Down Under: Oh you played the “race card”.

After Hewitt’s blast at Tomic yesterday, the Tomic camp has hit back by accusing Hewitt of being racist.


While the Tomic camp insists there is no bad blood with Hewitt, John says criticism of Bernard could be fuelled by a lack of acceptance of his Croatian heritage.

“I think Lleyton has drunk too much wine over Christmas,” John Tomic said.

“To us he’s an icon but it’s up to him what he says. We can’t change his mind. He can talk – that means everyone can see he has a problem, not us.

“I’ll say this … Bernard is not a pure Australian. We feel like Aussies, but it’s up to them. Will they accept us? That’s up to them.

“Probably there’s something there. If we were Aussies, there might be different talk, a different attitude.”


Let’s see:

Hewitt’s racist because he backed Peter Luczak for the Davis Cup team over Tomic? It couldn’t possibly be because Luczak is ranked higher. Nuh-ah.

According to John Tomic, Hewitt gets along Lucazk who’s from a Polish background and hates Bernard Tomic because of his Croatian heritage? 


It’s because of people like this that anti-discrimination laws in this country (and just about any other Western country) are so tight-arsed against potential victims. People make unfounded claims of racism against others when the core of their dispute has nothing to do with cultural differences. 

I’ve got 3 words for you, John Tomic: just shut up. Yer don’t play the race card lightly.


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6 responses to “Down Under: Oh you played the “race card”.”

  1. Jonny says :

    What a load of bull crap.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Wow,if I was Bernard i’d be embarrassed that my dad was acting like that…

  3. Paul says :

    Wow, that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of.

    Not that I’m a great lover of Hewitt but he is a Tennis veteran, and deserves respect. Tomic and his family sound like they have too high an opinion of themselves, the next Djokos for sure.

    • dootsiez says :

      Mentioning the Djokos, they’ve shut up now haven’t they? Channeling their energy into filming Serbian miniseries instead from what I hear.

  4. Alex says :

    Yay now I know doots is an Aussie!

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