Picket Fence Vids: There’s “back”. And then there’s ba-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aack.

While Spain celebrates its Davis Cup win, over in Belgium, Justine Henin played her first match since retiring 18 months ago, scoring a 64 64 win over Kirsten Flipkens 6-4 6-4 in Charleroi. 

It’s by no means indicative of her form or prospects, but who says it has to be? Can’t we all just rejoice in the simple fact that she’s back without worrying about whether she’s ba-aa-aaa-aaack?

Well, CAN’T WE?



Phew, that backhand! Apparently, you don’t need be Roger Federer these days to induce a Fedgasm in Dootsie. Who knew? 

Only saw the second set and from that I saw, Henin was a quite rusty, but that was within expectations given she’s been away for 18 months. Importantly, the forehand, the backhand, the speed, down to the androgynous crap adidas makes her wear, the glances she stole at Carlos – all the salient features of her game and presence were there. It was almost like the last 18 months of ‘Dinara Safina’ never happened. 

Whether Henin will go on to follow the Clijsters path or the Hingis path is anyone’s guess, but at this stage, I’m just happy to see her give her career another go.


The last game of the match, thanks to TomParisBgd for posting this on youtube and in the sticky. 



Just for the point at 3:00 alone, I shall continue to partay and pull Fedgasm faces with Roger. Oh yeth! 




12 responses to “Picket Fence Vids: There’s “back”. And then there’s ba-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aack.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    I hope for Mirka’s sake that that ‘I’m about to cry’ face isn’t his Fedgasm face 😛
    Oh,and erm yay Justine??I don’t know,I really like her game and everything,but I didn’t follow tennis anywhere near as much before she retired,so I don’t know much about her,and wasn’t that bothered when she announced her comeback!

  2. Jack says :

    I may feel the wrath of doots for this but i’m not really that excited about Justine’s “comeback”. I think its great for womens tennis that she’s back but for me, it doesn’t really interest me.

    I only say this because I always found her a bit stoic and I felt she lacked a personality. And because of that, i don’t really care whether she wins or loses. Like in her exho, i felt she could have lightened up a bit, she was a bit too serious for an exho.

    That being said, i do think she has one of the best games on the women tour and she is good to watch. I don’t hate her, it’s just i find her a bit boring and not much of a character. And therefore her comeback doesn’t really interest me

    • dootsiez says :

      No love for Justine? Outrage! >:O

      She’s one of those players I like solely for the tennis. You don’t get the likes of her on the women’s tour much these days. Not at all in fact. 😦

      • Jack says :

        I’m a fan of her game, just not a fan of her!

        I think it similar to how i felt about Martina Hingis. I thought she had the best game around, it’s just she was very difficult to warm to. That’s how i feel about Justine!

        Anyway, I would like her to win Wimbledon, its just I would want other players to win it more!

        • dootsiez says :

          You’re not a fan of Hingis either?

          *hmphing and puffing*

        • Jack says :

          Best not tell you how i feel about Serena then!! I am a big fan of Roger and i really dislike Murray though so does that make it better?

          Anway, maybe not being a fan of Hingis is a british thing?! After all, she was voted of first over here on Strictly Come Dancing!

  3. Mia says :

    Oooh, the backhand is back! Yay for Justine. Can’t wait for the Aus Open.

  4. girl from michigan says :

    dootsiez, did you make that Fed gif? Because if you did, I think I love you. And even if you didn’t, I still love you for posting it. And for finding a way to insert Fed into a post that really has nothing to do with him at all. Job Well Done!

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