Picspam: Welcome to the “I’m Popular In Asia” Club.

Zheng Jie, Sania Mirza, Elena Dementieva and Maria Kirilenko arrived in Kuala Lumpur for their exhibition this weekend. The Locals v the Exotics Blonde Creatures.



Oh Sania, when they say to dress ‘casual’, they don’t mean to come in your trackies.



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2 responses to “Picspam: Welcome to the “I’m Popular In Asia” Club.”

  1. London says :

    When people tell me to “dress casual” I come in my pajamas

  2. The Couch Gymnast says :

    they all need a sit down and talking to about these outfits!! Only LenaD’s is safe from bei g considered an outright abomination. Sheesh! These girls were commiting fashion crimes left, right and center!

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