Year-End Wrap Pt 4: I’m Dr freakin’ Seuss, y’all!

I. US Open Series

After Wimby, we headed to the States,
To see for whom victory awaits,
In July, Mirka gave birth to twins
And Roger walked around with silly grins. 
While Querrey was winning and leading the way,
To Canada they all headed, without delay.

Montreal saw the return of Rafa,
In a world where he’s no longer the male alpha,
While Roger appeared rusty and jaded
In the third set against Tsonga, he simply faded. 
On the other hand, Murray was all smooth sailing,
He won the title, while del Potro was ailing.



Cincy was next on the road trip calendar
While the number 2 spot Murray did plunder.
In the semi, he faced the Mighty Fed
Against whom, he led the head-to-head.
But Roger came out with a point to prove
And winning the title, he found his groove.

The girls saw the return of Mama Kim,
A well-planned comeback, it wasn’t a whim. 
While Jankovic was winning with a smile
Her flowing tennis was amiss for a while
In Toronto, a title Dementieva did claim.
For the Open, it could be anyone’s game.



II. Open

Mama Kim was New York’s crowd fave,
For her post-natal comeback was very brave
Against Venus, her form see-sawed
But for once, she was calm and not overly-awed

Focused and driven, Kim fought on,
Tougher battles she had won
Through to the semi, she faced Serena
Prime time in front of a pack arena.

Surprisingly Serena was prone to error,
While Kim showed no signs of nerves or terror.
With solid ground strokes and amazing speed,
Clijsters quickly got into the lead. 

 A set, 5-6 , Serena had a foot fault
As she launched into a verbal assault 
We knew it was over, Serena was smote
The minute she threatened to shove balls in a throat.

 In the final, Kim started slow
As Caroline quickly got in a flow
But Kim herself was able to steady
Deep down, she knew that she was ready.

 With a straight-sets win, she knelt to the ground
Her spectacular comeback did dumbfound
Those thinking she couldn’t win another slam
 Or that her first one was a bit of a sham.

As she ran to her hubby to steal a kiss
The look on Kim’s face was simply bliss
“Comeback of the year!” we all did hail
A perfect end to a fairy tale.



III. Final

The grisly Argentine did not tango,
But his groundstrokes still had this certain flow
That could’ve flattened any old town,
Only he was faced with the ruling Crown –

Roger Federer, most revered in this sport
When he moves, his feet caresses the court
Like a blind man’s gentle, knowing fingers
As he moves to strike, poetry lingers. 



Will and grace, heart and art
Was the duel that these two took part.
Blow after blow they threaded the needle
Fearless was the boy against his idol.

Through 5 whole sets, Juan believed he can
Take it to Federer. From boy to man. 
At last, victory! He sank to the ground
Juan emerged through the final round.

Five US Opens have come to pass,
As Roger conceded with dignified class 
Through tears of joy, Juan kissed the sky,
Out of the cocoon, flew a butterfly.

2 responses to “Year-End Wrap Pt 4: I’m Dr freakin’ Seuss, y’all!”

  1. Liz says :

    I love all your poetry posts, dootziez! 🙂

  2. Dr seuss poems says :

    nice blog! wishing you a merry chirstmas

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