Just when will Fed’s facebook page come with Superpoke?

I think I would like to throw a sheep at Roger. Yes I would!

And Roger would poke Rafa only to have Rafa ‘cock an eyebrow at’ him back. Fed would then take a quiz to find out his stripper name, while Rafa would be disappointed to know that’s he’s actually a pirate, not a ninja.

But real life is a lot less whimsical. It’s back to work for the Fed, who put up a new message for his tennis-starved fans.

Very exciting indeed.



9 responses to “Just when will Fed’s facebook page come with Superpoke?”

  1. JFK says :

    Every time he posts a msg on FB it should have a photo with it. Hopefully we will get a photo for new years…or is this all we are going to have until he plays the exho :(?

  2. pban says :

    Sometimes I wonder whether fed would be the fed if he was like his game,mercurial,exhilarating whimsical and capable of inducing such emotional upheavals among us mortals ,guess not. In the meantime we have to accept the hard cold truth that RAndy would beat him every time if they duelled on social networking sites. 😉 Rafa would be a very able second for Roger for when it comes to dry wit these 2 would be 1 and 2 onthe list …… from the bottom that is 😛

  3. girl from michigan says :

    Rafa as a pirate… or a ninja. GOLD!

    I hope the fanfic writers around the world are taking notes and compiling their epic AU pieces featuring Pirate!Rafa vs Pirate!Rog.

    ~ swoons at the thought of it ~

  4. judy says :

    cheap bastard! where are the twins? there better be some holiday message with a pic of them in it. come on, we fans cheered him on all season long, even after the tears in AO, through triumph at FO and wimby and let’s not think about USO. please share!

  5. Jack says :

    I’m trying to think of a nickname for the twins. So far I’ve got these:

    The Swiss Sisters
    The Little Lindt Ladies
    The Gillette Girls

    Not the most creative names but i like alliteration!! 😀

  6. Lily says :

    Throwing a sheep to Roger Federer is my secret wish.


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