Federporn Friday: Practice makes perfect eyecandies Pt 1

Oh yeth! It’s Federporn Fridays for all you pornos. Not me. I’m the beacon of propriety around here, didn’t ya know? 


Damn that arm is pathetic.


This week, Federporn Friday looks at some of Fed’s practice tees this year. To state the obvious, ‘Part 1’ implies that there is a ‘Part 2’. It was only when I started going through my pictures folder that I realised the pricktard went through over 40 practice tees this year. This is just a look at some of the retarded ones, starting with the first half of the year. 


Australian Open



On a side note, I just wanted to bring up this point because it annoys me: It’s simply feudal for tournaments to be asking the ball kids to hold up parasols for professional athletes to “keep them out of the sun”, especially since they’ll be walking out into the sun when play starts anyway. And you wonder why some people consider tennis to be a snooty sport.

The solution is so friggin obvious: Every tennis tournament needs to install these player’s chairs that we use down-under.


Indian Wells



Pink isn’t just a Nadal thing, it seems. I say we steer clear of that colour for a while.






My favourite: SUPERBUG!



I lied. All the Miami tees were my favourites. I especially like the striptease expression on Poop’s face. 



And Mr Waffleman.



I considered about cropping out Bolelli to focus on the pop art tee. Then I decided that would be a crime against Federporn. Simone stays for extra sauciness! 




Hello V-neck! 




Roland Garros

If the Miami tees were my favourites, Roland Garros was just plain weird. First he went all ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ on us.



Then Nike burnt our retinas with its fluro rays.



Before Roger tried to cool things down by wearing an ice-cream van full of smelly sneakers. 

Cold and lickin’ it“? What?! 



I have no idea what this is even supposed to be. Looks like a yeti on a hiking trip.



Paree loves you too, Feddy-me-teddy. 



So, favourites so far? 

If I had it my way, torso-covering-garments would be outlawed on the practice courts to maximise monkey sightings. Oh yeth … 

But that’s just me. Like I said, I’m totally a beacon of propriety.


Happy Fridays tout le monde!  

xx doots



14 responses to “Federporn Friday: Practice makes perfect eyecandies Pt 1”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    The other pics that came out from that AO practice session with the blue t-shirt and the short hair (me loves the short short hair 😛 )are SO cute,might be my favs of the year!
    Although there’s the shirtless US Open ones,but are they gonna be part 2? 😉

  2. JFK says :

    I thought the shirt was supposed to be “super fly” and also I like the one he wore in Cincy that said “Worn to be Wild”

  3. sazzylove says :

    Loved all of them!:)

  4. Wellspring says :

    The purple ensemble from Miami is my favorite by far…

  5. whynotme says :

    Can’t get my eyes off the purple tee picture in Miami !! And purple is my favourite color so that’s perfect 😀

    I’ve noticed that while the tees in Miami were all wonderful, in Madrid they were if not horrible at least boring. Knowing how those 2 tournaments respectively ended…. I don’t want to see any rule, but that’s weird !

    But seriously dootsiez, how much tennis-related pictures do you have on your computer ?! I’m still amazed even after all those already wonderful picspams ! It’s awesome 😀 But I think this is one of my favourite federporn friday ever !! Practice tees rock !

  6. roadrunnerz says :

    Great pics, Doots!

    Love relaxed-smiley-funky-t-shirt-wearing Fed. 🙂

  7. judy says :

    superfly baby! nike should make him a monkey t. 😉 fed in blue is just yummy.

    do they sell these anywhere? he must have a room at his house just for his nike gear. he never wears the same practice ts twice. he should do some runway modeling for nike. come out in a track suit and unveil the outfit underneath.

  8. judy says :

    speaking of modeling…

  9. LongLiveKingRog says :

    GORGEOUS!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!! ******drooling*****

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