Picspam: My love for you is a stampede of horses.

Since quitting tennis, Martina Hingis has devoted her time to her other passion in life, one that probably suits her petite stature a lot more – horses. 

Rocking a pair of hot riding boots that I would very much like to steal, Martina competed in the Gucci Masters, an international show-jumping competition in Paris. 


One moment, we were all gravy …



The next, Hingis was seen dangling off her horse’s reigns.


The horse, Whisky’s Bon Ami, continued to drag Hingis along … 


At one point, coming dangerously close to trampling on her. 


No reports of any injuries, but this is just one of the many reasons I prefer animals in still-pictures or on my plate. 

Oh sue me, why don’t cha. Yer vegan-fair-trade-coffee-drinking-tree-hugging-commies,

xx doots



6 responses to “Picspam: My love for you is a stampede of horses.”

  1. Yolita says :


    You never fail to make me laugh!!!

  2. Jack says :

    I know it could have been dangerous but because of my twisted sense of humour, I can’t stop laughing at the thought of her being dragged around by this horse!

  3. Meg says :

    So I’ve loved this website for a long time, but never commented. This post combined my love for both tennis and equestrian sport (I used to show hunters/jumpers for many, many years). Hingis needs to stick with tennis once she’s able to return! Every single picture here of her on that horse (and the ones where she’s to the side of the horse….on the ground) show her to be a very green rider. Her horse is falling in considerably (lacks balance….something that’s as important in riding as it is to hitting the perfect backhand) and she’s struggling to control him in the shot that’s ‘all gravy’ (I knew bad thing were to come as I scrolled down based on the lack of control in that shot). She’s being left by the horse in the picture where they are jumping (her seat is way to far back instead of following the horse in the air, her leg is jutted out in front of her…again, taking the horse away from his center of balance and she is hauling/balancing herself on his mouth, which is a terrible thing to do to the poor animal), and I’m not at all surprised she ended up in the dirt. This has ‘trainer willing to let me enter anything I want because I’m a former tennis star despite not being able to ride worth a damn’ written all over it. I’m sure her trainer had his eyes covered the entire time. And some poor, young stable groom is seething at Hingis being able to show such a nice horse, while stable groom is only able to afford a horse that’s one step above a mule.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey Meg,

      I actually saw several comments around news sites when I was searching this that from the pictures, Hingis wasn’t handling the horse properly. It came as a surprise because Hingis’s love for equestrian sports is fairly well-known, and dates back to when she was quite young. Perhaps she wasn’t taught properly.

      • Meg says :

        I was surprised too when I saw these pictures because I do remember reading about how long she’s been involved with horses, but she’s at a very basic level and by the size of the jumps that can be seen in the background, is trying to ride at a level well beyond her current skills. But yeah, I agree, with the stories I’ve seen that focus on how much she’s been riding since retiring and how she grew up with horses, I was expecting a more polished rider! I think it was the Daily Mail that captioned the jumping picture as Hingis ‘expertly clearing a fence’…..that picture displays everything that could possibly go wrong in a rider’s position over a jump….although to be fair, maybe she just got a bad distance to that one and she was better prepared for the other jumps in the course, but that’s about all I’m willing to give her. Too many bad rides like this by people wanting to ride at a higher level than they’re capable can leave a horse completely stressed out and mentally out to space, so I always feel bad for them when I see a rider just hauling on the mouth and setting up dangerous jumping situations where the horse has no confidence in his rider. Anyway, absolutely adore the site. It’s the only tennis blog I consistently read and you have a sharp wit that always leaves me laughing. Keep up the good work!

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