Picspam: Magicians.

Ahead of their first ATP tournament of the year in Qatar, Roger and Rafa decided to whip out their wands and levitate a tennis court into town by magic carpet, in full view of stunned Arabic muggles. 

Wizards these days have no respect for the Statute of Secrecy. Stupefy




While they were at it, the Mighty Dorks showed off their Australian Open outfits. 





No sight of the horrifying shorts Nike had planned for Nadal at the AO. The top actually doesn’t look bad with just plain white shorts.

That’s right Rafa, kill those crisscrossed shorts. Avada kedavra



Fed, smiley and tanned. Ready to break my heart, my brain and my ovaries. 



Frick you. So much.

xx doots


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7 responses to “Picspam: Magicians.”

  1. breadstix says :

    Yeahh, Rafa needs ta grow his locks out. LOL @levitating carpet! Gotta give it to them, that idea’s all kinds of hilarious. xD

  2. pban says :

    Actually I don’t really mind breaking my brain and ovaries ,but heart ….I don’t know how many more assaults it will have to endure in this emotional rollercoaster we call fedfanaticism.

  3. JFK says :

    I must say, I love the state of Roger’s hair right now: not too long, or too short. Just the right amount of waves.

  4. girl from michigan says :

    Did you notice the tether attaching Rafa to the ‘carpet’? Roger probably had one too, though I didn’t see it in any of the photos. I’m sure it wouldn’t have done much good, but only served as a reminder not to wander too far around that ‘court’. Hysterical.

    • dootsiez says :

      they love having the players play on weird tennis courts in the Mid-East. Fed played with Agassi on a helicopter pad back in 05, Roger and Rafa played on a boat last year, this year they played on F1 racetracks in Abu Dhabi.

  5. Nilhenwen says :

    Amaze. LOL, Arabic Muggles, that’s hilarious. Thanks for the pics. I love stunts like this =D They’re both looking damn sharp too. Yum, Roger.
    Thanks lol

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