Fair-thee-well Momo.

Mass wailing is called for: Amelie Mauresmo has announced her retirement at the age of 30. 



She’s been through wilderness and back, and now she’s hung up her rackets to join Marat Safin.

Can someone I hate retire for a change? Why is it always the players I love? BOO!


“I’ve come here to announce the end of my career. I made this decision after careful consideration,” an emotional Mauresmo told a news conference at Issy on the outskirts of Paris.


Appropriately, her final title came at the Paris Open earlier this year when she defeated Elena Dementieva. Her last match was at the US Open, where she lost to Aleksandra Wozniack in the second round.

I wish she had decided to play another season, Momo deserves a proper send-off. 



But here it is: Fare thee well Amelie. To quote one of my favourite poems, “had we but world enough, and time.”

😦 doots


18 responses to “Fair-thee-well Momo.”

  1. Jack says :

    To quote Spice Girls “Goodbye my friend….its not the end” (Not quite poetry, but it’ll do!)

    Sad to see Amelie go without a proper send-off 😦 She was also one of my favourite players too. Unfortunately, i don’t think we’ll be seeing her do a Justine and comeback after 18 months!

    Also, Kuzzy has lost one of her BFF’s. Which also makes me sad 😦

  2. flo says :

    it’s okay jack; apparently that spice girls song is at least pg which is something i can’t say for that poem. filf!…speaking on behalf of prudes around the world.

    it was time, she was lose her battle with the tides of time. having said that, she totally could have done one last farewell lap and get a nice check from the sponsors and that would have been nice for everyone, too.

    it’s okay there’s still alize cornet, she’s quite likable.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh yer great big prude!

      Alize Cornet is adorable, but a poor replace for Amelie Mauresmo no? God help me the day I have to look to Bartoli for a little personality.

  3. Mia says :

    Awww, another beautiful game gone from tennis. Amelie will be missed.

  4. xta says :

    i bet they’ll do something for her at the french…they HAVE to…
    i saw the end of her match against safina in the quarterfinals of the u s open in 2006 and she was the fittest woman i had ever seen — mauresmo, NOT safina…(they were in armstrong stadium because rain had caused delays earlier in the schedule, so after that match i saw roger and then rafa in the same stadium…i left the safin/haas match in ashe to see them, and i think most of you might have done the same…)

  5. Tina says :

    I’m going to miss her. 😦

    Doots is it just me or have you put up a gif of Courier removing a hair from Roger’s cheek in the article? I must be seeing things. :/

  6. Tina says :

    Beautiful randomness, right there. ♥_♥

  7. perispomenon says :

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but WHAT is Courier doing to Roger in that animated gif? It looks like a mother tidying up her kid before going into church …

    • dootsiez says :

      Good ol’ Jim wanted a piece of Mr Hair for himself.

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Those interviews from AO this year are so great,came across them on YouTube (although the ‘titles as codes so they don’t get deleted’ make them hard to find again!)
        The funniest one had to be the ‘and you can imagine what else…’ when asked about what he did in the off season,it was so unFed he might as well said outright ‘Mirka’
        And now we know that he knew about the pregnancy (and the twins!)during AO his uber happiness makes complete sense,just don’t mention the trophy ceremony…I came across that (on YouTube,where else?) a few days ago,and watched for the 1st time since the final,despite everything that’s happened since it was still majorly horrible 😦 But still LOVE Rafa’s reaction!

        • dootsiez says :

          I won’t lie. I haven’t watched it since the AO.

          I remember the “you know what else” comment. In fact, I was in the crowd and sniggered.

          I think Mark from RF.com had the post-match interviews up on his youtube account for a while, but I can’t find them there anymore. Dunno if he deleted them or if they’re just in one of the 20 billion accounts he seems to have every time I log onto RF.com and go to the video thread. 😆

      • FortuneCookie says :

        I was like ‘Roger just made a sex joke!?’,it was so confusing… would have *paid* to see Mirka’s reaction though!
        Liked your nonchalant ‘i was in the crowd’ 😛 I do that all the time when people bring up tourneys I was at lol!
        The final,gahhhh,the thing that I noticed even more 2nd time round was Mirka’s reaction,at the time,some criticised her for not showing enough emotion,but you can tell she’s just in total shock and watching the guy she loves absolutely broken,and is completely powerless to do anything about it 😦

        • dootsiez says :

          “Liked your nonchalant ‘i was in the crowd’”

          *flicks hair*

          I noticed Mirka’s reaction first time round. And I died a little on the inside. Glad I wasn’t in the crowd for THAT. Gee, I wonder how the Fed fans made it out alive that day, I would’ve had to crawl out on all fours.

          Fed. Play well at the AO this year. For my sake. Pretty please?

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Oh and the videos ARE still there,there just under various code names,I think his username is vbug83,so if you search that they should all come up 🙂

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