DC Picspam: They thought we weren’t looking.

Blech. This was meant to go up pre-final, but just in case the fifth set between Steps and Ferru isn’t entertaining enough … 



FACT: life is 67% sexier with Feliciano Lopez in it.

Also FACT: Good ol’ Daveed Ferrer is incapable of being in a photo without looking like a sleep deprived zombie. 



Rafa drew the first blood on Friday with a convincing win over Berdych, effectively ending his 4 match losing streak. Birdy provided a weak response after losing the first set, dude’s still as nutty as ever. 

I care, or not. According to the Wall Street Journal: 


Quick, which two countries are in the Davis Cup final this weekend? This century-old team tennis tournament barely registers on the global sports radar these days, and many in the tennis community are lobbying to simplify a truncated schedule that begins in March, resumes in July and again in September before concluding at year end. But the International Tennis Federation insists all is OK with its tournament. 

Source: Wall Street Journal 


Gotta agree with the WSJ. The Davis Cup needs a format change if it ever wants to be relevant outside the small group of hardcore tennis followers. 

Let the record show that the only reason I ever follow it is because of a small fetish for the Spanish Armada, which – let’s face it – is one hot team full of hot men, not exactly indifferent to the idea of groping each other in public. 



Nando’s hair actually brings me pain. I keep expecting baby sparrows to fly out of it any second. 

The Czech team in their toilet janitor uniforms.



Likey likey. Can we get Fed and Rafa to sit in a row and both do this at the same time. Oh-my-knickers! 



While we’re on the topic of the Armada, an adidas ad with Fernando being his usual so-wrong-but-feels-so-right self. 



Don’t ever change, Nando. Or quit your day job for that matter. 

xx doots


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10 responses to “DC Picspam: They thought we weren’t looking.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Totally right about Davis Cup,I don’t know what can be done that’ll please everyone,but maybe a two week tourney?I have no idea,but the way it is now is just ridiculous,and the timings of the ties for the most part are just crazy!
    That pic of Rafa makes me want Roger-Rafa tie to happen SO badly next year,not sure it actually will,but if both teams get their best players,then potentially there’s Rafa,Nando,Feli,Juan Carlos,Daveed,Tommy (fuck there’s so many Spaniards!) to choose from
    , then TMF,Stan,Marco and Yves,just think of the hotness! 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      Imagine: the Davis Cup and Fed Cup turned into a single 2-week tournament much like the Soccer World Cup – 1 host country, 8 national teams, round robin format, best-of-3 sets except for the final.

      It’ll boost tourism. It’ll be a major tennis event other than the slams that cities around the world can bid for. It’ll prob attract a lot more attention because the host country will want to do its utmost to promote it.

      At this rate, a lot of casual tennis fans don’t even know what the Davis Cup is.

  2. breadstix says :

    Rafa looks so freeking adorkable in that group pic.

    True stuff about the DC. They’re not exactly doing a marvellous job of drumming up interest, and the bizarre scheduling is not helping. A couple of my friends who are somewhat interested in tennis don’t seem to give a crap about DC, which is a real shame (esp considering the possibilities of a Rog-Rafa tie… mmmn… omnomnom… mmnn… fjdkfd… frazzle… mmndnd)

    • dootsiez says :

      I don’t actually think Roger will play for some reason. It’s hard for some *ahembodoahem* tennis writers out there to accept this but – Roger Federer doesn’t actually care that much about the Davis Cup.

      He cares only to the extent that he’ll salvage some national pride if Switzerland is on the verge of falling out of the world group, but unlike a lot of people out there, he doesn’t see it as something he wants to achieve in his career. I’d be surprised if he plays

  3. Jack says :

    The problem with Davis Cup is its poor schedule. It is usually after a big tournament, so it gets overshadowed by these tournaments. Therefore, the fans, and also the players, don’t really take an interest in it.

    Also random side note; Switzerland have drawn Spain in the World Cup. So not only will we see Switzerland vs Spain on clay, we’ll also see it on grass. It’s like 2008 all over again!

  4. Lynsey says :

    I must be the only one who likes the way Davis Cup is set up just fine :/

    Anyway, the rest of the casual tennis world doesn’t care about any of the other tournaments aside from the Slams anyway, so why should Davis Cup be any different? The stadiums always seemed to be packed with devoted fans whether its the first tie or the final, so I don’t think the tournament is really in that much danger. I’ll still tune in and watch to root for my favourite players and their home countries.

    • dootsiez says :

      I dunno, the Spanish matches and likewise the Swiss or French ties are usually well-attended. I wouldn’t say that all of them have good attendance.

      I think the Davis Cup could be so much more mainstream. It used to be more prestigious too. These days, not so much compared to the slams. There’s potential there, so why not develop that. I think it would simplify the calender if DC was played in 2 weeks rather than spread throughout the year.

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