…we spread our love to all sports?

      OMG DOOTSIEZ, I stumbled across your blog via MTF and -falls down and hails-


      Keep the awesome work up

  11. girl from michigan says :

    Word on the street is that Fed has revised his playing schedule for 2010. I believe that he has removed 2 of the Mid-East tourneys (doha and abu dahbi, I think). I’m not sure if he’s taken anything else off.

    I was all for the babies and (more reluctantly) the wife, but if it’s going to interfere with his JOB, I might have to reconsider the whole thing. :o)

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey michi, “word on the street” had it half right.

      There was a glitch on Federer’s website that left out several tournaments from the 2010 schedule he announced a few weeks ago, and everyone thought he decided to drop out of those tournaments. But it’s been fixed and he’s schedule is looking the same as before now. 😀

  12. meretricula says :

    Tsonga is apparently getting replaced by Ferru for Abu Dhabi:
    sad that Tsonga is injured, and I know Ferru is not a favorite of yours, but I’m glad he’s playing! although I really wonder how they find last-minute replacements like this – do they just call around until they find someone who doesn’t mind giving up New Years with the family?

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