WTFinale: Long time coming.


Is there anyone out there who isn’t happy for Nikolay Davydenko? It’s been such a long time coming, but good things happen to those persist, and it’s been such a well-deserved win for Davo. 

For the casual tennis followers, Davo’s probably about as fascinating as a pencil sharpener. But give it time and the little Russian will grow on you. If his press conferences this week were anything to go by, I had majorly underestimated his personal charisma. 

Then again, underestimation is the summary of Davydenko’s career and relationship with the media. 


Q. At what time did you go to sleep yesterday?
NIKOLAY Davydenko: At 3. Because I was coming at 1, do massage, one and a half hour. But if you see, I play three times the night session. That was always the same time I go to sleep. Today I sleep just seven hours, but feeling okay really. Seven hours was enough. 

Q. Sleeping alone?
NIKOLAY Davydenko: Come on. I have wife. Come on, come on. What do you want, two girls, three girls, four girls? 

Q. You are a Russian.
NIKOLAY Davydenko: I came Russian, but I’m not Safin (smiling). 


After the two high-quality semis, the ATP World Tour Final appeared to be slightly underwhelming. Pee came out flat-footed, no doubt exhausted from the effort to beat the Swedish God last night, while Davydenko hugged the baseline and took the ball in the impossibly early way that he does.

It was fast, too fast in fact for Pee, who was forced to scramble in a match of what he called “playstation” tennis. A break each set  did the trick, and while the level from Pee lifted in the second set, he had no where near the sort of concentration and intensity that he took into the match against Feduhruh. 

True to its acronym-fail, the World Tour Finals raised more questions than it answered. I’ll skip the question marks over Nadal and Federer, except to say that I’m not too worried (yet) about those two.

Rafa has Davis Cup coming up, where he’ll no doubt do his best to end the year on a high. 

While he left London without a title, Fed got his hands on the crystal No 1 trophy and wrestled back some control in his non-rivalry with Murray. 

With a single win over Federer, del Potro made up for his shambolic post-US Open performance and erased some doubts as to whether the US Open final was a fluke. Although .. I saw what I saw and what I saw smelt like potty. 



But what of Davydenko? Can he win a slam now that he’s beaten everyone in the top 10? No one will question that he has the game, but in the unchartered territory of a best-of-5 slam final, he might need his opponent to donate some freebies, as Fed did in New York. And before he even gets there, he’ll always be vulnerable to the “Soderlings” of the tour. 

Last but not least, I started 2009 thinking Robin Soderling looked like an oversized rodent and ended the year calling him a series of mushy nicknames: Sodercakes, Dimples, le Sod, le Swedish God with a sexy Bod …

No peeps, Sodders is not evil reincarnate. He’s just a little misunderstood, a little dorky and a bad yoker. 



And that’s the wrap from WTF,

xx doots


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10 responses to “WTFinale: Long time coming.”

  1. JFK says :

    I love that photo of Kolya hugging the trophy! Well deserved.I thought him and Sod were playing the best tennis from the get go. Bobby Sod has really grown on me since the French Open. I’m really glad he was able to keep his level of play up since then.

  2. sazzylove says :

    Big win for Davy.Congrats to him for getting the job done.I would assume then that he’ll also be a force to be reckoned with this coming AO.

    As for My Sweet Sod…He is the second best…..We are tight as long as his head to head against Mr. GOAT stays the same.If he pulls a Davy on him,we are gonna have our first LQ for sure.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m with ya Sazzylove. Fingers crossed Sod keeps to the other side of the draw next year, then we’re all gravy.

  3. Liz says :

    When he is playing like he did this week, Davydenko is really fun to watch. He sure made Delpo look like a big lumbering bear. Taking notes, Mr. Federer?

    I think that Kolya is a quiet, shy person who is probably very funny and personable with his intimate friends. I loved that long kiss he gave Irina in the stands!

    With Shanghai and WTF under his belt, maybe he will come out swinging next year. I don’t think it’s ever been his game that has kept him back — maybe an occasionally shaky serve and a lack of belief.

    One thing I learned from the WTF — Delpo may be nice, but he plays some pretty dull tennis.

    • dootsiez says :

      No, I don’t think Davydenko’s game has kept him back either. It’s usually Federer, that he runs into whenever he has a streak of good form. Tough.

      Andy Roddick’s probably sitting at home wishing he came to WTF and met Ferd this year.

    • Jess says :

      Delpo is a real talent. He’s dull (for you) bcoz of his H2H with Fed.

  4. Jack says :

    I’m glad Davy won because for a player of his calibre, he really hasn’t had much success at the big tournaments. I also think its amazing how he finished the year no6, given that his year started during the clay season. Maybe a reason why he hasn’t won a slam is because when he came up against a Federer, he hasn’t had much crowd support. Hopefully, he gained a lot of fans this week because he’s a nice guy. Anyway, he has the game and the mentality plus the aussie open always is the unpredictable slam so it may happen…

    As for Bo Carl, i think he only really gets this evil tag because of the whole Rafa thing. I like him and i wouldn’t be suprised if he won a slam next year. Also, has anyone noticed how he hits his forehand? It isn’t a pretty action but it sure is effective!

    • dootsiez says :

      Yeah Bo Carl’s forehand is very “plonky”. But hey, it earns him lots of freebies, so who am I to judge. I like the whole Sod “dont care whether you like me or not” attitude. Hope to see him later on in slams next year, so long as he doesn’t take down Federer, LOL.

  5. judy says :

    ok fine. hooray for davy! he did earn the big title and posted huge wins over all the GS winners this year and has now beaten all the top 10. not bad for someone who probably weighs less than that WTF barclays trophy! 😉

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