Year-End Wrap Pt 3: Citius. Altius. Fortius.


Wimby is Roger’s favourite tourny,
And as always, his outfits were a little corny.
But Roger had momentum under his wings,
So he cared not for a few gold blings. 
With Rafa’s withdrawal, draw looked easier,
And Federer’s tennis was certainly breezier.

Less breezy was the path for Roddick,
For he came to win and not to frolic.
With huge improvements in his game,
And his eyes glinting with a new flame.
Randy beat Mandy, the local hero,
To be in the final to face the Maestro. 

The two had faced each other before,
And Federer had won 17 times more.
So we thought Andy had exhausted his run
And Wimby was Federer’s to be won. 
But Andy came out guns a-blazing,
Set on doing some hell-raising.

Four hours later, the end had neared,
The men in the crowd had grown a beard. 
At some point there had to be a winner
Cos Dootsie’s hair was growing a lot thinner.
But no one expected it to be over so quick
16-14, Fed defeated Roddick.

As Roger leapt in joy and surprise
Andy looked up into the skies
The title was almost his for the taking
And now he’s left, broken and aching.
So we all gave him one loud cheer,
And told ourselves he’d be back next year.

One the girls side, Venus was divine
She knows Wimbledon is her time to shine
And shine she did, she didn’t lose a set
Going into the final, she was the surest bet.
But Serena had come with a mission,
She was determined to win the competition.

Then Rena and Demmy played a semi so fierce
That it brought Dootsie to the brink of tears.
Demmy gave it all her heart and soul
But couldn’t break down Serena’s control.
Inevitably in the final, Serena was on fire
And we saw the end of the Venus Empire. 

So Wimbledon had been fought and won
And Federer was back at Number One
 Serena had two slams to boast
While Venus’s form looked like toast.
So how will they perform in the USA?
I’ll get to that, after a short delay.  

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9 responses to “Year-End Wrap Pt 3: Citius. Altius. Fortius.”

  1. elf princess says :

    Love your rhyming! My favorite wrap-up so far.

    “Wimby is Roger’s favourite tourny,
    And as always, his outfits were a little corny.”

    haha. 😀

  2. pban says :

    Great poetry doots, at par with the man in the picture You know they should make a statue out of that pose,or use it as a logo for Wimby or US open just like they do with the silhouette of Edberg at the AO.But then those 2 are the tourneys least likely to do anything about it.

  3. Lily says :

    Love your Xmas song !

  4. roadrunnerz says :

    LOVE that Fed pic!

    Momentum under his wings indeed.

  5. FortuneCookie says :

    Love these!And we finally got to the fun part,yayyyyy! 🙂

    In other news,Simon Reed clearly isn’t the only Fed-sceptic (and generally crap journo 😛 ) at Eurosport…

    This one I just saw in the Daily Telegraph is much better 😉

  6. FortuneCookie says :

    And new pic of the twins!New pic of the twins!Eeeeee!
    That was pretty much my reaction when I opened up my Facebook news feed haha 🙂

  7. LongLiveKingRog says :


  8. Maria says :

    hahahahh this year-end series is getting better and better!! 😛 i just loved those lines: “Four hours later, the end had neared, The men in the crowd had grown a beard. ” LOOOL

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