DC Picspam: 12 days of Christmas…

Dead rubbers made for unexciting tennis but excellent trophy porn, as the Spaniards whitewashed the Czech Republic to finish off their Davis Cup defence in style. 

And boy, were they happy about it. Christmas had come early.



With the miniature trophies under their belts, the boys went on to partay and play. 

Feli lead the way in his impersonation of Captain Wasabe’s spiritual twin, Captain Hot Mustard. 



On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me … 



… a blue eyed pony.



While Feli and Nando frolicked like baby horses, Rafa saw that no one was watching.

So he took a bite.



Then he took another one …



… Just because he has better teeth than Mandy …



… even though they’re a little sensitive to cold metal. 



And with his tummy full of heavy metal, Rafa headed off to a celebratory cocktail night with the boys in identical suits.



FACT: Fernando Verdasco was born to wear that suit. That suit’s his bitch/oh my it looks so rich/it makes my fingers itch/now will you gimme a snitch?




xx doots

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4 responses to “DC Picspam: 12 days of Christmas…”

  1. breadstix says :

    Lovely. Their happiness is contagious! Aawh, so much cute happy brolove, whuthufuh happened to Feli’s hair though!? 😦 Rafa’s such a cutie… aaahhh. wth is that expression in that first suit photo tho? o.o Burst out laughing at that. hahah, am more than a little hysterical.

    • dootsiez says :

      I was a bit sad over Feli’s hair too. mostly because the hairline appears to be receding in a rather scary fashion.

  2. sazzylove says :

    Don’t care much about Davis Cup let alone the Spanish Armada but gotta say that i dig those celebratory hugs on court by Feli and Nando!!!!I’m starting to like those two…. More Nando and Feli Bromance pics dootz!Por favor???!!Hehe!

  3. sazzylove says :

    Let me correct myself…I only cared about Davis Cup when Roger and team Switzerland was in it……without them, color me indifferent….but now, having seen this bromance pics of Feli and Nando, i’ll now add them up to my fave’s lists. =)

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