Picspam: A Rush of Blood to the Head

Thanks to Katrin for sending me these. Now we don’t need to wait til Friday for some decent Federporn. Not when Adonis is reincarnating before our very eyes. 



Some behind-the-scenes photos on the Credit Suisse E-Magazine from a shoot with British portrait photographer Platon, whose previous works included Vladimir Putin, Michelle Obama, and Al Pacino.





Unless I’m mistaken, we just saw Fed’s Australian Open outfit. 



I want you all to understand that I’m not complaining about those semi-sheer shorts.



And his new paintjob.



Does that look like a gold-collared Wimbledon polo to you? With mismatched shorts and shoes?



Umm Fed, you’re not exactly helping with global warming here. 



The ice. In Antarctica. Is melting.



Dootsie. In Australia. Is melty-melty. 



Thank you, Credit Suisse. You are much better than a big mattress. 
xx doots


30 responses to “Picspam: A Rush of Blood to the Head”

  1. Alex says :

    Roger is so hawt, I’m melting.

  2. judy says :

    totally melting from the 2nd photo! that one is just super sexy. love him in blue, so yay if that’s for the aussie. i think the white polo is similar to wimby, but didn’t wimby have more gold inside the top of the collar, vs this one which seems to have gold accent on the front of the collar, if that makes any sense. either way, your comment about the mattress made me lol! it’s cold outside, so this post helps!

  3. judy says :

    p.s. doots is also excited because the long sleeve button down shirts are sexy on fed and diminish the vast difference in arm circumference. 😉

  4. Mia says :

    Tony Godsick must be thanking his lucky stars he’s not going through the crap that his fellow IMG exec, Mark Steinberg, is going through right now. And Tony, Roger needs a haircut.

  5. Lily says :

    I want an account to Credit Suisse just now !

    The hot guy in semi-sheer shorts is delivered with the account, are we okay ???

  6. LJ says :

    omg, love the light blue AO10 outfit

    and talking about the photographer Platon, he did this amazing project for The New Yorker where he set up a makeshift studio in the UN and asked random world leaders to take potraits

  7. breadstix says :

    THAT LAST PIC… was in a Credit Suisse ad in a magazine that I was reading before my interviews… Which nearly made me squeal very loudly in amongst a room full of fellow applicants.

    Ack, blue again? Can’t complain though, Feddypoos looks absoloutely drool-worthy. Thanks a lot for the pics, Doots!

  8. pban says :

    aw love the smile. Roger has the goofiest smile ever especially when they are accompanied by his giggle fits. Dear Rog never ever lose that wonderful heartfelt smile of yours. Blue again…..NO!NO!Why don’t you realize blue doesn’t work for you at the Aussie open. Weren’t ’05,’08 and’09 enough proof of that ,I know it sounds illogical but I am exactly that where you are concerned.

    • dootsiez says :

      pban, Roger wore blue at the AO 07 no? And that was when Dootsie converted for good, no?

      Tis a sign I tell ya!

      • pban says :

        yeah but that blue looked almost white and it came with stripes, Iloved that tee remember searching for it in the local nike outlet.

  9. JFK says :

    Hey doots, I know you hate blue, but this shade looks pretty fresh and cool. I’ve never seen him in it before. It looks good. But I can’t believe he came in 2nd place for the Swiss athlete of the year award :(.

    • roadrunnerz says :

      “But I can’t believe he came in 2nd place for the Swiss athlete of the year”

      OMG…thank you for saying that!

      The craptastic-ness of THAT result merits a post all on it own! Massive fail Swissies!!! (and I say that being one myself…but seriously at times their mentality makes me mental).

      I mean, Didier Cuche is a nice guy and all, and I think it’s awesome he’s doing so well given his age ( and he better snag a few mendals at the Olympics after thia), but seriously…if Fed doesn’t get this award in the year that he breaks the all time slam record in his sport they might as well not bother nominating him again.

      The fact that Cuche said he felt like he should “apologize to Roger” when got the award says it all.



      • dootsiez says :

        Maybe the Swiss are so used to Roger Federer that it goes without saying.

        I’m still like “whaaaa?!” at SI’s treatment of Fed.

        • roadrunnerz says :

          Him not getting the SI “Sportsman of the Year” doesn’t faze me. That publication is totally US-centric, but not getting sportsman of the year in frickin’ Switzerland????

          Especially given Fed goes out of his way to stay true to his homeland and promote it at every opportunity.

          I get the mentality that…”oh he’s gotten it so many times, lets’ give someone else a chance.”

          But THIS year??

          It just bugs. Big time.

        • dootsiez says :

          Laureus Sportsman of the Year. It HAS to happen.

  10. Wellspring says :

    Oh, goody! I came to this site rather restless and troubled, but I am feeling so much better now.

    Roger’s smile…it does more than melt you into a delighted puddle. It makes you believe that optimism is realism, and I dare you to name something else that does that so effectively…

    • dootsiez says :

      “It makes you believe that optimism is realism, and I dare you to name something else that does that so effectively…”

      Roger is therapeutic, yo!

  11. Alex says :

    Doots – 2009 Laureus will be between Roger & Bolt. Very close.

    • dootsiez says :

      Le sigh. Good company.

      • Puffin says :

        Last night, the BBC Overseas Personality 2009 award went to Bolt (again!), rather than Roger (who was also nominated). Grrr! Though to be fair, Roger has won it at least twice in the past. But I think that this year is particularly special for Roger – he will never quite have this again – and to not win any sportsman award(s) for this year’s outstanding achievements, is such a shame (even if he did have the honour of being nominated).

  12. judy says :

    doots how did you not mention the hands? don’t you have a thing for those too? 😉

  13. Liz says :

    I don’t have much to add — just to agree with the sighs of delight and to say that I will never get tired of Roger in that yummy chocolate brown color.

  14. Tashi says :

    I’m supposed to be studying for my finals instead of drooling over Fedporn. Thank God one of my professor is a massive Fed fan. I’ll just tell him I was looking at RF pics and he’ll understand.

    Seriously, he looks absolutely delicious.

  15. pban says :

    Just saw the 2006 Wimby semifinal the tennis was just an unending series of fedgasms.After what has transpired since then I had almost forgotten that he did have d.ays when the shankmonster was just a figment of our frazzling imagination.

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