Picket Fence Vids: Caught in a Rad Bromance.

Doubles match point: 



Can Costa seriously go away? Geeeeeez dude, they just want to have babies. Get out of their face.

Davis Cup ceremony, to a funky chorus of “we are the champions“, best sung while heavily inebriated. Hurrah!




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16 responses to “Picket Fence Vids: Caught in a Rad Bromance.”

  1. Lynsey says :

    Oh my god, the title of this post is just as amazing as the content. Now every time I listen to Gaga, I’m going to switch the words 😀

    • sazzylove says :

      Well, what can I say?!Id say, there’s no real surpise there.Dootz is the Queen of tennis blogsphere!!!!The ONE AND ONLY…..If there’s a poll for the best blogspot out there….she will win by a landslide.She is by far the most intelligent, witty and unique.Others try their damnest to be witty but failed miserably.Besides,their attempt at humour is just plain streetsmart….not intelligentsmart …if you know what i mean….hehehe…. try to compare natural or inborn talent to unnatural or made talent….i rest my case….so to you Dootz…keep it up…..you are the Best and am not saying this just because i am a fellow Fedfan and Asian but because its the plain truth…there…i ran out my supply of English words….so ill stop…..now……=)

  2. JFK says :

    Doots, I’m loving the Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga lyrics you’ve been using. So much win!

  3. Jennifer says :

    doots…… this is a message to your obvious angst about federer not defending madrid (i don’t have twitter so I cannot respond that way :P). Apparently what he put on his facebook and what is on his website don’t match up. From his facebook:

    This is my 2010 schedule. It is obviously subject to change. I hope to see some of you at a stop around the world: Abu Dhabi Exo, Doha, Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Rome, Estoril, Madrid, Roland Garros, Halle, Wimbledon, Toronto, Cincinnati, U.S. Open, Shanghai, Basel, Paris and if I qualify, the ATP World Tour Finals in London. Exact dates for these events can be found at rogerfederer.com

    I don’t know what’s going on with his website :S.. but I can’t see him not defending his Madrid title, or not playing before AO. What do you think?

    • dootsiez says :

      Yeah the facebook msg went up a few weeks ago, so I dunno which one to believe.

      If he does play Madrid, he’ll be playing Rome/Estoril/Madrid back to back right before RG. While I don’t see him skipping a Masters, it’s a LOT of tennis right before Roland Garros/Halle/Wimbledon.

      • meretricula says :

        for what it’s worth, I don’t know a lot about these things, but from what the players were saying earlier this year Madrid is really not the best preparation for RG, because the surface is so fast for clay. so Roger might really be doing the sensible thing by opting to play Estoril, which I assume is more standard slow clay, and then having a week off to practice while everyone else is in Madrid. he’s not defending a whole lot of points (for him) in the first third of the year, and Rafa and Novak are both defending a crazy ton until RG, so he can probably afford not to defend Madrid.

  4. sazzylove says :

    wow dootz…thanks for these wonderful vids.!These are so much better than the pics!totally into Nando and Feli now.. and plus an unshaved Prince Felipe too….hahaha…..!

  5. girl from michigan says :

    “…they just want to have babies.”

    ~ spits diet coke all over moniter ~

  6. Jack says :

    Awesome Lady Gaga inspired Title! I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head like all day. J’approuve!

    Much better than that whole Taylor Swift thing!

    Oh, and I’m not ashamed of my Spice Girls quotage!! 😀

  7. Paul says :

    Yoyo, I dont have twitter and will NEVER EVER EVER get it but I notice you “tweet”(cuts off fingers) that you have nothing to blog about.

    Well that just wont do, your website is a dialy break from endless studying and with no update today I felt it, it was harsh. So why not review the biggest matches of Rogers year or something?? Just blog though, just blog.

    • dootsiez says :


      You don’t appreciate the exhilarating rush of telling other people about your supermarket trip in 140 characters? HMMPH! Outrageous!

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